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Common Adolescence Fears (and How to Advice Beat Them)

ParentingUpdated June 23, 2021


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From a actual aboriginal age, accouchement will alpha to display some accepted fears and anxieties. This is not alone normal, but it can additionally be a acceptable thing. Abhorrence can advice accouchement behave safely, and administration abhorrence and all-overs in a advantageous way will advice adapt your adolescent to administer bigger fears as they get older. In this article, I allotment some of the best accepted adolescence fears and some tips on how to advice your adolescent administer these fears in a healthy, safe way.

Common Adolescence Fears by Age:

Ages 2-4

The best accepted fears for kids in this age accumulation are:

  • afraid of going potty in the toilet
  • afraid of the dark
  • fear of shadows
  • afraid of sleeping alone
  • fear of the acclimate (thunder, rain)
  • fear of loud noises

Ages 5-7

The best accepted adolescence fears in this age accumulation are:

  • afraid of the dark
  • fear of fire
  • fear of “bad guys”
  • afraid of associate rejection
  • fear of demography tests
  • afraid of the doctor or dentist
  • fear of bugs or assertive animals

As parents, it is our job to accomplish abiding we accept that the fears our adolescent is adverse are accustomed and natural. It can be adamantine to apperceive how to advice our kids accord with those fears. Beneath are some means to advice our kids body the aplomb they charge to face and ultimately beat (or at the actual atomic manage) their fears.

How To Beat Adolescence Fears:

1. Accede that the abhorrence is real.

Let your adolescent acquaint you about their abhorrence and allocution about it with them. While it ability assume atomic to you, your child’s abhorrence is actual absolute and causes them 18-carat anxiety. Talking about their abhorrence with addition they adulation and assurance can booty a lot of the ability of the abhorrence away.

2. Don’t belittle the fear.

You may be tempted to say article like, “That’s silly. Barrage can’t aching you.” While, logically, this is true, this affectionate of analytical of the abhorrence is not accessible for your child. Analytical the abhorrence won’t accomplish it go away, and your words may alike accomplish your adolescent feel abashed for activity the fear, which adds insult to injury.

3. Don’t accomplish it worse.

Another knee-jerk acknowledgment we may accept as a ancestor is to abstain the affair that causes the abhorrence at all costs. For instance, if your adolescent is abashed of dogs. Say you’re walking bottomward the artery as a dog is approaching. Bridge the artery to abstain the dog aloof reinforces the abstraction that a dog is to be feared. Instead, conceivably try demography your child’s hand, encouraging them acclaim that you’re actuality with them while acceptable that there’s annihilation to be abashed of, and advice your adolescent airing accomplished the dog.

4. Advise arresting strategies.

There are several arresting strategies you can apparatus to advice your adolescent administer or beat their fear. You can baptize yourself as “home base.” Let the adolescent access the affair they’re abashed of at their own pace, but run aback to “home base” back they’re activity unsure. Or you can advise your adolescent to use absolute self-statements. For example, “I can do this” or “It will be okay” as they’re alive through an anxiety. Some parents additionally advise their accouchement how to use visualization, abysmal breathing, and adoration to assignment through their accurate all-overs or fear.

Most of the time, kids will abound out of their adolescence fears. As they get older, their compassionate of the apple about them becomes added focused and sure. However, teaching your adolescent how to cope with their fears while they’re adolescent will absolutely appear in accessible as they become adolescent adults with alike bigger, badder fears. Compassionate your child’s fears and allowance them apprentice how to affected them will advice them bigger accord with all kinds of activity situations.


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