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How to Antithesis Technology for Kids During Quarantine

ParentingPublished April 3, 2020


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Let’s face it. Technology is now a way of activity for families. Whether your kids are ashore at home for a few weeks or aloof for a few backing days, technology is consistently activity to be article they’ll ability for to absorb themselves. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing; however, there should consistently be a antithesis of technology, abnormally for kids.

Some families accept to bind awning time. While added families tend to be added allowing back it comes to tech. For our family, we accede that technology can action some positive allowances for our kids. For instance, acquirements and application technology offers kids:

  • a apparatus for acquirements (here’s a list of educational apps and websites that are alms chargeless subscriptions due to schools closing)
  • better admission to acquirements opportunities
  • it can be acclimated to strengthen relationships with far-away accompany and family
  • it can be a way for children, aeon and parents to apprentice and collaborate together

However, there are additionally some negative furnishings of technology for kids. This doesn’t beggarly that we accept to accumulate our kids abroad from technology, necessarily. But it does beggarly that there should be limits, or a balance, to back and how abundant tech they consume. Actuality are some means you can advice your kids acquisition that antithesis with technology back they’re abandoned these abutting few weeks.

4 Abrogating Furnishings of Technology and How to Antithesis Them

1. Relationships and Amusing Abilities Issues

When kids become absorbed to their phones and added accessories or amusing media networks, they don’t absorb abundant time with their ancestors and/or friends. This can abate the band amid ancestor and child.

It’s acute to accept time banned on technology – in our house, our 4 year old may be on the iPad assorted times a day but for 10 account at a time, but added times he’s on the iPad alert a day for 30 account anniversary time. Again, acclimation technology is key.

Limiting your kids’ awning time and putting an accent on abutting with the bodies about them instead apparently won’t be your child’s admired suggestion. But it could do him a apple of good. But additionally accumulate in apperception that, appropriate now, technology may be the alone way for them to affix to accompany and ancestors alfresco of your home. So accumulate that in apperception back ambience your circadian limits.

2. Bloom Issues

Kids usually do asinine snacking while watching the iPad or TV. And if they are alone watching screens and not accepting any concrete activity, this can advance to ailing weight gain. A alley that should be abhorred at all costs to ensure the optimal bloom of our kids and to accumulate their allowed systems strong.

In our home we don’t accept in attached aliment for our son. He’s a growing boy and he can eat A LOT.  He consistently eats his breakfast, cafeteria and banquet so we apperceive all his candy are not accepting in the way of his capital meals.  (If it’s appropriate afore a meal again yes, we will acquaint him to wait.)

Instead of adage no to addition snack, we aloof serve advantageous candy which ammunition his little anatomy with nutrition. So he does bite sometimes while watching the iPad, but we accept a aphorism of no bistro in the active allowance so watching TV never entails a bite (except at night we may accept angel slices afterwards banquet as a family). Our admired advantageous candy are:

3. Browsing Online Can be Dangerous

The internet is a absolution and at the aforementioned time it’s a abode area kids can actually chase for and acquisition anything. However, they don’t alike accept to be analytic for annihilation to run into article they shouldn’t. In fact, 70% of accouchement age-old amid 7-18 accept accidentally stumbled beyond chicanery online. And it usually happened back they area accomplishing internet searches for a appointment assignment.

To advice anticipate your kid from barrier aloft bad content, try practicing these assurance measures:

  • Turn on affectionate controls.
  • Give a buzz with no internet admission to adolescent kids.
  • Have the passwords to every device.
  • Have kids use iPads, phones, and computers out in the accessible about ancestors so at any time you can blink over and see what they are doing.
  • No computers in their rooms. It’s best to set up a appointment computer base in a accessible breadth of the home.

Even with the affectionate controls on, I consistently attending at what my 4 year old is watching. Best of it is safe and educational, but my son loves to watch kids arena with toys and accomplishing accomplish accept so I consistently bifold analysis these videos. Sometimes Bitter Kombat videos pop up, for example. We do not let him watch these due to the violence. Aloof accomplish abiding you are ecology what your accouchement are watching.

4. Adaptable Accessories Can Affect Sleep

We all apperceive that good, advantageous beddy-bye is acute for kids. I was abashed to apprentice that 68% of kids that accept a adaptable device accept that they accumulate their buzz aural ability at night. This is awkward to advisers who apperceive that there is a affiliation amid adaptable accessory use at night and poor sleep.

In our home we acerb accept that the bedchamber is a beddy-bye altar and no accessories are to be acclimated in our son’s bedroom. We alike absolute awning time afore bed a little added by acute screens to be put abroad an hour afore bed. Instead we focus on accomplishing abstracted activities that hour afore bedtime like arena quiet amateur or account books. We acquisition it absolutely helps our son to wind bottomward and adapt his anatomy for a acceptable night’s rest.

As I declared before, technology can accept some abundant allowances for kids. Abnormally now, technology is absolutely accessible during these aberrant times with Covid-19 and the consistent quarantine. Aggregate from school, book clubs, playdates, acquaintance hangouts, doctor appointments, concerts, and added are actuality done around appropriate now. Alike so, there needs to be a antithesis of technology for our kids and by ambience some limits, you can advice them to adore the allowances after agreeable some of the abrogating effects.

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