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My Account with Jillian Michaels About Her New Book, YEAH BABY!

booksUpdated Baronial 3, 2020

by Nina Spears

The Babyish Chick®: Pregnancy, Bearing & Postpartum Expert


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When you apprehend the name ‘Jillian Michaels’ you either adulation her or… are abashed of her. 😉 I appear to be on the adulation side, and I am aggressive by her no-nonsense, can-do attitude and her affection for allowance others. She has done so abundant in her career (through television, her DVDs and/or her books) to brainwash and abutment bodies through their bloom and wellness journeys. As one of the world’s arch fettle experts and a acclaimed nutritionist, she has been a amazing fettle ability for all bodies everywhere.

Over the aftermost several years I accept absolutely enjoyed watching Jillian now as a mother. (She and her partner, Heidi, accept two kids, daughter, Lukensia, and a son, Phoenix.) As a able in the pregnancy, birth & baby industry myself, I alone adulation seeing how acceptable a mother has impacted her acumen on all things pregnancy, bearing and motherhood back it comes to wellness. It’s accessible that she absolutely knows her being and it has been abundant to see her move in this new direction of mom baby.

jillian michaels book, book review, interview with jillian michaels, babychick
All photos taken by Artistic Clicks Photography.

A few weeks ago I was offered the befalling to account Jillian Michael’s on her newest book, Yeah BABY!. I was excited, accustomed and so beholden for the opportunity. I couldn’t delay to dig into her latest book and apprentice more. I will be honest, at aboriginal I was agnostic to apprehend what she had to say in her book. As a certified babyish planner, bearing doula and postpartum doula, I was afraid that the book would leave off important information, accord advice that would be absolutely too medical, and that it would baby to one specific blazon of mother and her choices. But already I accustomed her book and interviewed Jillian, I was abundantly surprised.

jillian michaels book, book review, interview with jillian michaels, babychick

In her book, Jillian walks you through aggregate from pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, birth, and post-pregnancy with her “expert dream team”:

  • Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz, MD — an Ob-Gyn, a Analytic Ayurvedic Specialist, and lath certified in Commutual and Holistic Medicine.
  • Andrea Orbeck — a Abundance Fettle Specialist who holds an avant-garde amount in Kinesiology and Intracellular Physiology.
  • Katja VanHerle, MD — one of America’s Top Physicians in Endocrinology as called by Customer Analysis Board of America.
  • Cheryl Forberg, RD — an award-winning registered dietitian, chef, and New York Times bestselling author.
  • Jay Gordon, MD, FAAP — a pediatrician who specializes in baby diet and breastfeeding.

It was abundant to see her write about every option accessible to women on how to accept the healthiest abundance and healthiest baby. I accepted that she wrote her book for every woman and did not just acknowledgment one set of choices. She said it herself in her book…

I will acquaint you what’s what, but I won’t acquaint you what to do. I appetite you to apperceive your choices and accept what’s accident to ensure you’re in the driver’s seat. … I account your decisions, alike back they go adjoin my recommendations in this book.

Love that! I additionally got to see (or I assumption I should say ‘read’) a altered ancillary of Jillian. As I angry anniversary folio and took notes, I could feel her adulation and admiration to brainwash and allotment with added -to-be moms her and Heidi’s adventure and what she feels all families should know.

jillian michaels book, book review, interview with jillian michaels, babychick

On the day of our interview, I was accessible with my questions and was aflame to see if Jillian absolutely is how she seems on television…

jillian michaels book, book review, interview with jillian michaels, babychick

Immediately as Jillian joined on the call, she was as balmy and as amorous as could be. It was accessible throughout our conversation how agog and eager she is to allotment her ability on the accountable of prenatal and postpartum health. We covered so abounding altered capacity during our call. Actuality are my admired things that Jillian said:

J: The acumen I capital to is I was actually abashed and aghast, I would say on a circadian basis, at, A: the bulk of misinformation, B: the bulk of anachronous information, and C: the amazing access that Big Aliment and Big Pharma accept on boilerplate advice artlessly because they do a lot of announcement in those publications and on those websites.

The bulk of misinformation and access above industries accept on abundance and bearing is mind-blowing. I ambition added women would do their analysis and ask added questions.

J: If it doesn’t feel appropriate to you, get assorted opinions, please. Be proactive because I anticipate that we’re so quick to accord up our way and say, “Oh, well, these doctors are gods. They apperceive everything.” We do that in assorted aspects of our lives. They are the experts. They know. But, that isn’t the case. Doctors don’t apperceive everything, and they apperceive actual little about diet or ecology toxins and so on. So, be actual proactive, get all the information, and again accomplish the decisions that are appropriate for your family.

Amen, girl!! I agree. Aloof because your doctor or midwife or alike doula says something, it doesn’t beggarly that it is appropriate for you. It’s important for women to accept to their gut and to ask others their opinions afore they make their decision. I consistently let my audience apperceive that they are never ashore and can always change doctors if they don’t see eye-to-eye or feel like it’s a acceptable fit with their affliction provider.

J: How appear nobody’s saying, “Hey, you know, if you’re activity to get abundant in the abutting X bulk of years, aloof accomplish abiding you prep your body and booty six months at atomic to get your ducks in a row.”? No one anytime absolutely has that chat with anyone…

J: The way to acquisition antithesis is to ask for help. It’s accept to say to your sister, to your best friend, to your spouse, to your parents, to your in-laws, to appoint a f***ing babysitter that you assurance to booty the adolescent for a brace of hours, and go and do yoga with your friends, accept a mommy lunch, brace yourself and renew yourself.

Absolutely. I acquisition that so abounding new mothers accept a adamantine time allurement for advice because they don’t appetite to feel or arise like they aren’t able to handle aggregate that is on their plate. They don’t appetite to feel like a “bad mom”. But I accept that mothers shouldn’t accept to do it all. Demography affliction of a bairn is adamantine assignment by itself.

J: My rule, in general– acutely it’s altered for a newborn– is the 12-hour rule. I say, “I accept 12 hours in a week, and I accept two adolescent kids. I assignment actual hard, and I accept 12 hours.” If you’re alive 120 hours in a week, you can acquisition 12. Booty a date night, go to your doctor’s appointment, get your toes done, hit the gym, booty the yoga class. 12 hours! As a new mom, I would say alike eight hours of your time in the alpha is activity to go a continued way.

J: I do get the questions about bouncing aback all the time. And the absolute trick, if you appetite to alarm it a trick, is managing weight during your pregnancy.

Yes! I really adulation that Yeah BABY! features a complete meal plan with delicious, nutrition-packed recipes, and a trimester-specific fettle program, to ensure you animation aback stronger and bigger than anytime afterwards baby.

J: Studies appearance us that exercise will facilitate an easier activity on mommy and baby because the babyish is absolutely acclimated to what we apperceive as a “state of stress” during exercise, and so, apparently we’re told that it’s easier. It makes activity and commitment easier for mommy and baby.

I acquaint this to my audience all the time. Not alone will alive out advice you and babyish out in labor, but it will accomplish the accretion time easier and faster! Who doesn’t appetite that?

J: If you can administer fettle during pregnancy, and I apperceive how adamantine it is, I get it, but it’s one of the best things you can do for yourself and your baby. Alike if in the aboriginal trimester, it’s like, I got up and I absolved about the block, and again I puked everywhere. Hey, that’s article and, it’ll pass.

J: The adamantine allotment of acquirements to acquisition that antithesis is acumen it’s not activity to be perfect. You can’t accomplish aggregate perfect, but it will be enough.

You are so right, Jillian. Added women charge to apprehend this, and hopefully added women will “hear” this back reading your book.

jillian michaels book, book review, interview with jillian michaels, babychick

Getting to babble with Jillian Michaels was such a treat! She is absolutely how seems on TV, but alike added balmy and loving. There’s annihilation to be abashed of. It’s aloof her die-hard affection to advice bodies alive their best and healthiest lives.

Fun fact! Her book, Yeah BABY!, just released on November 15th, which was my 30th birthday! So you can acquirement your copy today! I am added than center through her book and accept been actual afflicted by the advice that she has presented. Obviously, I was alike added afflicted by our chat. And afterwards chatting with her for a bit, I could acquaint that Yeah BABY! was absolutely accounting in her articulation because I could brainstorm her adage every chat as if she was talking anon to me.

jillian michaels book, book review, interview with jillian michaels, babychick

Honestly, I can’t say abundant acceptable things about the book so far. Whether you are abundant or are planning to become pregnant, grab yourself a copy.

Thank you again, Jillian, for your time for the interview. Also, acknowledge you for putting calm an amazing ability that is adapted with authentic and accepted advice for mothers everywhere!



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