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136 Admirable Annual Names for Girls

Baby NamesUpdated December 27, 2022


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One of the best agitative genitalia of pregnancy is selecting a name for your baby! If you’re assured a babe and attractive for floral or botanical babe names, you’ve appear to the appropriate place. We’ve aggregate a account of accepted and somewhat beneath accepted annual names for girls.

Flower Names for Girls

You ability appetite to accord your babe a accepted annual name like Iris, which agency “rainbow,” Violet, which agency “purple,” or Daisy, which agency “day’s eye.”

If you appetite a fresh, added different babyish babe name, you ability opt for the Australian name Araluen, which agency “water lilies,” or the Hawaiian name Leilani, which agency “heavenly flower.” Or you ability like the French name Fleur or the Latin name Flora, which both beggarly “flower.”

You ability like Amaryllis, which agency “to sparkle,” or Giacinta, Hyacinth, or Jacinda, which beggarly “blue larkspur; adored stone.”

Popular Annual Names

1. Amaryllis or Marilla

2. Azalea or Zalie

3. Calla or Callaia

4. Columbine

5. Daffodil

6. Dahlia

7. Daisy

8. Gardenia

9. Geranium

10. Giacinta, Hyacinth, or Jacinda

11. Jasmine or Jessamine

12. Lili, Liliane, Lilias, Lilium, Lilly, or Lily

13. Magnolia

14. Acclaim or Orquidea

15. Pansy

16. Peony

17. Petunia

18. Snapdragon

19. Tulip

20. Zinnia

Classic Names for Girls with Annual Meanings

Looking for classic names with annual meanings? Accede Erica, which agency “eternal ruler,” Marguerite, which agency “pearl; daisy,” or Susan, which agency “lily.”

1. Erica

2. Marguerite

3. Susan

4. Veronica

Color Annual Names for Girls

Searching for a blush annual name? Try Bluebell, which agency “blue bell;” Ianthe, which agency “purple flower;” Indigo, which agency “Indian dye;” Lilac, which agency “bluish or lilac;” Marigold, which agency “golden flower;” Poppy, which agency “red flower;” or Viola, which agency “violet.”

1. Ambretta

2. Blanchefleur

3. Bluebell

4. Buttercup

5. Chrisoula, Chrysanthemum, or Crisanta


7. Freesia

8. Fuchsia

9. Garance

10. Ianthe

11. Indigo

12. Iolanthe

13. Ione

14. Iris

15. Lavender

16. Lilac

17. Marigold

18. Poppy

19. Viola

20. Violet

Greek Belief Annual Names for Girls

Interested in Greek mythology? You ability like Calla, which agency “beautiful;” Cynthia, which agency “moon goddess;” or Narcissa, which agency “daffodil.”

1. Acantha

2. Anemone

3. Cliantha

4. Cynthia

5. Galanthus

6. Lotus

7. Narcissa

Names that Beggarly to Flower, Bloom, or Sprout

Looking for a name that agency to flower, bloom, or sprout? Try Blossom, which agency “to bloom,” Briony or Bryony, which both beggarly “to sprout,” or Xochitl, which agency “flower.”

1. Bloom

2. Blossom

3. Briony or Bryony

4. Fflur

5. Fioralba

6. Fleur

7. Floortje

8. Flora

9. Florentina

10. Florian

11. Kantuta

12. Palesa

13. Penthia

14. Rayen

15. Wildflower

16. Xochitl

17. Zariah or Zariyah

Botanical, Garden, and Herbal Names

Searching for a botanical, garden, or herbal name? You ability accede Acacia, which agency “thorny;” Briar, which agency “a barbed patch;” Cassia or Kassiani, which both beggarly “cinnamon;” Daphne, which agency “laurel tree, bay tree;” Liana, which agency “to ascend like a vine;” or Linnea, which agency “twinflower, adhesive tree.”

1. Acacia

2. Amaranth

3. Arbor

4. Bettany

5. Briar

6. Carmel

7. Cassia or Kassiani

8. Chamomile

9. Clover

10. Corymbia

11. Daphne

12. Garland

13. Heather

14. Ivy

15. Ixora

16. Jonquil

17. Liana

18. Linnea

19. Lita

20. Manuka

21. Marjoram

22. Patchouli

23. Petal

Rose Names for Girls

Rose enthusiast? You ability like Primrose, which means” aboriginal rose;” Rhodes, which agency “where the roses grow;” Roisin, which agency “little rose;” or Rosalind, which agency “pretty rose.”

1. Bellerose

2. Primrose

3. Rhodes

4. Roise

5. Roisin

6. Rosa or Rose

7. Rosalind

8. Rosemary or Romy

9. Rosie

10. Zaria

Unique Annual Names for Girls

Looking for a different annual name for girls? Try Aster, which agency “star;” Ren, which agency “water lily; lotus;” Rue, which agency “herb; regret;” or Senna, which agency “brightness.”

1. Abelia

2. Amapola

3. Araluen

4. Aster

5. Azami

6. Belladonna

7. Briallen

8. Calanthe

9. Calix

10. Calytrix

11. Camellia

12. Canna

13. Capucine

14. Celandine

15. Cleome

16. Clemensia

17. Delphine

18. Dianella

19. Embelia

20. Forsythia

21. Hana

22. Kalina

23. Larkspur

24. Laylani or Leilani

25. Nanala

26. Nardos

27. Neeja

28. Oleana

29. Papatya

30. Pema

31. Picotee

32. Ren

33. Rue

34. Senna

35. Zainab or Zaynab

What’s your admired (or atomic favorite) annual name from this list? Accept you or your accompany and ancestors called any of these floral or bulb names for your daughters?

Be abiding additionally to booty a blink at some of our other babyish name lists, like our hottest babyish names for 2022, rare babe names, beautiful babe names, and coolest babe names. Accept fun allotment a admirable name you adulation for your babyish girl!


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