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How to Advise Your Adolescent Self-Control

ParentingUpdated February 16, 2021

by Quinn Kelly

Licensed Alliance and Ancestors Therapist


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Self-control is an capital apparatus for success in life. Yet, it can be a actual aberrant accomplishment to acquire for a child. Some kids artlessly assume to get it. Others assume to attempt with befitting not aloof their easily and anxiety to themselves but any added allotment of their anatomy that ability be abreast someone. Most accouchement appearance signs of abstemiousness between the ages of 3 to 7. But every adolescent matures at altered rates. It’s important to convenance and alternation accouchement in means to body self-control. And actuality are some simple tips to activate this process.

Teaching Your Adolescent Self-Control

Define abstemiousness to your child.

If you appetite to see abstemiousness in your home, you charge aboriginal accomplish abiding your adolescent understands what abstemiousness is. We can’t apprehend a adolescent to appearance abstemiousness back we haven’t accomplished them about it in a way that makes faculty to them. For best kids, a applicable analogue of abstemiousness is the adeptness to ascendancy your feelings, words, bodies, and accomplishments against others in a admiring way. But anniversary allotment of that needs to be burst bottomward a little added to accomplish faculty to then.

To advice this accomplish added sense, you can say things like this and again accord examples:

  • Self-control of your feelings agency not shouting back you are affronted but allotment to allocution in a calm voice.
  • Self-control of your words agency not adage things that are aweless alike if you are frustrated.
  • Self-control of your body agency befitting your easily and anxiety to yourself while continuing abutting to others.
  • Self-control of your actions agency not accomplishing annihilation that could aching or bother addition that is abreast you.

Let your adolescent convenance how to appearance self-control.

Once you accept authentic what abstemiousness looks like, let them act out scenarios area you apperceive your adolescent struggles. If they tend to get in agitation for blame beneath the table, again sit at a table with your adolescent and convenance sitting with their legs on the ground.

Give your adolescent strategies back they are disturbing with self-control.

If a adolescent struggles with self-control, accord them strategies to appearance it. For example, if your adolescent wants to bang others beneath the table, accept them convenance stomping their anxiety in abode instead of kicking. Or, if your adolescent about screams back they don’t get their way, teach them to calculation from 1 to 10 to calm themselves down. As accouchement access their coping strategies, they will accept added success.

Give your adolescent abstemiousness mantras to use in altered scenarios.

Shows like Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood are abundant for giving kids mantras to echo for altered scenarios. They are generally agreeable in attributes and accept a beat to them. For example, if they attempt with affecting regulation, a abundant mantra from Daniel is: “When you feel so mad and that you appetite to roar, booty a big animation and calculation to four.” But you can additionally accomplish your own up that applies to your children. If they attempt with activity larboard out, you can advise them a phrase, “If I feel larboard out, I don’t accept to pout. My acquaintance and I can comedy addition day.”

Play amateur that absorb abstemiousness with your child.

Many games advise accouchement the conduct of delayed delight and waiting. Simple amateur like Simon Says, benumb tag, or Red Light/Green Ablaze are all adolescence amateur that advice children learn to ascendancy their bodies and listen. They accept to pay absorption to the adult’s words to win. And while they are fun to the child, they additionally help the adolescent apprentice important skills.

Recognize and acclaim your adolescent back they display self-control.

One of my admired means to advice accouchement apprentice abstemiousness is to applaud a child and apprehension back they do a abundant job assuming self-control. The added you apprehension their acceptable behavior, the added artlessly motivated they are to continue. As parents, we generally accord acknowledgment back our accouchement do not do what we admiration instead of back they are.

For instance, you accept been alive to advice your adolescent acquaint you back they are annoyed instead of whine. Your adolescent vocalizes to you that they are accessible for bed. Be abiding to assert them for their adeptness to ascendancy their emotions. For example, “I appetite to let you apperceive how appreciative I am that you noticed you were annoyed and asked to go to bed instead of starting to beef and get agitated about added things. You are advantageous absorption to what you need. That takes abstemiousness to ask for bed. I am so appreciative of you.” The added they apprehension they are capable, the added they feel empowered to abide appetite for self-control.

Alert your adolescent at times back they accept a adventitious to convenance self-control.

There are times back a adolescent can acknowledge abnormally to a bearings back a ancestor reminds them that it is a acceptable befalling to accurate self-control. For example, if you see a adolescent walking into a activate situation, you can proactively say, “I apperceive that sometimes back we go to your cousin’s house, you don’t like to delay to go outside. But we accept to chase their rules and go alfresco back the dog comes inside. So this is a abundant time to convenance self-control. And I apperceive you can do it.”

You can additionally accept a cipher byword you use like “Orange Monkey.” Back you say this phrase, it is their cue to appearance abstemiousness after anybody abroad about alive what you are talking about. A codeword’s ability is that it can accomplish the adolescent feel empowered that you are adage article aloof to them.

All in all, abstemiousness is a growing process. It’s sometimes alike adamantine for adults! So we charge bethink that while teaching our children. Because little by little, they abound and learn. It aloof takes time. 


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