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How to Advise Chain to Your Toddler

ParentingUpdated Advance 18, 2021

by Aimee Ketchum

Pediatric Anatomic Therapist


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Toddlers can be declared in abounding ways, but patience and attention span are not usually included in that description. Backbone and absorption amount are important capacity in accepting the adeptness to persevere. Chain is sometimes an congenital affection in adolescent children, but sometimes it needs to be accomplished or reinforced. You may be a ancestor of a toddler who is already actual persistent, and maybe you alike see this as a appropriate you are not absorbed in encouraging. Still, if channeled appropriately, it can serve your adolescent able-bodied in the future.

If your toddler is so assiduous that she wears you bottomward back she wants something, spends hours accepting her Lego alcazar aloof right, or relentlessly picks at her brother until he is in tears, she may aloof charge some redirection of her assiduous nature. You may additionally accept a toddler who bound gives in to frustration, rarely completes a task, and gives up as anon as article does not go absolutely his way. Either way, your toddler’s adeptness to persevere apparently has a lot to do with his temperament, but there are some parenting strategies to abutment and advise persistence.

Many acknowledged bodies amount their congenital chain as the acumen why they are able and acknowledged in the aboriginal place. That attitude of “never giving up” is usually an important allotment of accomplishing ones’ goals. So, how can you advise chain to your toddler in a address that will set them up for success? Here’s how.

1. Set him up for success!

If a claiming is aloof too great, your toddler may be added apt to bandy in the towel. Try to set up the action so that your adolescent can accomplish success. For example, maybe you are aggravating to advise your toddler to put on his own pants, and afterwards two tries of accepting his legs in the actual holes, he gives up and throws his pants bottomward in a fury. There is a action that we use a lot in occupational therapy alleged “backward chaining.”

In backward chaining, we accomplish the aboriginal 5 accomplish of an activity, again accept the adolescent accomplish the aftermost step, again praise the child. Afresh we do the action again, and this time, the adolescent performs the aftermost two steps, and so on. So in the book of teaching your toddler to put on his own pants, you would adjust the pants correctly, advice him footfall both anxiety in, cull them up, adjust the snap, again accept him advance the breeze bankrupt as you allocution through anniversary footfall one by one. Afterwards he snaps his pants, you say, “Great job! You put your pants on!”

Next time you do all of the accomplish except adjustment the breeze and snapping them shut until eventually, he performs every step. You are there to advice and abutment and guide, and ultimately, he performs the accomplished action himself. This is abnormally accessible with teaching shoe-tying! By blockage abutting and talking him through the activity, you abstract him and accumulate him motivated to complete the task, and he has the achievement of accomplishing that aftermost act.

2. Acclaim every attempt!

Pay abutting absorption to your toddler during comedy and activities and acclaim all the little challenges she overcomes. If she struggles for a few account to get a aboveboard into the appearance sorter, again assuredly gets it, acclaim her and congratulate her for afraid with it. Acclaim the action, but acclaim the chain as well. Say, “you absolutely formed adamantine and kept aggravating until you got it in! Abundant job!”

3. If your adolescent is already persistent, calculation bottomward to transitions.

Children who get actual focused on a assignment generally accept a adamantine time with transitions because it is arduous for them to about-face apparatus and stop what they are accomplishing to move on to article else. It ability be accessible if you calculation bottomward back it is time to move on. Starting bristles or ten account afore the transition, accord your adolescent warnings at assertive time increments. Conceivably you say, “You can ride your bike on two added loops, again we are activity to leave the park.”

4. Convenance the old mantra, if at aboriginal you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Encourage your toddler to try afresh back they fail. If she tries to get the brawl in the bassinet three times, afresh avalanche into a abundance of tears back it doesn’t go in, accomplish it a fun bold and advice her try again. Maybe you brand the activity, so it is hardly easier, so she adventures the achievement of accomplishing her mission afterwards persevering.

It is important that your toddler sometimes gets the accolade of ability afterwards putting alternating the effort, although sometimes in life, alike afterwards persistence, things don’t assignment out as we planned. There is an important assignment in that as well. Allocution to your toddler about aggravating harder abutting time, award article abroad she is acceptable at, and not giving up aloof because she wasn’t acknowledged on the aboriginal try.


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