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Baby Teeth Access Timeline and Important “Toothy Truths”

ParentingUpdated April 27, 2021

by Ratna Bajpai

Pediatric Dentist


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The actualization of your baby’s teeth is an agitative milestone. We’re activity to airing you through your baby’s teething blueprint and accord you the capacity of which babyish teeth access aboriginal and how anon the others will follow.

Baby Teeth Eruption Timeline | Baby Chick
Baby Teeth Eruption Timeline | Baby Chick
Images address of the American Dental Association

Central Incisors

The lower advanced two babyish teeth are “usually” the aboriginal to accomplish a animated admission amid 6-10 months of age. The top two incisors chase in quick succession, generally amid 8-12 months.

Lateral Incisors

The high crabbed incisors appear one on either ancillary of the central. These accomplish an actualization back your babyish is amid 9-13 months old. The lower laterals chase the uppers at 10-16 months.

First Molars

The high aboriginal molars arise amid 13-19 months, one on either ancillary of the jaw, followed by the lower aboriginal molars amid 14-18 months. These teeth advice your babyish to bite added abundant food. Until then, babies mostly use their gums to brew food.


Next in band are the canines, additionally accepted as the cuspids. They appear afterwards the aboriginal molars accept fabricated an appearance. The high canines usually appear amid 16-22 months of age, while the lowers apparent by 17-23 months. These teeth ample the amplitude amid the crabbed incisors and the aboriginal molars and accord a added acquired smile.

Second Molars

They are the aftermost of the babyish teeth to apparent in the jaw. They appear abaft the aboriginal molars, usually amid 23-31 months of age in the lower jaw and amid 25-33 months in the upper.

By the age of 3 years, best kids will accept a complete set of 20 primary teeth.

A few “toothy truths” that all moms should know:

1. The development of babyish teeth begins during the sixth anniversary of gestation. Your diet should accept able amounts of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D, and Vitamin C to abetment the advance of your child’s teeth and bones.

2. A baby’s jaw is about 50% of its developed admeasurement at birth. It alcove 80% of its developed admeasurement by the age of 6 years.

3. Teething archive are accepted guidelines. It is important to bethink that every babyish is unique. Some accouchement may get their aboriginal teeth earlier, while others may get them later. If the aboriginal tooth’s actualization is not axiomatic by the age of 15 months, it is time to analysis with your bloom able and accomplish abiding that aggregate is okay.

4. Tooth development is hereditary. So, if you’ve got your teeth a little aboriginal or late, affairs are your babyish will too.

5. Teething may not consistently arise in the aforementioned adjustment as the “norm.” So, don’t get afraid if your child’s teeth arise in a hardly altered sequence.

6. Girls tend to advance teeth beforehand than boys of the aforementioned age.

7. As anon as your child’s aboriginal tooth erupts, you’ll charge to get into the addiction of charwoman them.

8. Your child’s smile is the brightest it will anytime be, as babyish teeth are whiter than abiding teeth.

9. It’s accustomed for babyish teeth to accept spaces or gaps. There is a apparent amplitude amid the crabbed incisor and the basset in the high jaw, while in the lower jaw, it lies amid the basset and aboriginal molar. Babyish teeth bottle this amplitude for abiding teeth and adviser them into their actual positions.

10. Babyish teeth accommodate able acquaintance credibility for the argot and accredit your adolescent to anatomy words. Thus, they comedy a basic role in speech development.

11. Your adolescent will activate accident his babyish teeth about the age of 6 years. The aboriginal teeth to afford are usually the axial incisors. You would apprehension the actualization of the abiding aboriginal molars about the aforementioned time. The aftermost primary tooth is absent at the age of 12 and is either the basset or the additional molar.


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