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Defining Parenting Roles With Your Apron Afore Baby

ParentingUpdated October 15, 2021

by Quinn Kelly

Licensed Alliance and Ancestors Therapist


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So it’s a ages afore your new babyish is due to arrive and you and your accomplice are ready! You accept discussed and scrutinized every detail of your baby’s accessible life. And not aloof already but twenty times. You’ve discussed what name will best represent your baby’s personality, what affectionate of commitment you want, what childhood cast you accept is best, and you’ve alike discussed whether your babyish would account from actuality a vegan. But, accept you sat bottomward and discussed one of the best important topics: anniversary of your parenting roles?


Have you taken the time to altercate how you and your apron plan to antithesis your parenting duties already babyish comes? Or bigger yet, accept you discussed what parenting roles you accept are a father’s albatross against the mother’s, which is decidedly accordant if one accomplice is added acceptable in their viewpoints and addition is added egalitarian.

The Accent of Defining Parenting Roles

Well, this may assume unnecessary, but I affiance you it ability be one of the best important things that you and your accomplice can discuss—even added so than if your babyish should be a vegan. Because as admirable and bewitched as new babies are, they can add a lot of abrupt accent and change to a alliance or relationship—especially back you accept no beddy-bye in your system.

I will never balloon the day my best acquaintance alleged and told me how affronted she was with her bedmate for not allowance her in the night with the baby. She told me, “I’ve never been so balked with him before. He acclimated to never accomplish me mad. And now that I’m not accepting an ounce of sleep, I appetite to bandy a babyish toy at him.” I couldn’t advice but beam at the course of the situation. However, it aloof shows why demography time to allocution about things before the bearing of babyish is useful!

So actuality are some tips for accepting started with this discussion. Sit down. Get comfy. And accessible to talk. Try not to be arresting with one addition but instead booty a acquirements attitude in your responses to one another. The aftermost affair you appetite to do is accomplish your accomplice feel like their thoughts are wrong.

Step 1: Ascertain What You Witnessed as Accustomed Growing Up

Ask anniversary added what roles you witnessed in your own ancestors for a mom’s role against a dad’s role. Our own ancestors acquaintance is what defines our faculty of normal. And whether we apprehend it or not, we generally charm those roles. But if you disagree with the way your parents did things in parenting, you accept to be advised about alteration them.

Answer questions like this:

  • Do you accept men and women appropriately allotment the role of childrearing? If yes, why? If not, why? (This catechism is huge in accepting astute expectations set aboriginal on!)
  • If not, are there assertive things that alone a Dad does?
  • Are there assertive things that alone a Mom does?
  • Are roles adjustable based on affairs or rigid? Meaning, if one ancestor has been up all night with baby, does the added artlessly footfall up to laundry and affable alike if that hasn’t been their acceptable role? Or do you feel that no amount what is activity on, it is consistently the father’s role to booty out the trash, etc.?

Step 2: Allocution Through Your Expectations For Your Own Family’s Roles


Now that you’ve discussed what you saw as accustomed growing up allocution through what YOUR expectations are with your family. Are there things you admired about the way your ancestors did things? Are there things that you disagree with too? This is a abundant time to allocution through these things and get on the aforementioned folio with your partner, abnormally if you apprehend some things to go a assertive way! Because unmet expectations can advance to frustration.

If your bedmate comes from a added egalitarian family and you are from a added acceptable family, you charge to altercate expectations. “I do not feel you charge to get up with the babyish in the night if I am breastfeeding because I would rather accept you adequate to let me beddy-bye the abutting day.” Against “I actually appetite you up in the night with me the aboriginal few weeks we appear home because activity your abutment is important to me alike if the babyish aloof needs me.”

Step 3: Altercate How You Would Handle Arduous Circumstances


As new parents, you may not apperceive all of the genitalia of parenting a baby, but you accept some abstraction of what to expect. Actuality are some accepted challenges to apprehend that are important to allocution through:

Is there annihilation you anticipate will be abnormally adamantine on this list? If your bedmate says to you, “I do not appetite your mother’s ascribe on how to booty affliction of our baby. I appetite you and I to amount it out.” This is important to apperceive beforehand, abnormally if your mother is planning to appear and break with you for two weeks!

Or if your bedmate says, “I anticipate the babyish should beddy-bye in her bassinet from day one,” and you were planning to accept her in a rock-n-play in your room, this is a acceptable affair to discuss. You ability appetite to accommodate and say, “If that is important to you, again I charge you to get up and accompany her to me every time she cries because I don’t appetite to accept to leave the allowance continually.”

Communicating back things are not in the calefaction of the moment allows for bigger accommodation and hopefully beneath battle already babyish comes! It is absurd to make an exact plan until you’re in the blubbery of it, but any bulk of brainy alertness helps. So booty some time in the abutting few weeks to go over some of these things. You won’t affliction it!


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