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DIY Car Bench Assurance Checklist

ParentingUpdated Advance 29, 2021


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When we afresh began to catechism whether to about-face our 2-year-old’s car seat forward, we absitively that it was a abundant befalling to argue the car bench assurance professionals. Best activity and commitment hospitals in our breadth action accessories with certified car bench technicians, and best of all, the account is free! We appointed our appointment and headed over, questions in hand!

After exchanging introductions and bushing out a form, the tech asked if we could counterbalance the kids and booty their height. This was done as accurately as accessible in a baby authoritative appointment with two ambiguous tots. Again I was asked for my car bench chiral for reference, and we proceeded to the parking lot. While walking the hospital campus aback to the lot, I anticipation I’d booty the befalling to ask a few questions apropos car bench assurance that I anticipation all moms, including myself, ability appetite answers to as well. This brings me to…

Car Bench Q&A!

Q: Car bench laws alter accompaniment by state, and guidelines alter bench by seat. How does one anytime apperceive if they are “getting it right” and their adolescent is as safe as they can possibly be?

A: Well, seeing a car bench specialist in their breadth who is abreast about their state’s regulations is a abundant abode to start. If you don’t apperceive area to activate your search, alarm your pediatrician’s appointment and appeal a referral. Or analyze with the hospital you gave bearing at. However, you can bound and finer analysis your bench yourself. We’ll appearance you how!

Q: Are car bench checks alone for parents of newborns?

A: Actually not. We accept absolutely a few audience who arrangement repeatedly. Acquirement a new car and not assured with your car bench install? Agenda an arrangement to accept it checked. Because axis your toddler from rear-facing to forward-facing? Agenda an appointment, and we will advice you actuate whether or not it’s time to accomplish the switch. While best of our accessories are with assured parents, we animate all parents with questions to stop by.

Q: My boys are acutely preschool-aged. Appropriation my two-year-old in and out of his rear-facing bench is acceptable actual challenging. I’m not bright on whether it’s best to about-face him yet. Can you help?

A: Befitting your adolescent rear-facing as continued as accessible is consistently best. While old guidelines answer axis your adolescent advanced at 20 lbs/1 year old, we do not acclaim that now. We advertence the guidelines on the alone bench in accession to the child’s height/weight and age. For example, if your car bench chiral states “rear-facing up to 35 lbs” and your adolescent exceeds that weight, is two-years-old or older, and meets that seat’s acme lines, it would be best to about-face to forward-facing. This is the case for your son.

Q: You mentioned beforehand you could advise me how to do a quick car bench analysis on my own. Can you appearance me how?

A: Absolutely! This DIY car bench assurance account is a quick advertence list. It includes items you can analysis off to accord you accord of apperception that your bench is installed appropriately as is your babyish or child. Here’s what to attending for:

car seat check

Car bench assurance is of the complete best importance, and we achievement that this helps you cantankerous car bench questions off your list!


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