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5 Tips for Bringing Home Twins to Your Toddler

multiplesUpdated Baronial 19, 2021

by Joanna Navarrete

Twin Mom


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I accept the best difficult affair parents with an earlier adolescent attempt with is how to accord the aforementioned absorption to their earlier adolescent now that two babies crave their abounding time and energy. Aggravating to keep course and consistency is abundantly important for an earlier sister or brother to feel as admired as ever. Befitting activity accustomed to them, admitting the absoluteness of our new family, is key for our firstborns. Actuality are a few tips that will advice cross new activity with twins 1!

1. Ability Amid Siblings

One of the abounding things we did to adapt our earlier babe for her ancestors was to go to the toy abundance and accept her aces article for anniversary of the twins! It can be actually annihilation they appetite as continued as they get to aces it. The pride they booty in alive she chose article for babyish brother and sister was beautiful! I accept this helped to tame resentment for the two new little bodies advancing into her life. She acquainted appreciative and endemic it. It additionally fabricated her absolutely aflame to accommodated them back the day came because she couldn’t delay to give them the allowance she chose!

On the aforementioned token, we got our earlier one a allowance from them as a “we are so blessed you are our Big Sister” gift! We waited for the allowance barter to be at the hospital the aboriginal time they would meet. She was so excited, happy, and appreciative to accommodated her brother and sister and allowance them her presents.

2. Mommy’s Helper

This was abnormally important for me to accommodate my earlier adolescent in aggregate I was accomplishing with the babies. I fabricated her feel like she was my abettor allowance to affliction for the abundance of her siblings. She was all too acquisitive to help, which abounding my heart. She helped me adhere the childhood tabs, get the wipes, aces their pajamas, sing them songs, augment them a bottle, apprehend them a book, advance the stroller, and comedy with them while accomplishing tummy time, aloof to name a few.

My babe was absolutely my added hand, as I was with all three from the get-go as bedmate had to go aback to assignment a anniversary later. She became my little accomplice with the babies, and there was article so abating and breakable in the adulation and affliction she showed. To this day, 4 years later, my earlier one is a little mommy, consistently caring for her ancestors and authoritative abiding they are cared for with adulation and compassion.

3. One-On-One Time

Trying to antithesis aggregate you charge to achieve with 3 babies beneath 3 can be overwhelming. Aggravating to carve out time for one-on-one time with the earlier adolescent seems absolute impossible! Amidst the sleep deprivation, the amaranthine bedraggled laundry, the attempt amid showering and eating, sitting for a moment with that earlier baby, alike if it’s 5-10 minutes, is acute for them and you.

If you accept help, again it may be a bit easier for bonding one-on-one. But if you don’t, you may still find 5 minutes anniversary time babies are comatose to sit and apprehend a book. Annihilate two birds with one bean and go shower with an earlier baby, sit bottomward and accept a bite or meal aloof the two of you, or booty a quick nap snuggling on your firstborn. It doesn’t crave abundant time for you to accomplishment those circles of access with your earlier one. But I awful acclaim authoritative it a addiction because as they all get older, those few and quiet moments aloof the two of you will be added difficult to find.

Having alone time will be important to accumulate some affectionate of course throughout the transition. This alone time is important with Dad, too. This can be an befalling for Dad to do ablution time or bedtime with the earlier babyish while Mom tends to the twins for the bedtime feeding. This will advice the earlier adolescent reconnect with Dad afterwards a continued day and accord Mom some time with aloof the twins.

4. Refocus Attention

This was decidedly important with accompany and ancestors back they came over to visit. Anybody was above aflame to appear by to see the babies! But I consistently asked them to accomplish a big accord about my earlier one actuality a Big Sister. They asked how she has been allowance and fabricated chat with her rather than aloof advancing in to see the twins. My anticipation abaft this was that she was actuality first, and we approved to accumulate activity as accustomed as accessible through her eyes. The babies wouldn’t apperceive any altered who was there to visit, they’re asleep, but my earlier one will absolutely notice. I didn’t appetite her to feel additional abode afterwards she had been cardinal one for so long.

As parents, we are actual acquainted of our children’s feelings, but the alfresco apple may not be (and not intentionally, of course). I acquainted it was my job to advice my babe not feel set abreast because of her siblings, possibly causing acerbity appear that ancestors affiliate or acquaintance that came over. I capital to be compassionate to her appearance and animosity of her new reality. 

5. Enlisting Help!

Having advice is consistently a ambition with any parent, but added so with 3 kids! This advice can be anyone from our partner, grandparents, and ancestors associates to a postpartum doula, a mommy’s helper, babysitter, or nanny.  As you become a ancestor of one to three overnight, advice is abundantly accepted and welcomed!

Any advice can affluence your amount off the amaranthine agitation list! This advice from ancestors and caregivers can booty an earlier adolescent to the park, after-school activities, play-dates, or alike aloof out for ice cream! They may additionally advice about the abode aloof befitting earlier one entertained by playing, acclimation them a meal or a snack, or aloof accepting them bathed and tucked in bed. This will be an immense help, as mom will accept two little ones that crave abundant of her activity and time for feedings and changes.

This advice may additionally be an befalling for Mom to leave babies in the affliction of addition abroad to booty a bit of time for that earlier adolescent and herself. This may be to booty them to ballet or soccer convenance for an hour or aloof to do a quick assignment aloof the two of you. However, you will use that help, acceptable it and ask for it, as activity has aloof gotten a bit trickier to ancestor 3 at once!


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