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Best Adorning Toys for Babies 0-3 Months

newbornsPublished December 21, 2022

by Katie Sproul

Pediatric Anatomic Therapist


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From day one, babies are growing and acquirements through play. They are demography in bags of advice from the apple about them that will advice them advance spatial awareness, acoustic integration, coordination, and motor skills. Abreast from bistro and sleeping, breach is the best admired time for your baby. For some first-time parents, it can feel cutting back allotment which adorning toys for babies 0-3 months to buy (or annals for).

I am an occupational therapist by trade, and now I’m a calm mom. I’ve been through the babyish date three times with my accouchement and formed with adolescent kids for years afore acceptable a mother. Back allotment toys for our babies, I consistently anticipation about purpose and action and how the toys would advance our children’s development. The accuracy is your bairn will not charge a ton of toys. So, I acclaim budget-friendly toys that can be acclimated for abounding months. Actuality is a account of the best adorning toys for babies up to 3 months.

Best Adorning Toys for Babies 0-3 Months Old

1. Action Gym

Round grey, blue, and yellow play mat with different items hanging from canopy
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Spending time on the attic is abundantly benign for your baby. Any adorning able will acquaint you that tummy time is capital for developing a advanced ambit of skills, and your babyish should get some anatomy of belly time every day.

This attic mat is one we acclimated with all three of our babies, and I adulation it for abounding reasons. All the manipulatives are moveable, so you can adapt them and change them up to your baby’s interest. This mat will absorb your baby, whether on her back, tummy, or alike crawling. You can alike booty the toys on the go and attach them to their car bench or stroller. Plus, the agreeable toy that is absorbed plays the sweetest music. It’s no abstruse that agreeable toys can get on parents’ nerves, so it’s capital to accept toys you can abide for hours.

2. Babyish Paper

Black and white stripe crinkle paper
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This babyish paper is easily bottomward one of our admired babyish toys we had! The alien band is a solid black-and-white adverse bolt absolute for a baby’s vision, and central is a cardboard that makes a coiled complete back a babyish plays with it. It is non-toxic and bunched for accessible biking – you can being it in your diaper bag to booty it on the go. Plus, it’s apparatus washable, so a babyish can comedy with it repeatedly.

3. Belly Time Action Book

Grey fabric crinkle activity book with lion on front and various other images included
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More belly time entertainment! I adulation this action book because it stands apart and appearance pictures with able contrast, a ample mirror, and capricious pages for continued comedy above three months. Use the atramentous and white pictures with your newborn, and again about-face the book to the bright ancillary already your baby’s eyes is added established.

I consistently admired arena with our babies in the mirror. They adulation seeing themselves and watching your facial expressions. This toy is additionally babyish abundant to booty on the go and accumulate the babyish entertained in the adventurer or car seat.

4. Wrist and Bottom Rattles

Baby laughing with stripe socks on with different noise making bugs
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When babies are young, they cannot butt toys and agitate them. These toys are absolute for those aboriginal days. You can blanket the bendable wristbands about the baby’s wrist, and the socks are ideal for tiny feet. Your babyish will adulation to agitate their accoutrements and legs to accomplish the rattles shake. This is one of the ancient activities for a babyish to apprentice account and effect. It’s additionally benign for anatomy acquaintance and allowance your babyish accept his anatomy parts.

5. Bite Cube

Three stacked cubes in pink, blue, and black
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Babies adulation exploring toys with their mouths. Whether they’re teething or playing, I can confidently say that babies will about consistently put a toy in their mouths, so we charge accommodate them with safe options. This toy is a avant-garde booty on a archetypal teether. It was created by a mom and fabricated of 100% food-grade silicone. Its flexible, textured edges will allay babies’ abscessed teething gums, and the admeasurement and appearance acquiesce your baby’s calmly to anchor easily.

6. Toy arch

Blue arch with different toys hanging from it and yellow and green handles
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I consistently admired toys that could biking easily. At one point or another, your babyish will charge to travel. Whether you’re on analeptic assignment for earlier ancestors or aloof activity to a accepted doctor appointment, the babyish will absorb time in their car bench or stroller. I admired this toy arch for all three of our babies. It’s flexible, adjustable, and can be absorbed to around any car seat. I acclimated it on our car seats, stroller, bassinet, and high chair to accumulate our babies entertained. You can move the toys about on the accomplished and attach added admired toys forth the accessible bar. This is one you can use for several months!

This account of best adorning toys for babies 0-3 months will get you off to a abundant start. During the aboriginal three months of their life, babies apprentice about their ambiance and how to analyze their surroundings. They can move their accoutrements and legs and adore altered architect and sounds. They are acquirements how to clue beheld and audition ascribe and are additionally acquirements how to accomplish eye acquaintance and apprehend faces. This is the time to animate your babyish to ability for the toys they appetite and spend added time on their tummies during play. Back on their tummy, they will activate blame up with their arms, which is an capital architecture block for acquirements how to cycle over. The best affair you can do with your babyish is get bottomward on the attic with them and aloof play. Sing to them, allocution with them, and accept fun!

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