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I’d Rather Not Be a Pinterest Mom, Here’s Why

motherhoodPublished May 8, 2020


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When I apparent I was pregnant with my aboriginal baby, Pinterest was in its infancy. In fact, Pinterest was conceived about the aforementioned time my babe was! So as I was growing my tiny babyish in my belly, I was additionally active growing a antic bulk of Pinterest boards. With categories alignment from “Baby Babe Nursery Ideas” to “Organic Baby Food Recipes” and “Crafts to Do With Toddlers,” I was advancing myself to become the Queen Pinterest Mom.

And for a while, afterwards my babe was born, I did a acceptable job of actuality a Pinterest mom. Actuality a home adornment and DIY blogger, I artlessly had to adorn her nursery to the hilt. I additionally approved my duke at bed-making her a babyish batt (turned out decent). Back she was a bit older, I fabricated all kinds of DIY activities, a beautiful “Baby Napping” sign for the advanced door, and DIY babyish pull-up bars, amid added things.

But by the time my babe was old abundant to start bistro solid foods, I anticipate I hit a wall. I bethink sitting at the table attempting to augment my babe my actual aboriginal accumulation of organic, bootleg pureed carrots abundant to her displeasure. I had gone to so abundant agitation for a tiny little accumulation of babyish food. My careless kid banned to eat any of it, and I anticipate I aloof snapped. At that moment I accomplished that I was EXHAUSTED. Absolutely, bone-achingly annoyed of accomplishing so abundant to be the “perfect” Pinterest mom. And it aloof dawned on me that I had had enough. I was done. Because I accomplished it artlessly did not amount in the slightest.

I Anticipation I’d Be a Pinterest Mom, But I’m Not

When my second kid came forth a brace of years later, I had absolutely accustomed up on the abstraction of actuality the Pinterest mom I consistently anticipation I would be. And honestly, back I gave up that apprehension for myself, I became a accomplished lot happier with the accomplished motherhood gig in general. Here’s why:

Perfectionism is the bandit of joy.

Too abounding times in my activity I accept accustomed my abiding adventure for perfectionism to booty the fun out of life. I bethink as a boyhood actuality clumsy to access into contests I had a complete adventitious of acceptable for abhorrence that I wouldn’t accomplish perfectly. As a adolescent adult, I bethink bad-tempered at my banquet affair because I austere an appetizer and my decorations weren’t how I accepted them to look. It took me abounding years and a lot of embarrassment to apprehend that absolution blemish abduct the joy of active activity to the fullest was an complete waste. So I absitively I wasn’t activity to let it booty the joy of motherhood either. I mean, let’s be honest, motherhood is adamantine abundant as it is!

I’m not fabricated of money.

Trying to accomplish your absolute life, from the baby nursery to the toddler’s bento box cafeteria to the altogether laid out playroom, a Pinterest-worthy amplitude or activity is EXPENSIVE. Listen, I am the queen of frugal DIY projects, but this affectionate of affair can add up quickly! As a mom, you accept added important things to absorb money on (hello, diapers!) than authoritative abiding your adolescent has a picture-perfect bedroom.

Creativity doesn’t accept to be Pinterest-worthy.

I’m activity to accept article embarrassing. Every time I attack to do crafts with my kids, I end up authoritative the ability for them. Do you apperceive why? Because back they do it, it doesn’t attending “good enough.” Is that not the best antic affair you’ve anytime heard? I accept had to accept some austere come-to-Jesus moments with myself and let go of ascendancy of ability time. Do you apperceive what I’ve apparent by accomplishing this? My kids accomplish absolutely animal art. And I would never dream of putting their arts and crafts on Pinterest. But what they actualize is not for any acumen added than their artistic announcement and that is absolutely how it needs to be! Creativity is blowzy and asinine and, best of the time, it’s not Pinterest-worthy. I’m accept with that.

I don’t accept the time.

I am a distinct (widowed) working mom. Alike back my bedmate was still alive, he formed all the time (most of the time out of the country). So the abundant majority of child-rearing has been my albatross from day one. Now that I am the sole agent of the family, in accession to actuality the sole parent, I artlessly don’t accept the time to anguish about whether my action and my kids’ lives are Pinterest-worthy. My time is precious. It is far bigger spent actuality present with my kids instead of annoying about what added people’s acumen of our action may be based on the highlight reel tidbits I could Pin. I would rather absorb the hours I don’t accept to assignment or baker or apple-pie or bear to adore my kids in whatever messy, non-picturesque action we appear to be accomplishing that day!

I’m an apostle for “real” motherhood.

From the moment I became a mother, I accomplished that the things women apperceive about the absoluteness of motherhood are actively lacking. We alive in a ability area the animal truths of motherhood are either glossed over or abhorred absolutely and replaced with staged images of what motherhood “ought to” attending like. I knew from the alpha of my motherhood journey, afterwards adversity from scary postpartum depression and a countless of added issues no one anytime talked about, that I did not appetite to comedy into the apocryphal and absurd expectations placed aloft moms. Instead, I chose to use whatever articulation I had to acquaint about the realities of motherhood, as bedraggled or animal or amiss as they were. I capital to accomplish abiding that added moms out there weren’t blindsided, as I was, cerebration they charge be accomplishing article wrong.

As abundant as I adulation Pinterest (and still do!), I accomplished that it could be acclimated as addition apparatus to accomplish mothers accept that they were not acceptable enough. Or that article was amiss with them if they didn’t admeasurement up to the absolute pictures they so admired. I still adulation putting appealing pictures of my newest DIY project, or home decor makeover, or activity, etc., on my Pinterest boards and Instagram account. But I accomplish abiding that I additionally allotment the real, the raw, the messy, and the animal as generally as I can. Because activity is too abbreviate and those kids are too adored to let block afterwards that Pinterest-worthy activity abduct all the beatitude that comes with imperfection!


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