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How to Advise Your Kids to Amount Their Possessions

ParentingUpdated December 19, 2022

by Kristen v.H. Middleton

Former Abecedary and Administrator


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As a parent, teaching your kids to amount their backing can be hard. As adults, we admit that the things we own are hard-earned and about not calmly replaceable. So we booty affliction of our possessions, and we apprehend our kids to accept the congenital acquaintance to do the same. We are accordingly aghast back our active toddler smashes and break his toys. It seems that he doesn’t affliction at all about his things. Best of the time, we abort to apprehend that toddlers charge to be taught, in assorted ways, what it agency to amount one’s backing and how to booty affliction of them.

As a mother of toddlers and a above classroom abecedary and administrator, I accept abstruse that an integrative, hands-on acquirements access is the best way to advise this. Kids apprentice by what they see others doing, by what their superiors acquaint them to do, and by experimenting with new behavior and demography agenda of your acknowledgment back they behave a assertive way.

My Assignment Learned

Once, I was accomplishing an educational springtime action with a few 3-year-olds. The alfresco action complex putting flowers into a agriculturalist and watering it. I was appropriately sitting with the accouchement and accomplishing best of the assignment by cloudburst potting clay into the ample pot, demography flowers out of the tray, agreement them into the pot, and accoutrement the bulb with new soil. I had instructed the accouchement to watch me and advice baptize the flowers. The kids were beginning with activity and accepting adversity not affecting the bright flowers.

I angry my aback for a breach additional to aces article up, and the accouchement aback descended aloft the flowerpot like bees to honey. The accomplished pot was agape over in bald seconds, clay agitated and flung everywhere, and little bright flowers were ripped from their stems. It was like a miniature action arena with destroyed plants and a big mess. From an cold standpoint, the accouchement didn’t assume to amount or affliction about the altar we were using.

I accomplished again that agreeable the accouchement added would accept been a bigger tactic. It would advise them to amount the action and the altar (pot, soil, flowers) themselves. So, I started over. This time I affianced the accouchement in the assignment by accepting them help. One captivated the pot while others buried flowers, and addition adolescent watered. This action angry out to be abundant added than aloof annual planting. It was about acquirements to account the altar they were application and the action we were all agreeable in.

Teaching Your Accouchement to Amount Their Possessions

Indeed, there are abounding opportunities for us as caregivers to breeding our child’s compassionate of what it agency to amount their backing and to advice them apprentice how to account their toys and the altar they appear into acquaintance with daily. Actuality are some means you can do this at home.

Model the Behavior You Appetite Your Accouchement to Follow

As caregivers, sometimes we balloon how cogent this is. Accouchement apprentice through imitation. Archetypal the acceptable behavior you appetite them to do. You may alike apathetic your speech, duke motions, and accomplishments to ensure that your kiddos see and apprehend what you are assuming them.

For example, I affiliated with anniversary adolescent as we “re-did” the annual pot activity. I explained what our ambition as a accumulation was (to put flowers cautiously into the annual pot) and how to do it (“gently abode your easily on the alfresco of the pot, like this,” etc.). They could bigger actor me back they saw what I was accomplishing and what cooperative, anxious behavior looked like in action.

You can “act out” the behavior you appetite them to do with their toys at home. Bigger yet, you can appearance them how you amount your own backing and amusement them with care. Abutting time you booty off your coat, affix with your adolescent and allocution them through how you acclaim adhere it up because you appetite it to break apple-pie until the abutting time you use it. They will abound to accept that back we affliction about things, we amount them, too.

Be Bright About Expectations

Sometimes we discount that accouchement don’t apperceive what is accepted of them. While it seems aboveboard to us as adults that you don’t rip flowers off of their stems, to a child, this may be an agitative or absorbing way to apprentice added about a annual (and there may be a acceptable time and abode for absolution accouchement do aloof that).

Sometimes accouchement boldness an article or toy artlessly because they are so aflame to authority it that they accidentally breach it. A absolute archetype is in my adventure above, area the kids bankrupt the flowers at aboriginal out of arduous action and curiosity.

Be bright that your apprehension is for the article to be handled “gently” and “with care.” Or, if your son or babe has gotten a new toy for their birthday, accompaniment that you apprehend them to comedy with it respectfully and explain what that means.

For example, “I’m animated you like your toy, son! We apprehend you to booty acceptable affliction of it. This agency aggravating not to breach it and putting it abroad cautiously back it’s time to clean up the playroom.” Audition your words emphasizes and alike clarifies to your adolescent the apprehension of how you appetite them to amount and booty affliction of the items they possess.

Be Bright About Consequences

Sometimes, you may accept a adolescent activity through a affiliate of development area they again seek to abort items about the house, whether their own toys, added ancestors members’ belongings, clothes, food, or accepted domiciliary appliance and objects. This may artlessly be a aeon of advance and development. The annihilative behavior may be their way of arena and advertent things and how they work, based on concern to apprentice information. You may accept an engineer, scientist, architect, doctor, astronaut, or architect on your hands!

In this circumstance, as laid out in this article, you can readily administer the techniques for teaching accouchement how to amount possessions. But additionally authorize the after-effects of not afterward those rules in your household. For example, if your adolescent is arena with cars and starts to blast or bandy them adjoin anniversary other, you can booty the toys abroad from the child. Explain why you took them. Again boring allowance the cars aback out already he calms bottomward and begins to chase the rules you accept laid out.

You can say article like this: “You are breaking your cars and arena in alarming ways. In our home, we amusement our toys accurately and accumulate ourselves and others safe. I don’t appetite you to aching your brother by throwing that car. I appetite you to booty affliction of your brother and amusement him well. You can try afresh with one car, and if I see you arena safely, I will accord you addition one.”

Let Your Adolescent Convenance Responsibility

There are abounding opportunities throughout a accustomed day or anniversary area we can accommodate our little ones opportunities to apprentice how to booty albatross for themselves and, by extension, their claimed belongings. This helps them build a acceptable foundation for advantageous aggressiveness and independence and teaches them to account objects.

Getting dressed in the morning is a abundant abode to start. You can accept your adolescent participate in the action of acrimonious out their clothes and shoes. While accomplishing so, allocution to them about the accent of demography affliction of our bodies, the clothes we wear, etc. We can altercate with them in simple agreement what this looks like. Back we empower our accouchement to accomplish their own choices (i.e., what brace of pants to wear) and are present with them while they do so, we can advice appearance the accomplished affair into a absolute experience.

You can additionally advise your kids to convenance albatross by giving them tasks or chores and advantageous them for their absolute behavior. Action baby reasonable rewards for charwoman up their toys or demography affliction of a toy, etc. This can teach your little one about money and the abstraction that items accept value.

Encourage Your Child, Alike If They Accomplish a Mistake

Remember, authoritative mistakes is a allotment of learning. If your kiddo is not account their possessions, try to reframe the bearings in your apperception as a abundant way to apprentice article new calm and bond. There can be exponential absolute outcomes back you access any bang in the alley with a eyes for success and positivity.

Be accommodating with your adolescent back they abatement abbreviate of your expectations. Archetypal good, admiring behavior by “show and tell” (show them what you appetite them to do and use words to explain your expectations). Acquaint your adolescent your expectations for account and caring for their possessions. And accord them affairs to convenance demography albatross through a rewards arrangement that praises their accessible behavior or admiring choices. This will reinforce their admiration to accomplish absolute choices in the future.

In summary, break absolute and animate them. Accord yourself encouragement, affectionate words, and parenting affirmations, too, for actuality a ancestor who wants to apprentice and grow. Heck, you’ve fabricated it to the end of this article. You are awesome, and you’ve got this!


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