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DIY Birth/Baby Adumbration Box to Almanac Memories

diyPublished November 16, 2018

by Nina Spears

The Babyish Chick®: Pregnancy, Bearing & Postpartum Expert


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Those aboriginal moments back you get to see and hold your babyish for the actual aboriginal time are so precious. That aboriginal day and few weeks assume so continued yet such a blur. And back your baby can’t break little always you appetite to bethink him/her in those moments forever. And as they say, the canicule are continued but the years are short. So don’t you want to bottle those appropriate memories? I would anticipate so.

Well, article that I actually adulation (and that I’m hardly bedeviled with) is aback I’ve apparent my audience make shadow boxes of their baby’s things. It’s the cutest thing. Honestly, are you activity to bethink area you put these sweet mementos years bottomward the road? Their aboriginal hat, their babyish bracelet, the ultrasounds that you’ve saved, etc. The acknowledgment is apparently no. But if they are beautifully displayed for you and your ancestors and accompany to attending at and remember, it takes you aback to those amazing times that bound canyon by.

I apperceive that authoritative a adumbration box of your baby’s things isn’t article new, but I feel like abounding parents accept pushed this DIY activity to the side. Maybe you feel like it will booty too abundant time or that you’re not abiding about what all should go in it. Well, I’m actuality to acquaint you that this priceless activity should booty you beneath than an 20 account to complete (assuming you accept all of the memorabilia aural abutting reach) and it’s cool simple! So I’m activity to airing you through how YOU can accomplish your baby’s actual own birth/newborn adumbration box that you and your ancestors can adore for years to come.


  • Shadowbox
    • Here are some options from Target, and Walmart
    • It’s nice to aces a adumbration box that has acquainted on the accomplishments so you can calmly pin things to it. Best of them accept cardboard, which you could calmly awning with a beautiful bolt or black cardboard and again hot cement your items on there.
  • Double sided band / pins / hot cement / cement dots
    • You apparently alone charge one blazon of these; it aloof depends on what the accomplishments is and how able of a authority you need.
  • Baby’s mementos
DIY Birth/Baby Shadow Box | Baby Chick
DIY Birth/Baby Shadow Box | Baby Chick


1. Accumulate all of the items that you appetite to accommodate in your baby’s adumbration box.

  • If you’re not abiding what to put in your baby’s adumbration box, actuality are some ideas:
    • hospital ID bracelets for Mommy, Amoroso & Baby
    • baby’s footprints
    • ultrasound photos
    • baby’s aboriginal blanket
    • baby’s hat from hospital
    • pictures of that aboriginal day
    • baby’s bearing advertisement agenda that you accept or will accelerate out to ancestors & friends
    • baby’s bairn socks
    • baby’s umbilical bond (if that’s your thing)
    • your admired babyish onesie or their aboriginal onesie
    • baby’s aboriginal or admired appeaser (if he/she acclimated one)
    • a accounting almanac of the date and time your babyish was built-in and the acme and weight
    • Maybe alike the name of the hospital/birth centermost and the doctor/midwife and assistant that helped bear your baby. It’s air-conditioned to bethink who was with you on that appropriate day.

2. Align them the way you would like them to be displayed central the adumbration box aboriginal afore you alpha pinning and gluing them inside. You appetite to accomplish abiding that you will like the architecture and layout of everything. You additionally aloof ability anticipate of article abroad to accommodate back chief on the final look.

DIY Birth/Baby Shadow Box | Baby Chick
DIY Birth/Baby Shadow Box | Baby Chick
DIY Birth/Baby Shadow Box | Baby Chick

3. Get your adumbration box and the things that you are activity to use to abode your items deeply central (i.e., tape, pins, hot glue, or cement dots) ready. If the adumbration box has a acquainted back, you can use pins. If it’s a agenda pack, you can acquisition a altered actual to use for added of a architecture OR you can alike use baby’s aboriginal accouter absolute as the background. Cool sweet!

DIY Birth/Baby Shadow Box | Baby Chick

4. Alpha to pinning or gluing! AND THAT’S IT! Allotment of cake. 😉

This will absolutely become one of your admired pieces in your baby’s allowance and one day your child will adulation it too. Alive that you fabricated if for them will accomplish it that abundant added special.

Did you accomplish a adumbration box for your newborn? What did you add in yours?

DIY Birth/Baby Shadow Box | Baby Chick



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