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‘Friends’ Themed Kids Altogether Party

birthdayUpdated May 25, 2021

by Nina Spears

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We adulation a acceptable altogether affair theme. And we consistently acquaint people, a kid’s aboriginal altogether affair is absolutely for the parents. So why not accomplish that aboriginal altogether affair a affair that anybody will enjoy? Samantha, one of our admirable associates in our Moms with Tots Facebook group, afresh aggregate her ambrosial pictures of her twins’ aboriginal altogether party, and we anon fell in love. It was a Friends altogether affair theme! Could that BE any cuter?! Samantha anticipation of some of the best means to absorb this nontraditional kid-themed television appearance into the absolute twins’ altogether bash! We adulation this abstraction so abundant that we appetite it for our abutting birthday. 🙂 Actuality are some Friends altogether affair account that the accomplished affair will adore!

How did you appear up with this altogether affair for your kids?

As crazy as it sounds, I had absolutely been cerebration about their aboriginal altogether affair back they were born! There are so abounding fun accompanying altogether themes. I was scouring all the accompanying amusing media groups I accord to for some ideas, but I couldn’t achieve on one. The day I chose the theme, I happened to be watching “Friends.” At the aforementioned time, my twins were arena together, and my babe accomplished over to accord her brother a toy she was holding. They are not great at sharing, so the action addled me, and I bethink thinking, “I achievement they are abutting accompany forever.” Again it hit me! I thought, “Why not accept their affair be a Best Accompany theme? They’ll adulation accepting a party, and I would adulation anything, Friends!”

You came up with so abounding abundant account to actualize an amazing altogether party! Area did you acquisition all of your adornment items?

I knew I capital a appealing busy ambrosia table. (I am a huge sweets fan.) And I capital that to be the focal point of the party. I’d additionally apparent so abounding abundant photos of these amazing airship arches, and I capital article like that.

Friends dessert table
Friends dessert table
Friends dessert table
Friends dessert

To advice me cull it all off, I formed with a aggregation alleged To the Moon Affair Planning. I had a few specific account (e.g., accepting my advanced aperture adapted into the iconic amethyst aperture with the frame), and she was absurd at authoritative aggregate happen.

Other capacity like the “I’ll be there for you ‘cuz you’re there for me too” banner and the orange couch photo bank backdrop and props were from Amazon and assorted Etsy shops.

One of my best accompany is an artist, and she created the Axial Advantage affiche that we afraid over our coffee bar.

Central Perk hand drawn sign

The twins’ rompers that read, “Could I BE any cuter?” were from Zulily and our ancestors shirts were all from Amazon. (How You Doin’? tee and Pivot tee)

Family dressed up for a Friends themed kids birthday party

We see that you alike put anticipation abaft the food. So amuse allotment what you did and any recipes!

This was so abundant fun! Already I had absitively on a big ambrosia bar, I aloof started cerebration of all these ideas. I knew I capital to accept mini trifles to account Rachel’s acclaimed bagatelle debacle, but we said they were vegetarian so Phoebe could eat them too.

Rachel's Trifles

We additionally had mini cheesecakes as a bung to the amazon that Rachel and Banker ate off the floor. We had amber dent accolade from “Phoebe’s grandmother: Neslee Tolhouse” and a big bowl of “Mocklat.”

Chandler and Rachel's cheesecake

Most of those treats, additional our absurd block and two accident cakes, came from an amazing bakery alleged Sugar from the Heart. They absolutely outdid themselves!

Friends birthday cake

We adulation your action for accompany and ancestors to participate in. How did you appear up with this beautiful idea? Can you allotment with us your affair action details?

I was dispatch to accomplishment their babyish books because I had a ambition to break on top of them for at atomic the aboriginal year! Lol! There are several bare pages against the back, and I anticipation it would be a abundant abstraction to amalgamate the abstraction of a bedfellow book and a anamnesis book by accepting the guests address a bulletin to the babies in their absolute babyish books. It angry out so great!

Signing baby books at birthday party

Another abstraction I had was to affectation their account advance photos, and I did that by accepting a little assurance that read, “Best ACCOMPANY back day one” and their pictures beneath it.

1 year olds birthday banner with pictures

How did your kids and your guests acknowledge to the Friends altogether party? What was everyone’s admired part?

When I aboriginal beatific out the invites, I anticipation I ability get some comments like, “What fabricated you accept that theme?” Or article agnate back it’s absolutely not a acceptable babyish theme. But to my surprise, I had so abounding agitative comments, and I anticipate that’s because it’s such a well-loved show. I anticipate the admired allotment of the affair was absolutely absolutely unexpected. At the aftermost minute, I ordered some bare “Hello, my name is” tags from Amazon and wrote all the above characters (including aliases) that I could anticipate of. Anybody from the capital 5 to Tag Jones, Emily Waltham, Dr. Drake Ramoray, Regina Phalange, and anybody in-between. I placed them all over, affectionate of like behemothic confetti, and they were meant aloof to be fun decorations. But bodies absolutely started putting them on, and it was amusing to see which characters bodies articular with.

What was your admired allotment of the Friends altogether party?

One of my admired genitalia was that my son fell comatose in the average of his affair and had to booty an abrupt nap break. Of course, those are the things you can’t plan for! But his accompanying sister captivated bottomward the affair while he adequate because she’s actually the added approachable of the two. And I actually ADMIRED watching them go to boondocks adequate their smash cakes, which were absolutely smashed! It was one of my admired days, with so abounding memories we will smile about for years to come.

Twin baby boy eating his Friends smash cake
Baby girl eating her Friends smash cake

What a fun and artistic altogether affair that will leave your guests talking about it for weeks! If you accept a altogether affair affair that you would like to share, accelerate us an email! We would adulation to allotment your afflatus with our amazing association of parents.

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