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How to Apperceive If Your Baptize Broke?

pregnancyUpdated January 25, 2022

by Ashley Derderian Sousa

Labor & Commitment Assistant and Lactation Consultant


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As a labor, delivery, and postpartum assistant and accouchement educator, one of the best accepted questions I get is, “How will I apperceive if my baptize broke?” Accept it or not, your baptize breaking apparently will be annihilation like what is portrayed in movies and TV shows! Research shows that alone about 10-15% of mamas will acquaintance their baptize breaking afore activity begins, which agency 85-90% of mothers will breach their baptize during labor, delivery, or alike preterm.

So what does your baptize breaking alike mean?

Your babyish is amidst and adequate by an amniotic fluid-filled bleary sac during pregnancy. This amniotic fluid is fabricated by your babyish and helps adapt your baby’s temperature, prevents infection, aids in fetal development, and cushions your growing baby.

You may apprehend your baptize breaking, additionally referred to as “rupture of membranes.” This frequently occurs appear the end of pregnancy. However, it can action preterm and is alleged abortive breach of membranes. Of course, if you anticipate your baptize has burst at any point in your pregnancy, you will appetite to acquaint this with your healthcare provider.

What are the signs of your baptize breaking?

Everyone will call their acquaintance with their baptize breaking a bit differently. Some mamas call their baptize breaking as a apathetic trickle. And yes, ambagious your baptize breaking with peeing your pants happens all the time! As you can imagine, your baby’s arch may sit on your float and abrade it or account you to lose a bit of urine, and that’s okay! Added moms say they accomplished a bustling awareness or a ample burst of fluid. Some added moms address that they are borderline whether their baptize has broken, but they feel an uncontrollable leak or acquisition their underwear damp, and the aqueous doesn’t aroma like urine.

When your baptize breaks, it won’t be painful, which can accomplish the awareness adamantine to identify. However, back in doubt, alarm your provider, and they can airing you through the abutting steps!

Take agenda of these things.

If you anticipate your baptize broke, booty a abysmal breath! There are a few things you’ll charge to booty agenda of about your fluid. Bethink this acronym—TACO!

  • Time — What time did your baptize break? Your provider will appetite to apperceive how continued it has been back your baptize has burst as there are some time-sensitive aspects to activity and birth-related to how continued it has been back you’ve been ruptured, such as infection!
  • Amount — How abundant amniotic aqueous did you lose? Was it a ample burst of aqueous or a baby trickle? You may feel a baby crawl and abash it with — did I aloof pee myself? Or you may accept a ample burst of fluid!
  • Color — What is the blush of the amniotic fluid? It should be bright or yellow-tinted. If you apprehension that the aqueous is blush or reddish-tinged, this can additionally be normal. Annihilation added than a tablespoon of blood, you should acquaint your provider immediately! However, sometimes your babyish may accept their aboriginal bowel movement (called meconium) while central the womb. This can account aqueous to be blooming or brown-tinged. This is no acumen to agitation and is absolutely common. However, you would appetite to alarm your provider and acquaint them.
  • Odor — Does the aqueous accept an odor? Amniotic aqueous about doesn’t accept a abhorrent aroma to it. If anything, it is odorless or a accessible earthy-sweet odor. If you accept a foul-smelling acquittal at any point during your pregnancy, birth, or postpartum, you should acquaint your provider immediately.

I’m still not abiding if it broke. What can I do?

As a activity and commitment nurse, one of my top tips to aphorism out whether or not your baptize has burst is to put on apple-pie underwear and a pad, lay bottomward for 20-30 minutes, and again angle aback up. If it is amniotic fluid, it will acceptable basin in the vagina and again bathe the pad back you angle up. If the pad is dry, this may beggarly you had some urine arising or accident of mucus. During that 30-minutes rest, you can aggregate your thoughts. Is everything you charge accessible for the hospital? Do you charge to accomplish any buzz calls? Conceivably do some bang counts to appraise how the babyish is doing!

Can my doctor acquaint me if my baptize broke?

As you can imagine, the amniotic sac absolutely surrounds the baby. Sometimes there can be an aperture in the sac college up, consistent in added of a trickle. Or there can be a ample aperture afterpiece appear the aperture of the cervix, consistent in a burst of fluid. It’s consistently adamantine for us to apperceive where your amniotic sac may accept broken. But your healthcare provider can affirm if your baptize has burst with accessible testing at the hospital.

When you acquaint your doctor, they may ask you to present to your birthplace for testing, depending on your specific circumstances. Testing can be performed in several altered ways. Your provider may besom the vagina, admit a speculum, acquaint a appropriate cardboard alleged litmus paper, or appraise the aqueous beneath a microscope. Your provider may appetite to accompany you in eventually rather than after for assorted reasons. Some affidavit accommodate if you are group B strep positive, beforehand than 37 weeks, accept a high-risk pregnancy, accept foul-smelling discharge, amber or blooming decrepit fluid, accept decreased fetal movement, or accept been burst for several hours and haven’t accomplished contractions.

When will my baptize stop leaking?

Your baptize will continuously aperture until your babyish is born, which I acquisition best patients are afraid by! Back you accomplish your way to your birthplace, you may appetite to abrasion a pad, sit on a puppy pad or a anhydrate to not get the seats in your car wet. I kept a additional anhydrate in my car in the weeks arch up to my due date aloof in case my baptize bankrupt while I was on the go!

Keep in apperception your activity may not activate for hours afterwards your baptize breaks. So don’t panic. Apperceive that time is best generally on your side! However, I consistently acclaim accepting a chat with your provider appear the end of your pregnancy, so you apperceive how to advance if your baptize does absolutely break. Also, it’s important to bethink that you should put annihilation in your vagina already you doubtable your baptize has broken, as this can access your accident of infection. This agency you should accumulate vaginal exams to a minimum as well. Don’t be abashed to apostle for yourself!


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