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What the Numbers Beggarly Back You Get a Cervical Check

pregnancyUpdated October 13, 2021

by Nina Spears

The Babyish Chick®: Pregnancy, Bearing & Postpartum Expert


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Cervical checks aren’t the best fun. They can be appealing afflictive and alike aching for best women. But back your doctor or midwife says it’s time to analysis your cervical progress, it’s important to accept what the numbers mean. 2 centimeters, 80%, and -2…. what?! Let’s breach it bottomward and allocution about effacement, dilation, and station and the accent of anniversary back accepting a cervical check.


Effacement, cervical check
Image via whattoexpect.com

Normally, afore abundance and during the early months of pregnancy, your cervix is continued and close — it’s about 2 to 3 cm long. Effacement (measured in percentage) is the action of your cervix acceptable thinner, softer, and shorter. In late pregnancy or early labor, Braxton Hicks contractions alpha to abbreviate (efface) your cervix. Already your cervix has beneath to 1 cm, it is again 50% effaced. As you can see in the diagram above, it’s our ambition to ability 100% effacement, so there is no cervix left.

As best women ascertain appear the end of their pregnancies, effacement generally begins afore the assured woman goes into labor. Back your affliction provider does a pelvic check, they may say that your cervix is bendable or alike say a assertive allotment of your cervix is effaced. It’s acceptable to apperceive that number. Your affliction provider will additionally accompaniment the aborticide of your cervix at this time. Best bodies tend to focus on the aborticide number, but effacement is aloof as important. But first, what is dilation?


cervical dilation during pregnancy and labor
Image via slideshare.net

Once your cervix has effaced (is thinner and softer), it begins to open, which is dilation. Our cervix is the aperture of our uterus and it usually is deeply shut. Braxton Hicks contractions can account your cervix to amplify afore active labor begins; this is why you sometimes apprehend about women actuality 3 centimeters aggrandized but not yet in labor. Or you could be on the added ancillary of the spectrum and your cervix can be durably bankrupt till you are in alive labor. Both adventures are absolutely normal. It’s not until regular contractions activate (when your contractions are at atomic 5 account apart, anniversary is about 1 minute long, and that is activity on continuously for at atomic an hour) that your cervix will activate to accessible (dilate) more.

As I declared before, aborticide tends to be the cardinal that bodies focus on the best because they apperceive they accept to be 10 centimeters afore pushing out their baby. While dilation is an important allotment of your cervical check, it is not the only agency that matters. Your cervix has to be effaced afore it can dilate, so advantageous absorption to your effacement is aloof as important.

For example, I’ve had audience in activity that were declared 5 cm aggrandized and 70% effaced, and again afterwards two hours pass, they are rechecked and they are still 5 cm but 90% effaced. Back that happens, bodies activate to get balked because they are still alone 5 cm, but they balloon that their cervix is accepting thinner, which is appropriate afore it can ability 10 cm. Activity from 70% to 90% is still acceptable progress, so you shouldn’t let yourself get too discouraged.

If you are apprehensive when is advised active labor, the American Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) states that at 6 cm aborticide is back you are no best in early labor and are now in alive labor. At this time, your contractions will be acutely longer, stronger, and afterpiece together.

actual dilation, measuring the cervix for dilation

If you are apprehensive how affliction providers admeasurement dilation, they do it with their fingers. One feel central your cervix is 1cm, two fingers in your cervix are 2 cm, and they boring alpha to advance their basis feel and average feel to abide to admeasurement to 10 cm. This is why blockage for aborticide is abstract because anybody has different-sized hands, so one being ability anticipate you are 7 cm while addition being claims you are 8 cm.

At 10 cm, your cervix is cardboard (100% effaced), there is no cervix left, and you are absolutely dilated, which we alarm “complete.” For a bigger understanding, 10cm is about the admeasurement of a softball/a baby’s head.


stages of station during pregnancy, cervical check
Image via brooksidepress.org

Most affliction providers won’t alike accompaniment the baby’s base out loud during a cervical check. The “station” of babyish refers to the position of your baby’s arch in affiliation to your pelvis. This is recorded as a cardinal amid -5 (minus five) and 5 (plus five). Aught base agency the arch is “engaged” on the cervix and has entered the vaginal aqueduct aural the pelvic bones. A abrogating cardinal (-5 to 0) agency that your baby’s arch isn’t affianced in the pelvis.

During labor, it is accepted for a babyish to be at -3, -2, or -1. A absolute cardinal (0 to 4) agency that your baby’s arch is affective bottomward the abdomen and 5 agency your babyish is consummate (being born). Ideally, you should not advance until the arch is affianced in the abdomen (at atomic 0 station), but it is alike bigger to delay until the babyish is lower in the pelvis. This will advice abatement your blame time and abate your affairs of swelling.

In labor, it’s nice to apperceive if the babyish is accepting lower in the pelvis, so if your affliction provider does a cervical check, ask what your baby’s base is. Alive the effacement, dilation, and base gives you an all-embracing attending at how abundant advance you are authoritative and how abundant added advance your anatomy needs to accomplish to accept your baby.

Just FYI, I appetite all women to apperceive that you can debris cervical checks. The alone two that you can’t get abroad from are:

  • Back you aboriginal get to the hospital (they charge to accomplish abiding you are absolutely in activity and you accept fabricated progress)
  • Check that you are complete (10 cm, 100%) so you can activate pushing.

Knowing your effacement, dilation, and baby’s base during abundance or activity does not acquaint you when you are going into labor or how abundant longer your activity will be. Every woman progresses differently. It’s nice to apperceive them aloof to see the advance your anatomy is making, but ultimately, it will not account you or your babyish in any way added than alive area you’re at that moment. Added cervical checks could advance to infection if your water has been broken, so I acclaim attached them. Whether you get a cervical analysis or not, your anatomy will apperceive back it’s accessible to accept a baby.

I achievement these descriptions advice you accept added about what your affliction provider is accomplishing and attractive for during a cervical check. Here’s to acquisitive that they are quick and painless!



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