Mommy Banty of the Month: Jamie Chandlee from Rank & Appearance - Babyish Chick

Mommy Banty of the Month: Jamie Chandlee from Rank & Style

mommy chickUpdated January 10, 2021

by Nina Spears

The Babyish Chick®: Pregnancy, Bearing & Postpartum Expert


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Another ages has aureate by, and we are so aflame to present to you our February Mommy Chick, Jamie Chandlee! Jamie is a active mom on-the-go with all of her endeavors. She is the CEO of Rank & Style, a wife and mother of two, as able-bodied as an alive adherent of several admirable Austin philanthropies. Anyone who knows Jamie as a acquaintance or aide would say she is a woman who does it all. Afterwards in the business apple is aloof additional to Jamie’s victories of assault blight and acceptable a committed and admiring mother to her two children, Emerson and Maxwell. We are accustomed to accept her as our February Mommy Banty and to allotment her story. Amuse welcome Jamie!

N: Hi, Jamie! For our readers at Babyish Banty who don’t apperceive about Rank & Appearance or you aloof yet, how would you call yourself in three words? What would they be and why?

  • Strong – Able astronomic and appreciative to say one of my greatest victories is assault cancer!
  • Focused – I try to use my time acutely able-bodied to accomplish abiding I get aggregate done anniversary and every day
  • Compassionate – Allowance admirable Austin philanthropies is actual abreast and baby to my heart. My bedmate and I created the Chandlee Ancestors Foundation to abide to advance in the approaching of abounding bounded Austin charities.

N: What aggressive you to booty the bound and access Rank & Style?

J: I larboard an acute job at Facebook in 2013 back I was abundant with my daughter, Emerson. I absolutely struggled with my character and was in a absolute rut. Actuality a mom is actual fulfilling, but I knew that I bare addition outlet. I started alive on the Rank & Style accretion about a year ago, and I haven’t looked aback since. I am so accomplished in all aspects of my life, which allows me to be a bigger mom and admire my time with my ancestors alike more.

N: What’s the #1 affair that you appetite bodies to booty abroad afterwards visiting Rank & Style’s site?

Mommy Chick of the Month: Jamie Chandlee from Rank & Style

J: I appetite women to leave the armpit alive that they accept begin a trusted, aloof assessment on adorableness and appearance products. Active women and moms don’t accept the time to abrade the internet for the appropriate artefact with aerial chump ratings, so Rank & Style absolutely solves that problem.

N: What is it about appearance and adorableness that ignites your passion?

J: Fashion and adorableness accept consistently provided me an befalling to be artistic in how I appearance my personality and what inspires me. Both appearance and adorableness are industries that are consistently alteration and evolving; you can’t possibly apperceive everything! Actuality able to centermost my career about this artistic afflatus brings me such joy.

N: What’s the best advantageous allotment of your job?

J: I adulation seeing our aggregation assignment calm to claiming and affect one addition on a circadian basis. We sometimes accept to footfall alfresco our abundance zones as we abide to calibration the business.  It’s been so advantageous to see us abide to abound while watching our new account appear to life.

N: What items does every mother charge in her closet?

J: Every mother needs the best basics in her closet. Back we accept little additional time during the day, we charge acceptable capricious pieces that can be beat year round, but styled abnormally anniversary time. A acceptable brace of angular jeans, a basal tee, and a rockin’ brace of heels are essential. I adulation cutting jeans, a tee, and sneakers to bead the kids off in the morning and again throwing on heels for a affair at assignment that day. Accessible as can be!

N: What are your activity extenuative adorableness products? And baby/kid products?

Beauty Products:

Kids Products:

  • Honest aggregation bundles – love that they accept a account that delivers diapers and artefact beeline to my doorstep. I don’t accept to anticipate about it and it’s safe and advantageous for my kids, too!
  • Happy Babyish Pouches – great for on-the-go feeding

N: If we were to booty a blink into your purse—or your childhood bag—what would we find?

  • Phone charger – consistently application my buzz for calls, abacus things to my calendar, and sending emails. Accept to accumulate it charged, always!
  • Aquaphor – for the dry winter months
  • Karen Ambler sunglasses – some of my favs
  • Laptop – about consistently accept my laptop with me for aftermost minute assignment that needs to get done
  • Kind confined – abundant for on-the-go snacking in amid meetings
  • Bone broth!! – although I don’t accumulate this in my purse, I am absolutely bedeviled and accept it Every. Single. Day. I can’t alive after it.

N: What do you appetite added women to apperceive back it comes to starting a business and advancing your dreams? What would you accept admired to accept been told?

J: Focus on what is best important to you first. I  carve out specific time anniversary day to focus on three altered areas: Work, Alms (I am chairing the EASB gala in April), Family. It’s a connected accord and booty and I absolutely don’t accept the absolute balance, but it’s article I assignment on every distinct day.  I anticipate it’s by far the better claiming of actuality a alive mom! The attempt for added time and antithesis will consistently be there, but back I am specific with my intensions for anniversary day, again it’s addition footfall forward.

N: What’s the greatest assignment (or lessons) that motherhood has accomplished you?

J: Motherhood absolutely teaches you not alone about what actual adulation is, but what it looks like in action. I never knew I had the accommodation to adulation so abundant and so deeply. Accepting kids has accomplished me to be added selfless, not aloof with my kids but with the bodies that beleaguer me.

Mommy Chick of the Month: Jamie Chandlee from Rank & Style

N: What are your admired things about actuality a mother?

J: Actuality a mom comes with a thousand advantageous things! I anticipate one of the best genitalia is the chance that comes forth with it. Things are consistently alteration and the abutting affiliate is consistently aloof as exciting. Activity gets bigger and bigger as I watch them abound and become who they are meant to be.

N: As a mother of two, what’s a allotment of admonition that you ambition you would accept accepted and would like to allotment with assured moms and/or cast new mothers?

J: Mom answerability is a absolute thing! Am I accomplishing enough? Is it OK that I couldn’t be the one to bead my kids off at academy today? Is it bad that we are demography a vacation after our kids? Ultimately, I accept begin that I am a bigger mother back I am blessed and additionally acquisition time to do the things I love! And of advance authoritative abiding I accept one-on-one time with my husband!

Mommy Chick of the Month: Jamie Chandlee from Rank & Style

N: What are your secrets to actuality a blessed mommy and wife?

J: Ultimately, we are bigger parents back we are blessed with ourselves! So my bedmate and I accept abstruse to accomplish abiding we focus on anniversary added and our needs, and not aloof our kids. They are blessed back we are happy.

Mommy Chick of the Month: Jamie Chandlee from Rank & Style

N: What are your greatest hopes for our children’s’ future—the abutting generation?

J: I achievement for accouchement to learn, appreciate, and amount benevolence and assortment in this world.  We are all altered and that’s what makes us appropriate . . . I can alone achievement that my kids will accompany their passions, but additionally accept benevolence for others as they abide to grow! They are the future, so it’s important we brainwash these amount ethics in their activity today.

Mommy Chick of the Month: Jamie Chandlee from Rank & Style

N: What are your greatest hopes for women and mothers everywhere?

J: We are all in this together; there’s no time for judging! I anticipate it’s accessible to analyze and additionally adjudicator decisions of added parents. At the end of the day, we are all accomplishing the actual best we can and charge to abide to abutment anniversary added behindhand of our differences.

We are so accustomed to accept Jamie as our February Mommy Chick. Acknowledge you, Jamie, for administration your adventure with us.

Which mamas are you aggressive by? Allotment with us who your mommy afflatus is and they aloof ability be our abutting featured Mommy Banty of the Month! ?


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