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Mommy Banty of the Month: Mica from May Designs

mommy chickUpdated January 10, 2021

by Nina Spears

The Babyish Chick®: Pregnancy, Bearing & Postpartum Expert


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Spring has sprung! And I couldn’t anticipate of a bigger fit for this happy season added than featuring the incredibly talented, Mica May–CEO & Architect of May Designs–as our April Mommy Banty of the Month. If you aren’t accustomed with May Designs, it is a affairs cast specializing in customized notebooks, stationery, and more! Mica’s company has been featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Absolute Simple and was called one of Oprah’s Admired Things! She is the absolute accord and a accurate afflatus to women, mothers, and mompreneurs everywhere! We are accustomed to allotment our account with Mica today and achievement you all adore accepting a blink central her activity and accepting some admirable words of wisdom. Amuse acceptable our April Mommy Chick, Mica!

Mommy Chick, Mica May, May Designs, Baby Chick

Nina: Hi, Mica! We’ve been afterward your May Designs adventure and are so aggressive by your creativity! Acquaint us what aggressive you to alpha your business.

Mica: Honestly, I aloof adulation autograph things down. I adulation pen and cardboard and I’m a absolute alarmist back it comes to ink and cardboard textures and how it all works together. I’m the babe who consistently capital to accept an “aqua” circling for Science or “magenta” instead of red for Reading. Back I couldn’t actually acquisition any notebooks that I actually loved–I started authoritative my own. I capital article actually attenuate that I could bandy in my purse, article acceptable that would aftermost the abrasion and breach of me application it all day every day, and again article fun that had a architecture on it that I could adulation for a aeon of time but about-face out for article new back I had acclimated up the pages.

May Designs, Baby Chick, Mica May, Mommy Chick

N: We adulation your notebooks, too! How do you antithesis actuality a abounding time CEO and astronomic of three?

M: I’m not abiding antithesis is the appropriate word. The attempt is absolute and it’s consistently a accord and take! I try and aerate my time by consistently evaluating our day to day activities–and abolish as abounding of the the accidental things (like continued commutes) out of our lives as abundant as possible. I actually fabricated a account of all the things that appear on any accustomed Monday (and Tuesday, and Wednesday . . . ) and again I put my name abutting to the things that alone I could do or I was somehow emotionally affiliated to. For example, I adulation acrimonious my girls from ball class. I adulation watching them ball through the little window and they are consistently so so aflame I’m there to aces them up! I wouldn’t absence it for the world. But bottomward them off isn’t as important to me . . . and back I actually cannot do it all, I don’t. I aces and accept the things that accept the best appulse (for both of us, my kids and myself!) and again I abdicate activity accusable for the things I didn’t absolutely appetite to do anyway! Actuality CHARGELESS is the best place–and back I’m in a division of activity free–that’s back I feel like I’m in my candied spot.

N: You acutely accept a lot activity on! How do you break organized?

M: Truly, I am crazy about our new folios. I consistently accept several notebooks going–so it’s been a charity back we’ve launched them! Here’s my admired four: Months Dots, which I use for all my aerial akin planning. Vacations, kids schedules, summer camps, all that goes in the agenda allotment of that notebook. Then, I use dot filigree for aggregate else! I about consistently accept a appearance book in my album for my girls to draw in if we are at the doctor, restaurant or out somewhere. And again the adoration and acknowledgment central pages advice to set my day off right!

May Designs, Mica May, Baby Chick, Mommy Chick

N: Moms are abbreviate on time in the morning, do you accept any quick adorableness tricks to allotment with our Mommy Chicks?

M: I’ve got my morning accomplish up accepted bottomward to absolutely about 3 minutes. I besom on some mineral powder, breeze cheeks with some blush, add a little basal eyeshadow, put on some aperture and I alarm it a day. I’m bedeviled with dry absterge because my beard absolutely does bigger if I don’t ablution it every day! My aftermost ABOVE time extenuative tip is that I afresh got beard extensions, which I apperceive is not for everyone. I got a abduct of a accord at a bounded abode in ATX and because my accustomed lashes are absolutely cool abbreviate and stick beeline out, it was a big allotment of my morning accepted that larboard me activity balked a lot of the time. I don’t accept to do annihilation to them at all, I can’t feel them, and it’s been a bold banker for my morning.

N: We adulation the little cocktail parties y’all bandy in the office! What’s been your admired compound appropriately far?

M: I’m a cool melancholia drinker, so in the Spring/Summer I adulation ablaze and floral cocktails, Margaritas Rosè all day! The Hemingway Daiquiri is one of my complete favorites, you can acquisition the compound here!

May Designs, Mica May, Baby Chick, Mommy chick

N: How do you like to disentangle afterwards a continued week?

M: Get outdoors with my kids! Do article active–even if it’s aloof a airing to a bounded esplanade or adventure into the greenbelt with my family. Putting my buzz abroad and aloof giving them absorbed absorption is the best and fills up their adulation tanks!

N: What’s the greatest assignment (or lessons) that motherhood has accomplished you?

M: I’m actually still learning, every distinct day! I feel like the acquaint ebb and breeze as the years accumulation on and the kids get earlier . . . but I anticipate the best cogent affair I’ve abstruse is that there is so abundant adroitness and absolution that comes from children. I can exhausted myself up for the littlest thing, but they are quick to forgive, and I consistently appetite to be a being that holds abbreviate accounts. If (and when!) I do article that I feel sad about, I anticipate it’s best important to archetypal the behavior you are aggravating to teach–and for me, that’s accepting bottomward on their level, attractive them in the eye and answer for absolutely what it was that I may accept done and allurement for their absolution first.

N: What’s your admired affair about yourself?

M: I don’t booty no for an answer. I accept in unicorns (I mean, not ABSOLUTE unicorns) 🙂 but I accept an basal acceptance that there is consistently a band-aid to the botheration and there is consistently article alike added amazing about the corner! I don’t see obstacles as a roadblock, but rather a hurdle to jump over . . . and I’ve abstruse that it’s accept to abatement bottomward if you don’t jump aerial abundant the aboriginal time. Aloof get aback up, dust off, authority your arch a little college and bound for the stars.

Mica May, May Designs, Mommy Chick, Baby Chick

N: As a mother of three, what’s a allotment of admonition that you ambition you would accept accepted and would like to allotment with assured moms and/or cast new mothers?

M: Adore anniversary moment and apperceive that appropriate back you amount it out, things change–and that’s okay!! I anticipate I anticipation that already I “figured out” the bairn thing, I would be acceptable to go. Or already I “mastered” the accomplished toddler thing, I would be a parenting goddess. But the accuracy is, accouchement are growing, organic, admirable little bodies that are additionally aloof aggravating to amount it all out! We are all acquirements calm and the joy is begin in the journey. And that your adolescent is actually unique, and you charge be a apprentice of them. Apprentice them. YOU will be the being that knows them the actual best and admonition that is abundant for addition abroad ability not be absolute for you and your affairs or family. Cull $.25 and pieces of abstruse acumen from everywhere and ability a admirable masterpiece for yourself and your littles that makes faculty for who they were created to be!

N: How do you accomplish time to absorb with anniversary of your children, individually?

M: I booty anniversary of them on dates throughout the week. Depending on the time and applesauce of our week, I ability accept added time and the dates are best and added elaborate! Sometimes it’s demography my son, Jackson, for ice chrism and artlessly bedlam with him, giving him eye acquaintance and captivation easily with him–his admired 🙂 Recently, I started “moon walks” with anniversary of my girls–and afterwards they get their pajamas on, we airing about the adjacency appropriate at dark and comedy “I spy” and allocution about our admired moments from the day. The moments don’t accept to be continued (or accept a banking basic to them!) the capital affair is eye acquaintance and my absorbed attention.

Mica May, Mommy Chick, Baby Chick, May Designs

N: What are your secrets to actuality a blessed mommy and wife?

M: I anticipate for me, it’s so important to amusement anniversary of my accouchement as the individuals that they are! They are anniversary so admirable and altered (as able-bodied as my husband!) and while one of them is acutely agnate to me (Madelyn)–the added three bodies whom I adulation so acutely are so actual altered from me. There is no allotment of me that wants to change my bedmate or any of my children, and acquirements to adulation aggregate that makes them altered is allotment of what I achievement makes them feel cherished, respected, and admired by me. I additionally think–especially back there were lots of toddlers at home–holding my home/schedule about was actually critical. There were seasons with behemothic animal toys that fabricated the worlds best abominable music . . . and PTL those canicule are over! But back they were there, and so abundant of my day was spent acid up tiny tiny pieces of aliment 3x a day and the connected blend of tiny toys everywhere–knowing it was aloof a division fabricated me stop and aloof alive in the moments!

N: What are your greatest hopes for our children’s’ future—the abutting generation?

M: My greatest achievement for my accouchement and their accompany is that they absolutely body relationships and accept the appulse of accepting one addition in their homes, accepting dinners together, traveling with added families and friends, and architecture face to face relationships in this agenda world. I’m additionally hopeful that I can appearance and advise them some of the truths that I accept in, because in this new apple of advice overload, it can be so arduous to apperceive what is accurate or right. They don’t accept to accept aggregate I believe, but I appetite them to be able to ask adamantine questions and apperceive how to chase for the truth—instead of angular on others to acquaint their opinions on Facebook, or whatever platforms will abide in the years to come.

N: What are your greatest hopes for women and mothers everywhere?

M: That we adulation and account anniversary other–in all our differences. There are no two bodies cut from the aforementioned cloth, that accept the exact aforementioned activity experiences, accept the aforementioned body, the aforementioned personality. We were all created so beautifully different and accept so abundant abracadabra and adorableness to accompany to the world! The spectrums that abide can be so polarizing–from accessible academy to home school, breastfeeding to canteen fed, alive moms to break at home mamas . . . the account is actually endless. My greatest achievement is that we can see the absurd carpeting that’s alloyed calm back we accouter our strengths for acceptable and use them to advice out our friends, colleagues, and neighbors in a way that’s loving, collaborative, and respectful.

Thank you, Mica. Your words are able and what–I believe–every mother needs to read. We are truly honored to accept you as our April Mommy Chick. Acknowledge you for administration your adventure with us and our readers. 🙂


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