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First Trimester Tips from a Brittle Mama

pregnancyUpdated January 5, 2023 Opinion


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The aboriginal trimester is a rollercoaster of affections and experiences. It will absolutely accompany ups, downs, twists, and turns, whether it’s authentic action and joy, added hormones, morning sickness, or all-overs about accepting through the aboriginal 12 weeks. But anguish not, mamas-to-be! The first-trimester affection are conquerable, and you can attending advanced to bland sailing in the second trimester. As an assured mom who lives a advantageous life, here’s what to apprehend in the aboriginal trimester and my aboriginal trimester tips as a brittle mama.

The Cat-and-mouse Game

This applies to women who are actively aggravating to conceive. Whether we are peeing on ovulation sticks, befitting abutting clue to define our best abundant canicule or both, there’s a two-week aeon afterwards apperception area we charge wait. You can booty pregnancy tests (depending on the test) on the day of your absent aeon or the day afterwards for the best results. Actuality accommodating is difficult, abnormally if you’ve been aggravating to accept for antecedent months or are going through IVF. So what are we to do? Aloof wait, right? Not exactly.

We’re too aflame and afraid to see if this will be “the month.” So we Google early abundance signs and apprehension little out-of-the-ordinary nuances in our bodies. Abscessed breasts, for example. But again we ask, “Are my boobs abscessed because I’m accepting my aeon anon or abscessed because I’m pregnant?” We comedy this little academic bold with ourselves while we delay for the day we can booty a test. (For me, my clue aboriginal abundance assurance is an added faculty of smell.)

Pregnancy Analysis Surprise

Even if you’ve been actively aggravating to get pregnant, back you attending bottomward at that august abundance analysis assuming a absolute result, you still feel afraid and a little shocked. “It worked! We did it!”

Recently, I had to appearance my bedmate the analysis appropriate away. It was appropriate afore walking my 6-year-old son to school. With tears in my eyes, I said, “Babe, assumption what? It’s positive!” It took us three months of absolutely aggravating to accept babyish #2. (Our aboriginal babyish was a surprise. A admirable surprise.)

Processing Altered Emotions

Especially if your abundance wasn’t planned, and alike if it was, there’s a time back we action assorted affections afterwards award out the big news. With my aboriginal pregnancy, I thought, “Wow, I’m activity to be a mom. It’s absolutely happening.” To things like, “Oh, crap, I’ve been bubbler a lot of albino on this trip” (which, of course, at my first prenatal appointment, I begin out that the babyish will be absolutely accomplished as continued as indulgences stop as anon as you acquisition out).

Emotions of joy and action mix with animosity of anguish and wonder. Will my babyish be healthy? Can I do this? Area will we move to? (My bedmate and I lived in a flat accommodation in a high-rise building. Abundant for a adolescent brace in their 20s, but no allowance for a baby. We had to buy a abode afore my baby’s due date, which was absolutely the adventure.)

What will it be like to be pregnant? How can I accumulate my babyish and myself healthy? What comes next? Alike back I abstruse about my second pregnancy (totally planned), I still had to action the absolute result. You try to get pregnant, and again already it happens, it’s a bit surreal for a moment. Is this happening? Too backward to about-face aback now. Alike if these affections are fleeting, it’s accept to feel all of them. I absitively aboriginal in my aboriginal abundance not to anticipate about all the “what ifs” and not to worry. I accept that what we anguish about, we accompany about. Instead, I created a mantra and said it daily: “I’m so blessed and beholden for my advantageous and bland abundance and commitment to a advantageous and blessed baby.

Hush, Calm Time

You apperceive you are in your aboriginal trimester back aggregate about the pregnancy is “hush-hush” about added people. The risk of miscarriage decreases acutely afterwards the aboriginal trimester, so abounding parents-to-be adjudge to allotment the agitative account in the additional trimester.

For us, we absitively to do aloof that. We waited to allotment with accompany and continued ancestors until afterwards the aboriginal trimester, but there were a baddest few we aloof had to tell: our 6-year-old son, who knew we were aggravating to accomplish a baby, my mom, and my sister. My bedmate chose to acquaint his parents afterwards 12 weeks. It’s not accessible to wait, but it gives you time to anticipate of fun babyish gender acknowledge ideas. (Note: be able for some abutting accompany to assumption you are abundant if they apprehension your accepted bottle of wine or acicular seltzer is not in your duke at gatherings. That’s what happened to me!)

Your Aboriginal Prenatal Appointment

If it’s your aboriginal pregnancy, aggregate is a acquirements action for prenatal care. With my first, I bethink calling a acquaintance with bristles kids and asking, “What do I do now that I am pregnant?” She gave me abundant advice: Analysis and decide which hospital you want to bear at and again choose an OBGYN who delivers at that hospital. Best bodies accept a doctor and again charge bear at whatever hospital they are affiliated with. It’s accessible to ask added moms which hospital they acclaim and why. There are abounding bounded mom groups to tap into or ask your friends. Already you accept an OBGYN, alarm them and accomplish your aboriginal prenatal arrangement (usually, this is scheduled amid 8-12 weeks). And to get the best out of your aboriginal prenatal visit, adapt a account of questions.

Another abundant tip is to booty all medications and supplements to your arrangement – alike if they are accustomed – so your doctor can accept them during pregnancy. As a brittle mama, I was bubbler this accustomed slimming tea during the aboriginal trimester that helped me go to the bath added easily. Acceptable affair I brought it into my aboriginal appointment. This tea had an additive that could account contractions and pre-term labor. So I had to stop bubbler it. The argent lining was that I replaced this with chia seeds in baptize anniversary night afore bed, and I never had to go aback on that slimming tea.

Can’t Poop!

So, bethink back I said there’s a advanced ambit of adventures and affections during the aboriginal trimester? Well, here’s a not-so-good experience. Apologetic for TMI, but account allocution is a breeze afterwards accepting kids. Anyway, I went from actuality approved (going to the bath already a day) to activity every four canicule during my aboriginal trimester. Ugh! So why does this happen? The culprit is hormones – accurately progesterone.

Your anatomy makes added of the hormone progesterone back pregnant, abnormally in the aboriginal trimester. Ascent levels of this hormone can apathetic bottomward gut motility, which is how fast aliment and stool move through your abdominal tract. This arrest can advance to constipation or agitation casual a bowel movement. It may additionally beggarly you don’t accept as abounding bowel movements as normal.

It’s a abhorrent experience, abnormally if you are already decumbent to ache afore pregnancy. It’s capital to be proactive to advice your anatomy through it. My doctor told me to use stool softeners during my aboriginal pregnancy, which I did. They helped some and are accounted safe by the medical community, but afterwards accepting my aboriginal baby, we transitioned into a added holistic lifestyle. So with my additional pregnancy, I ample out accustomed solutions for ache that assignment for brittle mamas during their aboriginal trimester of pregnancy. Accumulate in apperception that my anatomy still has beneath bowel movements because my belly are still slower, acknowledgment to the hormones, so you may acquaintance the aforementioned too. Here’s what I do with a aerial accent on the chia seeds (I cannot go a day after these).

Morning Blooming Juice

Blending blooming abstract 30 account afore you eat aliment aboriginal affair in the morning helps get your digestive amplitude moving. Not alone because of the fiber, but sorbitol (a amoroso in fruits) is in abounding blooming abstract capacity and water. All of which advice get our digestive amplitude going. Benefit – the amber in the compound helps with nausea. Here’s my favorite, simple compound – my son loves it too!

  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup spinach
  • 1 angel (green apples are alike bigger for gut health)
  • ½ cucumber
  • 1 auto (peeled)
  • 1 inch/1 baby block of ginger

Eat Greek Yogurt Daily

Avoid Greek yogurts that are abounding of added sugar. As a brittle mama, these are some options that I acclaim during the aboriginal trimester and beyond! I adulation the Two Acceptable yogurts because they alone accept 2 grams of amoroso and aftertaste SO GOOD. Fage apparent Greek yogurt is addition cast I love. I like abacus a baptize of advantageous atom for a nice crunch. I begin this adorable atom by Rx Cereal: Boilerplate Almond. It has amber rice, almonds, attic seeds, and a blow of honey, with 11 grams of protein per serving. So I baptize some atom on my yogurt, add two teaspoons of chia seeds, and cut up some beginning bake-apple like strawberries – again mix it all. It’s a abundant bite or breakfast.

Another way to get Greek yogurt anniversary day is by bubbler a smoothie. I adulation authoritative chia drupe shakes, abnormally during morning affection – it helps with nausea. Cool accessible to accomplish and helps accumulate aggregate regular:

  • ½ arctic banana
  • ½ cup arctic berries
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  • ¾ cup almond milk (or added if too blubbery already blended)
  • a blow of agave or honey for advantageous sweetness
  • ice (if your bake-apple isn’t frozen)

Drink Chia Seeds Daily

Before bed, I will add three heaping teaspoons to a bisected cup of baptize and mix with a spoon. Afore they get mushy, I alcohol them bottomward (it takes assorted gulps). Alcohol chia seeds every night if you do alone one affair from this list!

Peak Achievement Cool Greens

Another affair that I do as a brittle astronomic every day during my aboriginal trimester is bubbler a beat of Super Greens by Aiguille Performance. Finally, there’s a cool greens crumb that tastes good! My doctor austere it for pregnancy, and it includes a fiber-and-digestive blend. It’s agnate to bistro 6-7 servings of blooming superfoods anniversary day as well, so this is addition acumen I alcohol it.


Eat foods with lots of fiber. We accept been bistro watermelon afterwards banquet for abounding weeks – one of my pregnancy cravings this time. It’s abounding of baptize and fiber. Cantaloupe, beans, accomplished atom bread, pasta, pears, broccoli, peas, amber rice, lentils, and added all accept abundant fiber.

Fruits and Veggies

My uncle consistently calls it “eating roughage.” Any raw fruits and veggies advice with abundant digestion. Absolute candy foods which is a acceptable abstraction anyway, while pregnant.

Watch Your Cheese Intake

Do you apperceive how adamantine cheese is to abrade off dishes? Well, brainstorm what cheese does to your insides. It binds things calm and clogs our system. There are abounding vegan cheese replacements, or you can skip the cheese altogether. I assets my cheese-eating for two occasions: back we eat pizza (I adjustment ablaze cheese) and during the holidays with ancestors (I cannot abide my mom’s bootleg cheeseball!). Oh, and chrism cheese on the casual bagel, but the tofu chrism cheese is tasty.

Drink Added Water

Aim for 80 – 100 ounces of baptize a day while pregnant, alike back you’re not pregnant. This absolutely will advice accumulate things moving.

Watch Your Adamant Intake

The aboriginal prenatal vitamins I took had too abundant adamant for my anatomy to handle. So I switched to Olly Pre-Natal Gummies. These formed abundant bigger for me and didn’t accomplish me nauseous. Of course, argue with your doctor about any concerns. So here’s what’s abutting on the account of first-trimester abundance symptoms:

Other Actual Changes

During the aboriginal trimester, your anatomy is activity through a amazing change. Some changes you may notice:3

  • Swollen boobs that feel abundant and tender
  • Noticeable veins on the breasts and the areolas are added prominent/darker
  • Urinating added generally (because your anatomy is bearing added blood, it causes your kidneys to aftermath added aqueous and ample your bladder)
  • Mood swings from added hormones
  • Morning affection – which deserves its own area by itself afterwards what I aloof went through
  • Heartburn
  • Fatigue
  • Clothes may alpha to feel tighter
  • Food cravings or aversions

Morning Sickness

This is the aboriginal acquaintance I anticipate of back I apprehend “the aboriginal trimester.” Aboriginal in your pregnancy, you can feel accomplished with about no change, but suddenly, one day, it hits you. The abhorrent activity can alpha to edge up and progressively worsen. Again can amble for weeks on end. Why does this happen? According to Stanford Children’s Hospital, “Increased levels of hormones to sustain the abundance may account ‘morning sickness.’ This is animosity of abhorrence and sometimes vomiting. However, morning affection does not necessarily appear aloof in the morning and rarely interferes with able diet for the mother and her fetus.1

It doesn’t appear to all women, though. I’ve had accompany that accomplished no morning affection at all. They say that morning affection agency that your anatomy is bearing the able hormones for your pregnancy, so while you feel sick, admonish yourself that morning affection is a assurance of a advantageous pregnancy. Actuality are some things you can do that can help.2

Immediately eat when you get up.

Have a cracker at your bedside. Some assured moms eat a cracker afore alike accepting out of bed. As a rule, I don’t eat white bread, but it was the alone affair that fabricated me feel better. So in the morning, I would acknowledgment bisected a bakery cycle with vegan cheese and a allotment of amoebic turkey. Already toasted, add vegan mayo.

Take your prenatal vitamins – the B vitamins.

I aloof waited until afterwards I was done accepting sick. Usually, afternoon time was safe.

Resting and lying down.

This is a given. You’re growing a babyish central of you. Accept to your anatomy and blow back you feel like you charge it.

Going for a airing and accepting beginning air.

Not alone is this acceptable for your concrete health, but it additionally aids in your brainy health.

Eat watermelon.

Not alone does it hydrate you, but it has vitamins to advice you feel better.

Boy or Girl?

Guessing the gender is a fun allotment of the aboriginal trimester. Of course, this is all fun, and there’s no audible way to acquaint if you’re accepting a boy or girl, but old wives’ tales and Chinese gender calendars are appealing neat.

The acceptable account is that award out if your little array is a boy or babe happens abundant eventually now. A simple claret analysis determines it in the aboriginal trimester. I asked my doctor how it worked. The medical association apparent that back a woman is pregnant, their claret will accept DNA from the placenta area the babyish is developing. So back the claret is activated from the mom, and there is a attendance of the Y chromosome, this agency the babyish is a boy (because there’s no way for a woman to accept a Y chromosome in her blood; Boys are XY and girls are XX). If there is no Y chromosome found, again it’s a girl.

So there you accept it – a account of what to apprehend in the aboriginal trimester, its abundance symptoms, and my aboriginal trimester tips as a brittle mama. Is there annihilation you would add to the list?

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