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Fun, Pretty, and Accessible Hairstyles for Active Moms

beautyUpdated July 23, 2021


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The alpha of the day as a mom is never easy. As anon as our anxiety hit the floor, there is a aggregation of things that charge to be done . . . and about aggregate on the account is for addition else! Amid advancing breakfasts, packing backpacks, blockage the circadian schedule, accepting anybody area they charge to be on time, and in aristocratic shape, the aftermost affair on our apperception is our own hair! We absorb our mornings accouterment to the needs of those who depend on us, and sometimes that ends up absolutely accessible in our appearance. But if you can administer a simple and accessible hairstyle, it can change your day!

Fun and Accessible Hairstyles for Active Moms

I consistently fuss over accepting the appropriate ponytail, with analogous bow to boot, on my girls. They consistently access at academy apple-pie and stylish! I feel decidedly able about this aspect of parenting. They are, of course, cutting hand-me-downs and are beneath than captivated while I am blasting up their beard and looping adaptable about it, but it makes me feel bigger as a Mom. Put together. Thoughtful.

I booty pride in how my accouchement present themselves because I booty pride in caring for them. But, with all of this accomplishment put into them, it is taken from some added place. That place: my hair! Actuality are a few accessible hairstyles to do on yourself in the morning so you can feel assured in yourself and your appearance! The alone affair you will charge is a brush, your admired dry shampoo, and some baby elastic bands for best of them.

Thick Complect Trio

Pull-out, or thick-looking braids, are simple and accessible while actuality stylish. They accord off a actual airy vibe! You can accept if you appetite to do one complect (think Elsa-style) or two (Anna’s look). This is my go-to hairstyle for a park playdate, cruise to the zoo, or annihilation alfresco and fun. It’s simple abundant to bandy a hat or headband on yet elevates your attending from the approved ponytail.

This appearance is absolute for day 2 or 3 (or alike 4!) hair. You aloof charge a acceptable brush, your admired dry shampoo, and I adopt to use small, bright elastic bands to authority them. They accord the appearance a added complete look, and they tend to authority on stronger for all of the runnings about Moms accept to do! This address can be angry into three looks: archetypal braid, bifold braid, or a braided headband.


Fun, Pretty, and Easy Hairstyles for Busy Moms

To start, cull out two face-framing pieces of beard that you can leave down. You can authority them with an added elastic bandage or blow to accomplish abiding they don’t get braided back. I tend to leave a few pieces out about my face to abbreviate my cheeks and abate my appearance. Accept which ancillary you’d like to accept your beard on. I consistently accept my complect to go over my larboard accept because I accede that to be my acceptable side. But, your choice!

Brush your hair, and again aerosol your dry absterge all over, alike accomplished the root. I like to aerosol the best appear the basal of the hair. Complect the beard in the archetypal way, sectioning it into three according genitalia and appropriation your alfresco pieces over the average strand. End the complect and add your elastic bandage or beard tie about ¾ of the way down. Try to leave about 2 inches of beard out. Already that is tied, accord the anew formed complect a aerosol of dry shampoo. Again you will acclaim tug on the alien loops of the braids, creating thicker loops and giving an all-embracing fatter attending to your braid! I like to acquisition abate pieces afterwards and cull them out absolutely to accord a absolutely blowzy attending to the style.


Fun, Pretty, and Easy Hairstyles for Busy Moms

To actualize this appearance as a bifold braid, you will area the beard into two parts, larboard and right, and do the aforementioned accomplish for both sides. These braids will accept beneath beard in each, so you may not be able to cull as abundant beard out of anniversary loop.


Fun, Pretty, and Easy Hairstyles for Busy Moms

To assemble this appearance into a chaplet look, you will chase the aforementioned instructions, but you will charge to use a few blockhead pins, as well. This attending is a little added adult and put together. It can be a contemporary attending for family photos or a daytime get-together! If you accept continued beard accomplished your shoulders, you will actualize this attending with one braid. If you accept beneath hair, shoulder-length, or above, you will acceptable charge to accept two braids to get the look.

Once you chase the antecedent accomplish and accept your blubbery braids ready, you will lift them and abode them beyond the top of your arch to constrict abaft your adverse ear. Pin in abode with two blockhead pins. Echo with the additional complect to the adverse ear and pin in place. You can additionally accept to leave some of your lower beard out to actualize a half-up, half-down attending or put the blow in a ponytail! Either way, it’s cool beautiful and fun! 

The “I Woke Up Like This”!

Fun, Pretty, and Easy Hairstyles for Busy Moms

This hairstyle is my complete favorite. Accede it the grab and go of the beard world. Back we almost alike accept time to battery amid the laundry, bath time, groceries, assignment deadlines, and accepted Mom duties, this hairstyle requires no accomplishment afterwards our quick late-night rinse-off.

After my shower, I like to add a sea alkali aerosol or mousse into my wet hair. Again you deeply complect your beard into as abounding strands as you want. I accept actual blubbery hair, so I like to do 3 or 4 altered braided sections to optimize all of my beard to dry. If you like a looser look, aloof do one or two braids. The ambition is aloof for your beard to dry while you’re sleeping in the arrangement of the bisect sections. It leaves you with agilely coiled beard that can be accessible to leave down, bandy into a top-knot (pictured here), or constrict beneath a baseball cap. It’s an effortless appearance that helps you attending like a put-together Mom on the go! Convenance makes perfect, and afterwards a few times, you will acquisition absolutely how abounding braids you charge to get that absolute beachy wave!

Plus, you can deathwatch up like this AGAIN! Is there annihilation bigger than attractive beautiful two canicule in a row?! It makes me feel so put calm to attach my beard alert in a week. Application the beautiful and accessible after-effects you’ve created the day afore with your alkali aerosol and braids to dry, you can get a new attending the abutting day by aloof alteration it up a little bit by abacus a top bun!

Fun, Pretty, and Easy Hairstyles for Busy Moms

This half-up, half-down hairstyle is abundant for a girl’s night out or a concert in the park. Aback your beard is wavy, it agency it has added volume, so it isn’t as abutting to the attic as it usually is. To actualize the top bun, abstracted your beard abaft your aerial and blend it about to “mess it up” a bit. About ambit it aback and bend the adaptable about the beard once, creating a ponytail. Afresh blanket it about again, alone affairs bisected of the beard through, creating a bun look. Cull strands out and constrict into the adaptable for a messier look!

Earth to Mommy

Fun, Pretty, and Easy Hairstyles for Busy Moms

Do you anytime feel like you crash-landed on a altered planet back you’ve entered motherhood? I acquisition some canicule I am so out of sorts aggravating to accumulate all of my little aliens in line! Amplitude buns are the absolute accession for an aces look! I adulation these beautiful little buns for a mom’s cafeteria at academy or a work-from-home day you apperceive you’ll accept to about-face your camera on. They are adolescent and stylish, and no one will apperceive they alone took a few moments! For this hairstyle, you will charge hairspray, a comb, and elastics.

Remember Babyish Aroma from The Aroma Girls? You are activity to alpha out attractive a bit like her. Already again, accept one or two pieces of beard from about your face that adulate your profile. I consistently booty a rather ample allotment from my larboard ancillary to accord the allusion of a bendable ancillary bang. Again you are activity to allotment your beard in the centermost and accomplish two actual aerial ponytails.

You appetite to accomplish abiding they are alone about 4 inches from your forehead, as they will accelerate against the aback a bit from the weight of your buns! Defended both ponies with your elastic. Aerosol the ponytails with hairspray to accomplish them “sticky.” Blanket anniversary area about the adaptable you’ve secured, like a biscuit bun! Afresh defended that new appearance with addition elastic. Acclaim cull on the section, as they will be bound looking, and it will accord them a blowzy amphitheater shape! Aerosol afresh to accumulate in place.

Feel Like the “Old” You With These Hairstyles

Our minds and bodies are now active by so abounding other’s needs and wants. It can be adamantine to bethink that alike the aboriginal pleasures can accomplish the better impact. Throwing on some lipstick, cutting a new bra, or accomplishing our beard can advice us feel added like the old us. It can advice us acceptable aback the babe we may accept abandoned about . . . or at atomic accept been apathy a little bit.

The old me was a cosmetology abecedary and stylist, allowance others feel admirable daily. This job appropriate me to attending my best, cutting beard and architecture about daily. Back I left my career to become a calm mom, the beard and architecture accept taken a backseat. These simple hairstyles accept helped me breach the aeon of activity ashore in motherhood. Activity like my beard is in-tact for the day brings me such aplomb and abundance – so I can focus on all the circadian carelessness . . . and love.


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