Hand, Foot, and Aperture Disease: What You Charge to Know

Hand, Foot, and Aperture Disease: What You Charge to Know

healthUpdated Advance 23, 2023

by Kirsten White, BSN, RN

Pediatric Nurse


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If you accept toddlers, and abnormally if they are in daycare, it can feel like they are ailing added generally than they are healthy. There is consistently a bug activity around, and I accede it a acceptable anniversary if my toddler does not accept a aqueous nose. These connected illnesses can be abundantly arresting and sometimes debilitating, abnormally back we parents end up advancing bottomward with them! One culprit of these accepted illnesses is hand, foot, and aperture disease. Anyone can get it, but it is best accepted in accouchement beneath five. And while cold and flu season about refers to the cold, dry winter months, accouchement can get ailing anytime. Hand, foot, and aperture ache best generally strikes in the summer and fall. Back it is so accepted in adolescent children, you charge apperceive the facts about it.1,2

What is Hand, Foot, and Aperture Disease?

hand foot mouth disease. enteroviruses or EV71 is name of virus. be careful of your children and yourself.

Hand, foot, and aperture ache (HFMD) is viral, but assorted bacilli can account it. Typically, an enterovirus such as coxsackievirus causes HFMD. Although sometimes abashed for anniversary other, hand, foot, and aperture ache is not the aforementioned as foot-and-mouth ache that animals sometimes get. HFMD cannot be accustomed to or acquired from animals.2

When a person’s affection bout the description, behindhand of the specific viral cause, it would be diagnosed as hand, foot, and aperture disease.2

Symptoms of Hand, Foot, and Aperture Disease

At the alpha of the illness, affection may resemble a accepted algid with a aqueous nose, abscessed throat, headache, and fever.3

As the ache progresses, you may see affection added different to hand, foot, and aperture disease. These accommodate aperture sores and a adventurous on the award of easily and the soles of the feet. The red spots in the mouth, hands, and anxiety are about flat, not raised. The sores may eventually abscess but about do not burst. Sometimes, a adventurous in the childhood breadth can occur.4,5,6

Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease: What You Need to Know

Getting a acceptable attending central your child’s aperture can sometimes be challenging. Some signs that they may accept aching sores in the aperture accommodate not bistro or bubbler or alone absent to alcohol actual algid liquids. You may additionally apprehension boundless drooling, which can beggarly burning is painful.4

How Continued Does Hand, Foot, and Aperture Ache Last?

After acknowledgment to the virus, it may booty three to six canicule for the affection of HFMD to appear. This is alleged the evolution period. Affection can aftermost amid seven and 10 days, with two or three canicule of agitation followed by up to a anniversary of a rash. However, affection should not be at their aiguille for this long.6,7

The CDC recommends contacting your child’s pediatrician if their agitation lasts added than three canicule or if their affection aftermost best than a week. They additionally acclaim contacting a provider if your adolescent is beneath six months old, has a attenuated allowed system, or refuses to drink.4

How Does It Spread?

Hand, foot, and aperture ache is advance through respiratory droplets. Anyone who encounters an adulterated person’s fungus or saliva, including drool, may become sick. It can additionally be transmitted through stool, such as back changing a diaper.2

The best important affair you can do to anticipate the advance of HFMD is to ablution your easily frequently. It is additionally capital to antisepticize high-touch surfaces and toys. Abstain affecting your eyes, nose, and mouth, and accumulate your ambit from ailing people.8

Treatments for Hand, Foot, and Aperture Disease

Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease: What You Need to Know

Because a virus causes hand, foot, and aperture disease, you about accept to let it run its course. There is no analysis to cure it faster, but there are interventions to advice your adolescent administer the symptoms.5,7


If your adolescent is experiencing ache accompanying to a fever, you can accede giving ibuprofen or acetaminophen to accompany their temperature down. Accredit to amalgamation instructions and your pediatrician for adapted dosages. However, if the agitation is beneath than 102 degrees Fahrenheit, it may be benign not to amusement it, which helps to action the infection.9

As with any fever, ensuring your adolescent stays hydrated is vital. Action lots of algid fluids.


Ibuprofen or acetaminophen can additionally advice allay affliction associated with the sores on the hands, feet, and mouth.

Oral Pain

A aqueous acrid like Mylanta can advice allay acerbic from articulate blisters. You can administer it anon to the aperture application a affection besom in accouchement earlier than one. If the adolescent is six or older, they can classy a teaspoon of acrid in their mouth, discharge it out or absorb it. Alcohol-based mouthwashes should not be acclimated as they may access pain.

Focus on alms algid drinks and bendable foods that will not added abrade the mouth. Hydration is the best important agency during this illness.

How HFMD Affects Your Kids

While no affliction is fun, HFMD is generally balmy and short-lived. Attenuate hand, foot, and aperture ache complications accommodate barb and toenail loss, viral meningitis, and academician swelling. Abiding furnishings are awfully rare. Best of the time, the affliction case is that your adolescent misses a few canicule of school.

If your adolescent has a fever, is badly drooling, or seems clumsy to accumulate up with accustomed academy activities, you should accumulate them home. Otherwise, the CDC says they can abide to attend.2

No ancestor is aflame about the account that their adolescent has an affliction or that article is circulating in their child’s classroom. In the case of hand, foot, and aperture disease, blow assured that it will about consistently canyon bound with no abiding repercussions. Focus on evidence administration at the aiguille of your child’s ache with HFMD. Animate rest, hydration, and comfort; it will be over afore you apperceive it.

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