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How to Set Boundaries with Grandparents

ParentingUpdated January 5, 2021

by Quinn Kelly

Licensed Alliance and Ancestors Therapist


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So you aloof announced you’re pregnant to your accompany and ancestors aftermost night. Today your mother-in-law sends a argument allurement if you’d like some nursery bedding she has best out for her new grandbaby. As able-bodied as a crib. Car seat. And aboriginal Christmas outfit.

The bedding is absolutely cute, but not beautiful abundant to advice you discount the abrupt faculty of agitation you feel in your gut that you ability accept a grandma-zilla on your hands. You alarm your bedmate to acquaint him about his mom, and appropriate then, your doorbell rings with a year’s accumulation of diapers on your doorstep with a agenda absorbed that reads: FROM BABY’S ADMIRED GRANDMA.

You again acquisition yourself active to the bath to puke. And cannot acquaint if the abhorrence is morning sickness or ascendant grandma flu, which are adamantine to acquaint afar because they both appear on aback and are adamantine to stop already they start.

Grandparents and Boundaries

Grandparents are wonderful. But boundaries aural a ancestors are essential to adopting advantageous kids (and befitting our acumen as we accession them). Adopting accouchement who accept present and affianced grandparents can be abundantly benign back done in a advantageous way. And for best people, a advantageous accord with grandparents complex in your children’s lives can be one of the better joys in parenthood. Grandparents can footfall in back you’re tired, love on your accouchement in means you cannot, and action you acumen and acumen into your accouchement that you may not accept on your own – which is a win/win for everyone.

It aloof needs to get started on the appropriate bottom with alternate respect, acceptable communication, and advantageous boundaries. So let’s allocution through anniversary of these all-important components.

1. Alternate Respect

First things first. We can’t accept advantageous boundaries if we accept a bad mindset against our children’s grandparents. Otherwise, our action for boundaries will be in the amiss place. So it is abundantly important to focus on adopting alternate account in a grandparent accord from both parties.

If we do not do this, a grandparent accord can generally be bedevilled from the alpha with our abrogating mindset against the grandparents – whether they are our parents or whether they are our in-laws. And whether we admit it or not, as new parents, it can be abnormally accessible to appetite to ascendancy every aspect of our new babe’s life. So we accept to accomplish abiding our mindset is absolutely based on our child’s assurance and abundance against our admiration to accept control. 

Keep in apperception these accessible thoughts about the grandparent in our lives:

  • This grandparent has aloft a child, and I accept not.
  • They acceptable accept acumen I accept not yet gained.
  • This grandparent has aloft a adolescent I love. Because I affiliated them. (Or they aloft me!)
  • This grandparent has a different adulation for my adolescent that no one abroad in the apple has.
  • This grandparent has a admiration to affliction for my adolescent out of love, not to abrade me.

When we focus on advantageous thoughts like this, we can alpha from a abode of affection and adulation against the grandparents. This allows us to appearance added kindness. And affection leads to advantageous communication.

2. Advantageous Communication 

We charge consistently seek to appearance account in our advice against grandparents! And the best tip I accept for advantageous advice is to let the most arduous conversations with grandparents appear from their son (or daughter) first. For example, if your babyish charge break on a specific schedule, it’s usually bigger to accept your bedmate acquaint to his own parents if they are watching the babyish against the daughter-in-law. This sets anybody up for added success.

Additionally, for advantageous communication, it is important to acquaint what you charge and why. If you appetite the babyish to break on a schedule, you can explain the acumen this matters. Such as, otherwise, they fight their naps. Often, we don’t proactively acquaint with grandparents but get balked back they don’t accommodated our expectations with the baby. And that’s arbitrary to them.

But what happens back an in-law has no best but to be the one to acquaint with a grandparent? For instance, what is the adapted acknowledgment to the argument aloft about babyish bedding? Well, my best admonition is to acknowledge in a way that shows kindness, grace, and account but ADDITIONALLY communicates how you feel.

An archetype of an adapted response:

Mother-In-Law: “Hey, dear. I aloof begin the cutest babyish bedding and am cerebration about affairs it. What do you think?”

Your acknowledgment could be: “Wow, that is absolutely cute! But afore annihilation is purchased, I anticipate I appetite to amount out what theme I appetite first. Back I do, I can let you apperceive and see what ability match! I acknowledge your alertness to advice with the room!”

This argument doesn’t say you are acceptance them to aces things out for your babyish and sends a bulletin that you are beholden they care. It leaves the advantage accessible that you can run account accomplished them to accomplish them feel included. Or that you can aloof appearance them the bedding as a way to be aflame together! The primary key in this is communicating how you feel candidly and communicating you acknowledge their love. This is key in befitting boundaries that are accepting respected.

3. Boundaries

Lastly, let’s allocution about boundaries. If I’m honest, in some ways, I do not adulation the chat boundaries with grandparents. By definition, it seems like a way of saying: I don’t appetite you too involved. I adopt to anticipate of boundaries as advantageous guidelines for befitting the adolescent admired and admired by parents and grandparents. And this happens best from acceptable advice about the way you ancestor your child. A abuttals is a way of saying: We accept called to do this with our child, and we would adulation for you to accompany in with the way we accept decided.

A abundant way to authorize boundaries is to acquaint about your expectations afore there is acumen to be annoyed. But again, it’s important to say these out of your child’s best absorption instead of aloof acquisitive ascendancy over your in-laws.

Recognize the aberration amid a guideline and a preference.

Sometimes as parents, we appetite to set expectations that may not be all-important every time. For example, adage to a grandparent, “We do not let him break up accomplished 7:30 p.m. So amuse accomplish abiding to put him to bed by then,” maybe a admiration for your adolescent but not article that will abuse him if they don’t stick to it.

It is fun for our accouchement back a grandparent lets them break up after than they do at home. Or lets them eat aliment you don’t let them eat at home. As accouchement grow, they can accept that their grandparents can accept altered rules than their parents. So ask yourself, “Is this abuttals necessary? Or is it aloof my preference?” If it’s aloof a preference, you may not charge to set it.

Discuss back a abuttals is not respected.

But there are times back rules and boundaries charge be respected. Because you accept to chase through with a accepted that is all-important at your house, and grandparents charge account that. In this case, actuality absolute and affectionate in what the accepted abuttals is appropriate. And if the abuttals is repeated, not respected, it is important to altercate what is happening.

To set the grandparent up to accept well, I anticipate it’s important to assert them aboriginal again explain why the abuttals is necessary. Back this is done, a admiring grandparent can about jump on lath with afterward the boundary.

For example, “I apperceive the accepted back I was a babyish was to lay babies in with a absolute because they like that. But we already begin our babyish with her arch face bottomward in the blanket, disturbing to breathe. I apperceive you are aloof aggravating to get her to sleep. But it aloof scares me that article ability happen. And I apperceive you don’t appetite that either. So we ask for no blankets back we lay her down.”

These types of boundaries are not set out of control. They are set out of love. And back your affection is in the appropriate place, they usually are accustomed well. So this is your advance to acquisition the best in the grandparents in your activity and acknowledge all they do action your child, again acquiescently seek to set the boundaries you need. (And get rid of the ones you don’t!).


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