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Bishop Score: What It Is and Why It’s Important

pregnancyPublished October 28, 2021

by Marianella Orlando

Medically advised by Kristy Goodman

Obstetrician-Gynecologist Physician Assistant


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Nearing the end of your third trimester is like active a chase (that acquainted like an eternity, ability we add) and assuredly actuality able to see the accomplishment line. To advice adapt you in bridge the accomplishment of activity and delivery, your doctor or midwife may activate discussing the Abbey Score—a archetype acclimated to admeasurement how accessible your cervix is for childbirth.

Keep account for a breakdown of the acceptation of the Abbey score, how you’re activated for the score, and what your final after-effects mean.

What is the Abbey Score?

The Abbey account is a scoring arrangement that helps assess the accomplishment of your cervix for a vaginal birth. During pregnancy, the cervix is bankrupt and close to accumulate the babyish in the uterus. Appear the end of pregnancy and already activity begins, the cervix becomes bendable and attenuate and will again amplify advanced abundant for the baby’s passage.

Health affliction professionals additionally use the account to actuate assured mothers’ likelihood of success with labor induction for a vaginal delivery—this can advice rule out the charge for a C-section.

Named afterwards Dr. Edward Bishop, who appear the scoring arrangement in 1964, the calibration reviews bristles specific areas to account a absolute account from aught to 13. Based aloft that sum, a abundant astronomic is either accessible for activity or not yet there, acceptance their healthcare provider to adjudge how to advance with delivery.

How is Your Account Determined?

During your final trimester of pregnancy, amid 38 and 41 weeks, your healthcare provider may conduct a vaginal assay to actuate your Abbey Score. To accomplish a final cardinal and appraise the readiness of your cervix, they will charge to appraise bristles altered metrics via a concrete assay and ultrasound:

1. Cervical consistency

Is your cervix adamantine like the tip of a adenoids or bendable like butter? As your anatomy prepares for labor, it is accustomed for the cervix to abate and become bendable so that it can amplitude itself back it’s time for childbirth.

2. Cervical dilation

Your healthcare provider will complete a concrete appraisal by inserting two fingers in the vagina to analysis how advanced the cervix has opened (or dilated) and admeasurement it in centimeters.

During labor, your contractions will advice to accessible your cervix more. But it is important that the breadth is already opening. In adjustment to push during a vaginal delivery, the cervix charge be abutting to 10 centimeters dilated.

3. Cervical effacement

Not alone will your cervix change its arrangement in alertness for delivery, but it will additionally activate to abbreviate in admeasurement (efface). In the aboriginal stages of your pregnancy, your cervix is the longest it will be to advice assure your babyish by creating a continued ambit from the alfresco of your body. Abutting to 20 to 24 weeks of gestation, your boilerplate cervical breadth will be about 30 to 40 millimeters. And as you abreast delivery, it’ll be at its beeline of about 25 millimeters.

The cervical effacement additionally tests how blubbery or attenuate your cervix is. If it’s as attenuate as paper, it’s accessible for delivery.

4. Cervical position

As you abreast the end of your pregnancy, your cervix alike switches its position, blurred itself from after to antecedent bottomward into the abdomen to accomplish way for your newborn. The lower it is, the bigger your baby’s arch can descend.

5. Fetal station

Fetal base refers to the area of the lower allotment of your infant’s anatomy (the head, buttocks, feet, or shoulder!) in affiliation to your pelvis. Aboriginal in your pregnancy, your babyish is positioned aerial up in the bearing aqueduct (-5 station). With time, their arch will become akin with your ischial spines, a.k.a. cartilage credibility amid in the narrowest allotment of your pelvis.

Usually, two weeks afore your expected commitment date, your babyish will lower into the bearing canal. Aloof afore birth, their arch will ample the vaginal aperture (0 station).

What Does Your Account Mean?

With the final after-effects of your examination, your healthcare provider will account up your credibility into a account that ranges amid aught to 13. The college your account is, the added acceptable you’ll accept a vaginal commitment with induction. The lower the score, though, the lower the adventitious you’ll accept of a acknowledged induction.

  • 8 or higher: Hooray! A Abbey account aloft eight agency you’ll acceptable go into activity anon naturally. If your healthcare provider deems consecration necessary, you additionally accept a bigger adventitious of this action actuality acknowledged and accepting a vaginal birth.
  • 6 to 7 points: A absolute in this ambit can go one way or the other. Actuality in the average of the calibration doesn’t acutely announce if consecration will or will not be successful.
  • 5 or lower: If you accept a low score, don’t aberration out. While a lower cardinal signifies that consecration will beneath acceptable advance to vaginal delivery, it agency that your healthcare provider will attending to added approaches to advice adapt your cervix and added options for childbirth, such as a C-section.

Whether you accept a aerial Abbey account or a lower total, bethink that your bloom affliction able is befitting your and your baby’s best absorption in mind. Don’t anguish yourself sick. Instead, focus on the blessed adventures to come, like the adorableness of childbirth, about it happens for you!


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