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5 Questions (and Answers) about Gestational Diabetes

pregnancyUpdated June 6, 2021

by Cheyenne Bell

Medically advised by Kristy Goodman

Obstetrician-Gynecologist Physician Assistant


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Pregnancy is an agitative and cutting time in a woman’s life. Acquirements that you accept or may accept gestational diabetes can absolutely bandy a bend in an contrarily joyful experience. While developing gestational diabetes is absolutely not ideal, it is not as alarming as it seems. With appropriate testing and active bloom choices, gestational diabetes can be calmly diagnosed and managed. Actuality are a few answers to accepted questions abounding women accept about gestational diabetes:

What is gestational diabetes?

Gestational diabetes (or GDM) occurs back a woman who doesn’t accept diabetes afore abundance develops animated claret glucose levels (sugar) during pregnancy. 2% to 10% of pregnancies in the Affiliated States anniversary year are afflicted by gestational diabetes.

One of the best accustomed theories for the account of GDM is that hormones from the placenta block the activity of the mother’s insulin in her body. This is alleged insulin attrition and makes it adamantine for the mother’s anatomy to use insulin properly. After abundant insulin, glucose cannot leave the bloodstream and be activated for energy. Claret glucose can again body up to dangerous levels, alleged hyperglycemia.

You will about be tested for gestational diabetes amid your 24th and 28th anniversary of pregnancy. There are two types of glucose altruism tests: the 1-hour and the 2-hour test. With the 1-hour test, you alcohol a bathetic alcohol and accept your claret fatigued and hour later. No abnegation is all-important for the 1-hour test. Alternatively, there’s a one-step 2-hour test, area you fast, accept your claret drawn, afresh alcohol the bathetic drink, and accept your claret fatigued afresh one hour and two hours later.

If you analysis absolute for either of these aboriginal tests, you will abide a 3-hour test. With this analysis you will accept your claret fatigued afterwards you accept fasted, again alcohol a bathetic alcohol and accept your claret fatigued at 1, 2, and 3 hours afterwards the drink.

How is gestational diabetes treated?

Healthy bistro habits and adequate exercise can usually adapt GDM during pregnancy. Your medical provider may crave you to analysis your claret glucose levels several times throughout the day. This is to accomplish abiding levels are blockage aural a accustomed range. However, there are some cases back GDM charge be controlled with insulin shots.

For best women, claret amoroso levels return to normal anon afterwards the pregnancy. However, about one-third of women will accept diabetes or a milder anatomy of animated claret amoroso afterwards giving birth. Amid 15-70% of women will advance diabetes after in life. They will accept to administer their claret amoroso levels through diet, exercise, and sometimes medication.

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in my aboriginal pregnancy. My midwife and I managed my claret amoroso levels through a austere diet (I kept a circadian aliment log). We arrested my claret levels several times a day (also recorded in my log) and exercised. Luckily, I never bare to booty insulin shots to adapt my claret amoroso levels, but if it were necessary, I would’ve done it in a heartbeat.

Will it affect my approaching bloom or the bloom of my baby?

If larboard untreated, gestational diabetes can account the afterward problems for your baby:

  • being built-in with macrosomia–or a beyond than accustomed body
  • low claret glucose afterwards birth
  • breathing problems afterwards birth
  • higher adventitious of jaundice
  • more acceptable to become adipose after in life
  • more acceptable to advance Type 2 diabetes after in life

For mothers, basic GDM can account the afterward issues:

  • higher adventitious of preeclampsia
  • higher adventitious of c-section if your babyish is too large
  • increased adventitious of developing Blazon 2 diabetes after in life

Who is at accident for developing gestational diabetes?

Anyone can advance gestational diabetes, but you run a college accident if you:

  • are overweight
  • have had gestational diabetes before
  • family history of diabetes
  • have prediabetes
  • have a hormonal ataxia alleged polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS
  • are of African-American, American Indian, Asian American, Hispanic/Latin, or Accordant Island American descent

Interestingly, I accept alone one of these accident factors: my mother had gestational diabetes back abundant with me. I developed GDM back I was abundant with my first child, but I did not advance it with my second pregnancy. I didn’t do annihilation abnormally with diet and exercise from what we could determine. My habits were already appealing acceptable for my additional pregnancy. We aren’t abiding why I got gestational diabetes for one abundance and not the other.

Can I do annihilation to abstain gestational diabetes?

Since doctors don’t absolutely know what causes gestational diabetes, this catechism is harder to answer. If you are aggravating to get abundant and are overweight, do aggregate you can to get to a added advantageous weight afore you conceive. Activate authoritative advantageous bistro choices and alpha appliance for at atomic 30 account every day. The Weston A. Amount diet is a absurd guideline for advantageous bistro in general, and abnormally during pregnancy, alike more, if you accept gestational diabetes.

Even if you are advantageous and accomplish all the appropriate bistro and exercise decisions, you may still advance GDM. I was one of those women, and I can acquaint you it was such a draft to my ego. Amuse do not get beat and afraid. Gestational diabetes does not beggarly you accept done annihilation wrong, and it can be managed. Whatever you do, if you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes, do not let it abduct the joy of your pregnancy. Remember, you alone get to acquaintance the abnormality of actuality abundant for a abbreviate aeon in your life–don’t let an calmly acquiescent analysis abstract you from the journey!


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