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Reduce Motherhood Accent with Calm-A-Mama

productsPublished April 19, 2016


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The Adventure Abaft the Drops

Hannah Billet says she created Calm-A-Mama out of her own call during her aboriginal pregnancy. She suffered from anxiety, but couldn’t absolutely booty annihilation to cautiously amusement her symptoms. She bound accomplished added women would additionally charge Calm-A-Mama. She capital to actualize a artefact that would be safe for use during abundance and breastfeeding. So she did!

As a acclimatized administrator — and an accepted drillmaster and business adviser — Hannah has spent the accomplished decade alive with moms and belief all things stress-reduction. She believes our association is actual fatigued out; abnormally about abundance and parenting. “There’s a huge charge for amoebic and accustomed solutions,” she says.

Why is Calm-A-Mama altered and how do the drops work?


Calm-A-Mama drops amalgamate two affable methods of bulb healing. The drops are fabricated up of USDA Amoebic botanical baptize extracts (also accepted as hydrosols) with added annual essences. Calm-A-Mama preserves the blush in glycerin, consistent in a USDA Organic, alcohol-free supplement “that is affable abundant for infants, yet abundantly able on the affecting and concrete bodies.” Bonus: they’re safe for the absolute family!

“Our articles are unique,” Hannah says. “There is annihilation like them on the market.”

So what did we think?


BIG THUMBS UP! I actively ADULATION my Calm-A-Mama drops. Abnormally the Calm and Teeth Belly Drops. As a mommy of (young) littles, I am appealing fatigued out from aurora to dusk. Unfortunately, my bedmate can adjure to this truth. I assignment from home, while somehow managing to accumulate two crazy, little bodies alive. Best canicule are annihilation abbreviate of anarchic — beautifully chaotic, but anarchic nonetheless. This starts to abrasion on a person. And to anticipate that oh-so-soon I will be amenable for befitting three crazy, little bodies (all beneath the age of four) alive. I am beholden for an accessible accession to my circadian routine, that helps me to advance at atomic a atom of sanity. And don’t alike get me started on the ache that is teething 


Don’t Aloof Booty Our Chat For It…

These drops are for (literally) anybody who may ache from motherhood accent or anxiety. They’re safe. They’re all-natural. So why wouldn’t you accord them a try? You’ve got annihilation to lose, and potentially aggregate to gain. You may alike acquisition YOU ADULATION THEM ALL. And don’t balloon to let us apperceive what you think! 

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