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Breastfeeding With Collapsed or Astern Nipples…Is It Possible?

breastfeedingPublished Baronial 26, 2021

by Meg Nagle



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Breasts and nipples appear in all shapes and sizes. It’s not aberrant for us to anguish during abundance if we anticipate article is a bit “funky” about our nipples, breasts, or areolas that ability affect feeding. I am actuality to assure you that breastfeeding with astern or collapsed nipples is possible!

The admeasurement of your breasts does not announce whether or not you can make abundant milk. It is additionally accurate that the appearance and admeasurement of your nipples are not an indicator of whether or not your babyish will be able to latch. For abounding babies, they’ll be able to latch on to aloof about any nipple behindhand if they are astern or not. However, if your babyish appears to be disturbing a bit because of your nipple, there are some tricks that you can try to advice your babyish latch on.

Breastfeeding With Collapsed or Astern Nipples

You can acquaint that you accept an astern nipple by accomplishing a “pinch” test. You aloof acclaim columnist your areola (the breadth about your nipple) to see if it becomes erect. If it doesn’t, again you accept a “flat” nipple. If it retracts (goes back) into the areola or makes a biconcave appearance then, it’s inverted. But if your nipple absolutely does blow out during the compression test, again it’s not absolutely inverted.

Types of astern nipples:

Firstly, let’s awning the altered types of astern or “flat” nipples.


A biconcave nipple is back your nipple is partially protruding. So it’s not absolutely collapsed or inverted, but it’s additionally not absolutely out. And back you cull it out, it does not break out.


This is back one breast has an astern or collapsed nipple.


This is area it gets a little added circuitous in the description. You can accept a “slight” astern nipple, a “moderate” astern nipple, or “severe” inversion.  Unless your babyish has issues with their blot or is premature and actual asleep or weak, best babies will accept no agitation latching assimilate a hardly astern nipple. If your nipple is moderately or acutely inverted, again your babyish ability accept agitation latching on.

Can I adapt my nipples for breastfeeding?

So what to do if you’re abundant and apperceive you accept an astern or collapsed nipple? Basically nothing. There is an altercation amid bloom affliction professionals about whether or not “preparing” astern nipples (trying to get them to stick out) is absolutely bare or beneficial. Hormones advice accomplish the mother’s nipples stick out artlessly during abundance anyway. There is no acceptable affirmation accessible to abutment the abstraction that women charge to adapt their nipples in any way. However, it’s consistently acceptable to be able if your babyish has some trouble, so you’re accessible for any challenges!

How can I advice my babyish latch assimilate my nipples?

It’s consistently acceptable to be over-prepared rather than under-prepared. Actuality are some things you can do back your babyish arrives to advice if they are accepting trouble. No amount what you try, it’s ideal to seek advice from an IBCLC, abnormally if you are application a nipple absorber or breast shell.

  • Make abiding you are accepting the centermost latch possible. Analysis shows that the “laid-back” breastfeeding position or baby-led self-attachment generally leads to the best latch (Colson 2012). Get into a semi-reclined position on the couch or your bed and put your babyish on your chest with their aperture abreast your nipple.
  • Many accessories and online assets advance that women consider application a breast carapace (not a shield, but a shell) afore agriculture to accomplish their nipples protrude. However, analysis is alloyed on this, and some accessories appearance no aberration amid outcomes amid the bodies who acclimated them and those who didn’t (Hediger & Koenig 2020).
  • Use a breast pump or silicone pump to advice accompany your nipples out a bit appropriate afore your babyish feeds.
  • Roll your nipple amid your fingers afore feeding. This can advice beetle your nipple afore feeding.
  • Push your areola back (with your deride on top and three fingers on the bottom). This can advice beetle your nipple afore babyish latching.
  • Use a nipple absorber to advice your babyish latch. As an IBCLC, I would advance addition do “all of the things” aboriginal and alone use this as a aftermost resort! This is because application a absorber agency you’d accept to again wean your babyish from the shield, so it’s best to use this after you’ve approved the added suggestions first.

Three Tips for Accepting the Best Latch

Here are some absolutely important things to bethink to put yourself in the best position accessible for getting the abundant latch:

1. Adhere out skin-to-skin as abundant as accessible 24/7.

Skin-to-skin encourages common breastfeeds and allows you to aces up on aboriginal agriculture cues, which can absolutely advice back you’re aggravating to latch your babyish on easily.

2. Try baby-led self-attachment.

This is area you get into a above position, put your babyish on your chest appropriate at your nipple and let them self-attach. Analysis shows that this is a abundant way to alpha back you aboriginal try agriculture your baby, and for many, it continues to be the best way to latch alike as time goes on. This is because it allows your babyish to hone into their own instincts while you can additionally advice them a bit and still abutment them if needed.

3. Seek advice as anon as accessible if you’re struggling!

If you accept any apropos about your baby’s latch, milk intake, or annihilation else, accomplish abiding to seek advice from an International Lath Certified Lactation Adviser (IBCLC) as anon as possible.

Colson S. (2012). Biological Nurturing: the above breastfeeding revolution. Midwifery today with all-embracing midwife, (101), 9–66.
Hediger, L., & Koenig, K. (2020). Are nipple shells and Hoffman’s contest able antenatal treatments for convalescent breastfeeding success in women with astern nipples? Evidence-Based Practice, 23(9), 34–35.


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