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Diva Cup: An Honest Menstrual Cup Review

productsPublished Advance 30, 2016

by Nina Spears

The Babyish Chick®: Pregnancy, Bearing & Postpartum Expert


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I had heard about the Diva Cup from a few bodies (that swore by it), but it didn’t absolutely hit my alarm until I saw Buzzfeed’s analysis on the Diva Cup. I anticipation it was hilarious, but I was additionally fascinated. There seemed to be some above allowances to authoritative the about-face so I absitively why not — I’ll accord it a try! I contacted Diva Cup and was able their Model 1. Thank you, Diva Cup! I’ve answered some accepted questions beneath and am administration my acquaintance application the Diva Cup.


Warning: If you are afflictive account about capacity that allocution about menstrual cycles or actual fluids, again I advance that you skip over this column . . .


What is a Diva Cup?

It’s a reusable bell-shaped cup fabricated of aerial affection silicone that you admit into your vagina and is beat internally. The Diva Cup sits low in the vaginal canal, accession rather than arresting your menstrual flow. It does not accommodate chlorine, dyes, colorings or additives like pads and tampons. It’s additionally scent-free and it can be beat for up to 12 hours.

Was It Awkward/Difficult to Admit the Diva Cup?

A little bit. There was absolutely a acquirements ambit for me, but afterwards application the Diva Cup the absolute time during my aftermost cycle, I am now abundant added assured with it.

The night I absitively to accord this bad babe a try, I fabricated abiding to attending over the admonition a few times. I knew that I was activity to accept to get a bit added complex and apperceive absolutely how to admit it, so I capital to be absolutely prepared. I took the cup out of it’s packaging, done it like it is appropriate by the instructions and affected the position. (You can ablution it with DivaWash as appropriate by the instructions. This appropriate ablution is a pH counterbalanced and fragrance-free soap that you can ablution your cup with. Or you can use acceptable old alkali and water.)


My Acquaintance with Putting it in

On the instructions, they allegorize that you can use either the “U Fold” or the “Push Down” bend afore insertion. I approved the U-Fold first. I put my appropriate bottom up on my vanity chair, I approved to admit it, and . . . it was a fail.

“Alright, let’s try this again,” I anticipation to myself. It reminded me of the aboriginal time I was application a blockade (mind you, I was at Sea World’s accessible bathroom and my friend’s mom was answer how to use it — mortifying). You’re not abiding what you’re doing, you’re afraid that the affair will get absent in there and the aboriginal attack to put it in is a bit awkward.

For annular two I absitively to try the Advance Bottomward fold and it was a success. I fabricated abiding to accept my fingers about the abject of the cup and I rotated it to accomplish abiding that it was absolutely accessible (again, as appropriate by the instructions). It did. The accomplished action was not aching at all, aloof a altered sensation.

At aboriginal I was afraid that it went too abysmal back the admonition said not to let it go too far central or aperture was a possibility. So I affective the tiny pole at the end of the cup and pulled it bottomward a bit. I begin that address bottomward helps it move bottomward easier.

Warning: It’s accessible that you accept to get bottomward and bedraggled with this product. If you are not adequate with internally agreement your menstrual cup central your vagina again this artefact is not for you.

What About Leaking?

The Diva Cup does not aperture unless you admit it afield or if you leave it in for too long. The longest they acclaim befitting it in is 12-hours. Because of this rule, I additionally anticipate that it’s important for you to accept your breeze afore testing this artefact out. Are you abundant the aboriginal few days? Do you accept clots? Do you tend to aperture at night? Accepting an compassionate of your aeon above-mentioned to cutting the Diva Cup can absolutely advice you out. If you accept a added flow, you will accept to abandoned out your Diva Cup a few added times throughout the day. I alone accept a ablaze breeze so I accept been able to leave it in for the abounding 12-hours and accept had no affair with leakage.

How is the Abatement of It? It Seems Alarming and Gross.

A lot of women may aberration out at the afterimage of their menstrual claret in a cup they aloof pulled out of their vagina. It doesn’t bother me, but afresh again I abutment and see women accord bearing as my job so this is aloof addition day at the office.

The abatement is absolutely easier than I expected. The instructions said to buck bottomward like you are aggravating to accept a bowel movement and you will feel the Diva Cup move bottomward your vaginal canal. Maybe I’m a acceptable pusher, but it was cool simple to get out. Accepting it in was added difficult than accepting that accoutrement to appear out. Already it confused down, I affective the base of it, acclaim awkward it to relieve the Diva Cup’s suction, again I pulled it out. I discarded what the cup had collected in the toilet, again rinsed and reused! (I begin that putting it in, removing it and charwoman it is way added acceptable back you’re in the shower.)

Do You Actively Not Feel It?

At aboriginal I did feel it. It was article new in my anatomy so I was a bit added aware, but I sometimes feel tampons too so I absitively not to anticipate about it too abundant back I aboriginal acclimated it. I aloof put on my pjs and went to bed. I had no issues activity to beddy-bye and did not deathwatch up activity uncomfortable. Afterwards a brace of times application it and accepting bigger at inserting, I didn’t absolutely feel it at all. Sometimes I alike would balloon that it was in there! It’s appealing liberating to be able to abrasion thongs, beddy-bye through the night, assignment out with affluence and alike abrasion a swimsuit after the abhorrence of creating a blend or accept a cord bustling out.

There are 2 Kinds of Diva Cups. How Do I Apperceive Which One is for Me?


There is Model 1 for women beneath the age of 30 that has not accustomed birth. Again there is Model 2 for women over 30 and/or who accept accustomed birth.


Why Would Anyone Want to Use Article Like This Instead of Tampons or Pads?

I accept begin that there are abounding allowances to application the Diva Cup.

The Diva Cup:

  • catches WAY added breeze than the boilerplate blockade and pad.
  • doesn’t afflict the body’s pH antithesis the way a blockade does.
  • doesn’t fetor the way a pad can.
  • does not accommodate chlorine, dyes, colorings or additives like pads and tampons — which can accept a abrogating affect to your anatomy continued term.
  • is antibacterial and reusable, which agency no accidental to the landfills.
  • is adequate for alive ladies. I’ve gone running, done yoga and did a gym conditioning with my Diva Cup in and had aught issues.
  • helps you adviser your menstrual flow. This may be important for women who charge to accumulate a afterpiece attending at their cycles every month.
  • is continued lasting. Some Diva Cup users accept had endemic for abutting to a decade which saves you $$$!

In Conclusion…

The acquirements ambit for the Diva Cup can be arduous but I anticipate it’s totally worth it. I ambition that all women would accord menstrual cups a try, but I understand that it can be intimidating. I accord it two thumbs up and am attractive advanced to application it for years to come. If you still aren’t convinced, analysis the reviews online. Aloof about anybody that uses the Diva Cup loves it.


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