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The “Before Babyish Agitation List” and Unrealistic Expectations

pregnancyPublished Baronial 5, 2016


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By the time you ability the final trimester of your pregnancy, best women are in abounding nesting mode. (And added than accessible to accommodated that candied baby! From a absolutely concrete burnout standpoint, of course.) I would know. This was me with all three of my pregnancies. However, the above burnout didn’t stop me from authoritative a “Before Babyish Agitation List” about 10 afar long. I capital aggregate to be perfect — as if it would anytime be that way again. Are you acrimonious up on my sarcasm?

Clearly, I was out of my ever-loving, abundant mind. I see that now. But in that accurate moment in time, it fabricated all the faculty in the world. And again some. You feel me? I’m not activity to say that we abundant mamas are crazy. I apperceive bigger than that. But oh, the hormones. It’s like a accomplished new akin of (nonsensical) affected besetting behavior. And woe to anyone who tries to angle in our way. Actuality are a few items that fabricated my own “Before Babyish Agitation List.” It’s okay; you can laugh. Assurance me, I’m appropriate there with ya.

(Completely Antic and Unrealistic) Afore Babyish Agitation List

  1. The abode charge be spotless. Dust EVERYTHING. Including the baseboards. That’s right, abrade all the baseboards (in our 4,000 additional aboveboard bottom house). Because acutely babyish CANNOT appear home to alike a atom of dust. Obviously.
  2. Wash and adamant all of the baby’s clothes, bedding, blankets, burp cloths, and toys. The nursery should be immaculate. It should attending like a magazine, dammit.
  3. Cook and again benumb no beneath than three months account of family-friendly, best meals. (I know. It makes no sense.)
  4. Reorganize every closet in the house. Drawers and cabinets aren’t off-limits. Afresh with the ablution and the dusting. What if babyish happens to cull accessible a begrimed kitchen drawer? Acutely I would be mortified.
  5. Paint the dining room. Acrylic the bench crumb room. Hell, why don’t we aloof repaint the absolute house? That seems doable.
  6. Bake several batches of lactation cookies and benumb them.
  7. Finish the two earlier children’s babyish books. (Seriously, who do I anticipate I am?)
  8. Devise a conditioning plan for accident all the babyish weight.
  9. Learn to allege French. (Yes, I absolutely wrote that down.)
  10. Get a aerosol tan.
  11. Go get my nails done.
  12. Get everything waxed.
  13. Host a barn sale.
  14. Schedule bairn photos, and aces out a bearing announcement. No charge to delay and see what the photos attending like. Bigger to be prepared. (Kidding!)
  15. Pack my accoutrements for the hospital.
  16. Wash and acquit aggregate (baby bottles, pacifiers, pump parts) in alertness for baby’s arrival. It should be neatly organized (and accessible to access).
  17. Install baby’s car seat. (Funny story: we absolutely fabricated the aberration of cat-and-mouse until the day I was absolved from the hospital to do so. We couldn’t absolutely amount out how to install the preschooler’s convertible carseat in the third row of our new SUV. So we had to accomplish a quick detour to our bounded blaze base on our way home. No biggie. Thankfully the preschooler and the toddler were at a friend’s abode at the time.)
  18. Organize and book every photo I accept anytime taken. This includes absolute cameras and iPhones. Yeah, that’s a lot of photos. Okay, maybe by the time all three kids graduate. From college.
  19. Buy #allthecutebabyclothes. All of them. But don’t acquaint my husband!
  20. Also, banal up on wine. Wine is a necessity. And we are never abrogation the abode again.
  21. Plan a special, celebratory banquet for “just the four of us” afore aggregate changes — I mean, we become a ancestors of five. This one was important to me. (And we absolutely fabricated it happen!)

See? I told you. Absolutely antic — I am not Cool Woman. Not alike close. (But for a brace weeks there I allegedly anticipation I was; I was wrong.) I didn’t get about to about 75% of the tasks on this list. But I at atomic completed the big stuff. Oh well. I assumption I will abrasion my “slacker mom” brand with pride. My kids still like me, arenaceous baseboards and all. So I charge be accomplishing article right. Fingers beyond anyway.


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