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10 Aboriginal Signs of Pregnancy

pregnancyUpdated Advance 22, 2023

by Kirsten White, BSN, RN

Pediatric Nurse


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Trying to accept and abundance are abounding with so abundant waiting: cat-and-mouse to booty a abundance test, cat-and-mouse for your first ultrasound, and cat-and-mouse to accommodated your babyish face-to-face. From the moment you anticipate you may be abundant until you can affirm that with a absolute abundance test, you ability be hyper-sensitive to what is accident in your body. And you ability be analytical about what the aboriginal signs of abundance are.

The cat-and-mouse aeon amid accessible apperception and a accepted abundance is generally alleged the two-week wait. To annihilate time and absorb their minds during the cat-and-mouse phase, abounding women activate to “symptom-spot” or doubtable that every little ache ability beggarly they are pregnant.This ability accomplish you admiration what the aboriginal signs of abundance are. Back do these aboriginal abundance affection appear? And back can you apperceive for abiding with an authentic abundance test?

We will appraise and explain the signs of aboriginal pregnancy, with a timeline of back you ability apprehend them and back you can affirm they are pregnancy-related!

What Causes Abundance Symptoms?

Pretty abundant all aboriginal abundance signs can be attributed to hormones. At four weeks pregnant, your babyish is not abundant bigger than a atom of sand. Still, their attendance in your uterus is causing the abundance hormones like progesterone and animal chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) to skyrocket.2

These hormones arresting your anatomy to access up for pregnancy. Your uterus will charge to expand, your claret aggregate will increase, and your breasts will adapt for breastfeeding. Admitting your tiny antecedent absolute alone in a baby breadth of your womb, you ability acquaintance altered affection all over your body, all acknowledgment to hormones.2

When Do Abundance Affection Start?

When a fertilized egg implants into your uterine lining, it begins secreting hormones that can account symptoms. Article happens six to eight canicule afterwards ovulation or about a anniversary afore your absent period.3

Pregnancy signs can activate as anon as article occurs. These affection may access up in intensity, and new affection may pop up as time passes. The abundance hormone amenable for abounding symptoms, hCG, rises bound in aboriginal abundance and peaks about 10 weeks.4

What Are the Aboriginal Signs of Pregnancy?

Breast tenderness

Changes to your breasts are generally one of the aboriginal signs of pregnancy. Although breastfeeding is still far off, hormones are already at work, auspicious the assembly of milk glands. Your breasts may be bloated and feel added or fuller than usual. They may be acutely acute to the aboriginal touch, abnormally the nipple and areola. You may additionally apprehension that your areolas accept become darker, larger, and bumpier.5,6


The added activity demands on your body, from accretion breasts and uterus to added claret accumulation for the affection to pump, can account you to feel exhausted, alike aboriginal in pregnancy.5

Frequent Urination

Increased claret aggregate and claret breeze to your pelvic arena can account a common appetite to pee continued afore the babyish is big abundant to put burden on your bladder.5,7

Dizziness and Headaches

Hormone changes, added claret volume, and decreased claret burden during aboriginal abundance can account headaches and dizziness. If you acquaintance these symptoms, sit bottomward to anticipate casual out.7,8


Despite the name “morning sickness,” abhorrence during abundance can action at any time of day. Abounding women acquaintance abhorrence afterwards vomiting, but airsickness is possible, too. Although the account of abundance abhorrence is unknown, it is anticipation to be accompanying to hormones, so it generally resolves in the additional trimester, afterwards hCG levels activate declining.

Nausea can become a botheration if common airsickness causes aridity and electrolyte imbalances. Otherwise, it is aloof an afflictive and annoying aboriginal evidence that can accomplish it difficult to adumbrate your pregnancy!9

Food Cravings or Aversions

Certain foods you accept consistently admired may aback repulse you, which could tip you off that you may be pregnant. Anecdotally, abounding women address an aversion to meat, decidedly in the aboriginal trimester.

You may additionally crave acutely accidental or altered foods than usual. It is OK to allow in these cravings if you are abundantly nourished and they are aliment items, not things like adobe or clay, which can arresting a comestible deficiency.10,11

Metallic Taste

Along with cravings or aversions, some women address activity like they accept the aftertaste of a bread in their mouth, alike if they accept not eaten anything. This is because abundance hormones can change your faculty of aftertaste actual aboriginal in pregnancy. If it is bothersome, you can try acrid the brownish aftertaste with articulate hygiene, a saltwater-and-baking-soda rinse, or acerb foods like citrus and vinegar.12


Pregnancy congestion can activate aboriginal in the aboriginal trimester for some women, acceptable due to hormonal changes and added claret breeze and claret supply.7

Cramping and Spotting

When the fertilized egg implants in the uterus, this can account uterine cramping and ablaze vaginal bleeding. These affection can accomplish it assume like your aeon is coming, which can be confusing. This usually happens about the time of article or a few canicule afore your aeon is due.5

Missed Period

All these affection can accomplish you doubtable you ability be pregnant, but the admonition assurance of abundance is a absent period. If your aeon is due to access and never comes, this is your best adumbration to booty a abundance test.

When Can You Booty a Abundance Test?

Once your aeon is late, it is an accomplished time to booty a abundance test and get reliable results. You may get a absolute abundance analysis as aboriginal as nine canicule afterwards ovulating, but you may not apperceive absolutely back you ovulate. Abundance tests are 98 percent authentic by the day of your absent period.3

When To Alarm Your Doctor

As anon as you get a absolute abundance test, you can alarm your doctor to book your aboriginal prenatal appointment and maybe alike your aboriginal ultrasound! Abounding obstetric practices book out weeks or months in advance, so it is a acceptable abstraction to get on their agenda as anon as possible.

Depending on the convenance and your medical history, your provider may appetite to affirm the pregnancy, draw blood, and run some labs early.

Always acquaintance your doctor if you accept any abnormal or apropos symptoms. While light-headedness, vomiting, and vaginal bleeding can be accustomed aboriginal abundance signs, your doctor may appetite to aphorism out added apropos if these affection are severe. They may additionally be able to accomplish recommendations for techniques or medications to advice you administer these symptoms.

Speculating what aboriginal abundance signs ability beggarly (a new baby!) can be fun, but ultimately the best indicator of abundance is that absolute test. If you are experiencing signs of aboriginal abundance and doubtable you ability be pregnant, it is apparently time to booty an at-home abundance test. You may alpha experiencing affection about the aforementioned time you get that bifold blush line.

While abounding aboriginal abundance signs and affection are unpleasant, they about aiguille in the aboriginal trimester afore absolute and authoritative way for new affection in the additional and third trimesters. All these affection are acceptable signs that your abundance is advanced and your babyish is growing as it should.

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