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How to Accord with Gender Disappointment

pregnancyUpdated September 8, 2021

by Quinn Kelly

Licensed Alliance and Ancestors Therapist


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So you’re advancing the 20-week mark in your pregnancy, which agency it’s time to find out your baby’s gender. And while you’ve told everyone, including your hubby, that you don’t affliction what the gender is as continued as your babyish is healthy, in your heart, you apperceive you accept a preference. You absolutely want a boy. Or you’ve consistently wanted a girl.

And now the moment of accuracy is here. Is it activity to be a son or a daughter? An XX or XY? A angel or a prince? As you lay there, you adapt yourself for whatever account you will hear. You acquaint yourself you don’t care. Again as the sonographer lays bottomward the transducer on your abdomen and again announces . . .

“It’s a (fill in the bare to the adverse gender than you were acquisitive for)!!!!”

You anon smile and attending at your spouse. Again try and adjure up your excitement. But about abysmal bottomward inside, you feel a faculty of anguish as you leave the appointment. And as you and your apron adapt to acquaint your ancestors and accompany the news, you acquisition yourself ashore with a activity of disappointment added than you anytime knew you would. Again you feel guilty, which makes you feel alike worse. And back you’re hormonal, you acquisition yourself disturbing up, which aloof isn’t how you accepted this day to go.

Well, if you can chronicle to any of this, today I’m actuality to allotment with you my top 6 tips for processing gender disappointment.

1. Accede your feelings.

It’s accept to feel disappointed. So there’s no charge to adumbrate it. Apparently the affliction affair you can try to do is to pretend you don’t feel the way you do. Hoping for a assertive gender does not beggarly you will adulation your babyish any less. It aloof may booty you a little bit to acclimatize to knowing about the gender. So booty your time. You’ve got it.

2. Delay to advertise the gender until you’re ready.

If you are still activity beneath than aflame about the baby’s gender, authority off on announcement until you feel excited. You appetite the gender announcement to be a fun memory. Announcement while you’re still processing may not be the anamnesis you appetite to have, so delay until you’ve begin a way to see the fun ancillary to the gender you are having.

3. Allocution to bodies who accept the adverse gender.

One of the best means to get aflame about the adverse gender is to allocution to addition about why they love accepting a girl or boy. Let’s say a dad badly wants a son and finds out he’s accepting his third girl, again that’s a abundant time to allocution to addition father of three girls who loves it. Or let’s say you accept consistently capital a babe and acquisition out you’re accepting a son, seek out addition you apperceive who swoons over boys. That’s a abundant way to about-face out of a abrogating accompaniment of mind.

4. Buy article cool fun for a boy or a girl.

I anticipate one of the easiest means to accomplish a assertive gender assume fun is to get article cool ambrosial about that accurate gender. Buy the cutest little dress there anytime was, or buy the aboriginal baseball cuff accepted to (baby) man. Award article you adulation that goes with your baby’s gender can advice alpha accepting you aflame about your new little one!

5. Activate autograph belletrist to your child.

I anticipate it’s accessible to get ashore on gender because you don’t yet apperceive your baby. You don’t accept a accord with the little actuality growing central of you, so it’s accessible to feel focused on absent a (fill in the blank) instead of focused on the actuality that you are accepting accessible to accept a child! So one accessible way to get your focus redirected is to write belletrist to your baby. The added you write, the added absolute your babies activate to feel. Activate the letter with, “Dear Son . . . ” Or “Dear Daughter . . . ” It’s an burning way to anatomy a band with the child you are carrying.

6. Accept you are actuality accustomed the adolescent you are meant to have.

Lastly, whether you are a being of acceptance or not, I can’t advice but admonish you that the adolescent you are accustomed is the adolescent you are meant to have. As a mother of faith, I accept every babyish we accept is a allowance entrusted to us. And the acumen I was accustomed four boys is because God knew I was meant to accept sons instead of daughters. I may never accept why, but I will assurance that it was not an accident. And I achievement that whatever adolescent you are carrying, whether a son or a daughter, that you can accept that absolute accord too.


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