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The Accent of Belly Time

ParentingUpdated June 17, 2021

by Hindi Zeidman

Infant Brainy Bloom Clinician


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While your babyish should consistently sleep on her aback for safety, she additionally needs “tummy time” daily, alpha at birth. Initially, laying your little one on her belly helps to strengthen her motor abilities that accommodate adopting her head, rolling over, and eventually sitting up. But that’s not all. Belly time will account your little one’s academician development as well. She will see her apple from a altered perspective, allowance her to become added acquainted of her surroundings.

How continued should belly time last?

Pediatric recommendations ambit from two to three times per day at 3-5 account per session. By the time your little one is 3 to 4 months old, she should be accepting 20-30 account of belly time every day. Studies accept apparent that breed who get this bulk of belly time are quicker to ability milestones in the aboriginal years of life.

At first, your little one will apparently cry during belly time because it will feel foreign. Alpha slow, absolution your babyish lay on her belly for a few account at a time, architecture up for best periods.

Tips for authoritative belly time fun!

1. Lounging on your chest/tummy.

Your bairn will appetite annihilation added than to be captivated and cuddled. Try lounging aback on the couch and absolution your little one accept belly time on your anatomy and chest. Back your bairn can’t see actual far from her face, this is the absolute addition to belly time.

2. Laying on the bed (with your supervision).

As you alteration to belly time on her own, try laying her on her belly up high—like on your bed—where you can sit and collaborate with her. Back she can’t lift her arch actual far yet, this will advice her be able to see added of her ambience than she would on the floor. Of advance if you do this, it is actual important that you break appropriate beside her so she doesn’t jerk off of the bed.

3. On a comedy mat.

Once you’re accessible to lay your little one on the attic for belly time, try application a comedy mat with ablaze colors and toys to advice aiguille her interest. If she is absent and entertained, she will be beneath acceptable to fuss because she wants to be captivated or is uncomfortable. Bethink that the abstraction of belly time is to claiming her anatomy and advice her to accretion independence.

4. Accurate by a pillow.

Until she is able to authority her arch up on her own, you may try propping her up on a pillow so that she can see added of what’s about her. A pillow will additionally advice beanbag her so that she is added adequate than laying collapsed on a adamantine floor. However, accumulate in apperception that beddy-bye assurance recommendations accommodate removing creamy pillows from the crib, so break with your little one while she is laying on the pillow.

Remember, your little one is acrimonious up on all of your cues and attractive to you for encouragement. By interacting and blockage absolute alike if she gets fussy, you are assuming her that aggregate is okay.


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