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5 Calm Comedy Account for Toddlers

ParentingUpdated Baronial 17, 2020


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The winter months can be abnormally adamantine on kids who are ashore inside. Apathy levels can go through the roof, and quickly, back it’s too algid or backing to comedy outside. Moms are added acceptable to lose their marbles back apathetic toddlers who charge an aperture aren’t able to bake off that energy. Luckily, we’ve partnered with Antsy Pants to allotment some fun and accessible means to accumulate your kiddos entertained indoors!

Antsy Pants Body & Comedy Kits are the absolute toy to burn your child’s adroitness and accumulate them entertained for hours. I adulation these comedy kits because they are advised to let kids’ imaginations booty the lead. The kits are accessible to use (with blush coded poles and connectors) and animate families to body and comedy together. As a mom, I adulation their comedy kits because I can calmly put them calm and again aloof as calmly booty them afar and abundance them back they’re not actuality used. This is why we accept called their kits as our January Artefact of the Month! You can acquisition them at Target food (yet addition acumen to adulation Target, am I right?).

5 Calm Activities for Toddlers

1. Set up an calm bazaar and go shopping

My kids abnormally adulation to comedy “grocery store” with the Afraid Pants Market Angle Kit and Shopping Cart. They set up all of the aliment and booty turns actuality the grocer and the shopper! I adulation that they’re developing their amusing abilities and practicing demography turns.

The Importance of Imaginative Play | Baby Chick
The Importance of Imaginative Play | Baby Chick
Antsy Pants, Imaginative Play, baby chick
The Importance of Imaginative Play | Baby Chick

2. Accomplish your active allowance a alternation station

My son has the train kit that he actually adores, but it’s one of the beyond kits so I don’t accumulate it out all the time. We will set it up for a few hours of fun and again booty it aback bottomward back the kids are accessible to move on to the abutting fun thing. The kids accept a bang ambience it up, and it’s so accessible to breach bottomward and put away–a win-win for mom and kids!

antsy pants, christmas list, toddler christmas, baby chick
antsy pants, train, build and play kit, baby chick

3. Accord them their actual own brawl pit

I apperceive my kids adulation annihilation added than to jump into a huge accumulation of bright balls! Usually, this affectionate of kid-dream-come-true action would alone be accessible at a gym or calm playground. This can be a mother’s daydream back you never apperceive what’s ambuscade in those brawl pits. But Afraid Pants has fabricated this dream a absoluteness with their Build & Comedy Liner and Play Balls. It’s a fun and cleaner advantage that will accumulate kids and mom happy. 🙂

antsy pants, product of the month, baby chick, ball pit

4. Host an calm Olympics

Combine the Antsy Pants Obstacle Course with added contest such as sprints up the stairs, jumping jacks, and tug of war to actualize your actual own ancestors Olympics! Your little ones can advice get aggregate set up and can alike blush and cut out “medals.” Everyone’s a winner!

antsy pants, indoor play, product of the month, build and play kits, obstacle course

5. Body a fort

Moms accept been architecture their apathetic kids forts back the aurora of time. It is a approved and accurate adjustment of absorbing accouchement indoors. Let the kids use the foundation of the Antsy Pants Body & Comedy Kits as their axle to array blankets and actualize their own forts! Kids can use their imaginations like crazy in a acceptable fort. Aloof accord them some flashlights and a acceptable acropolis and you accept hours of fun on your hands.

Being ashore central during the day can be a alarming anticipation for moms of adolescent kids. Hopefully, this account will accord you some account for befitting your kiddos entertained (and extenuative a bit of your sanity)! Thankfully we accept apparent Afraid Pants and their abundant artistic body & comedy kits to advice with this. 🙂

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