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All About The Hepatitis B Vaccine: What You Should Know

healthPublished September 29, 2021

by Dr. Deanna Barry

Board-Certified Pediatrician


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Before we altercate the Hepatitis B vaccine, let’s footfall aback and allocution about what Hepatitis B is and why we appetite to anticipate it in our children. Hepatitis B is a potentially life-threatening infection acquired by the Hepatitis B virus (HBV) that attacks and injures the liver. This ache action may advance to balmy affliction abiding a few weeks, or it can advance into a austere and constant disease.

Acute hepatitis B infection is a concise affliction with affection such as fever, fatigue, accident of appetite, nausea, vomiting, jaundice (yellow bark or eyes, aphotic urine, clay-colored bowel movements), and affliction in the anatomy and joints, and stomach. These affection about arise 3-4 months afterwards acceptable adulterated with the virus.

Chronic hepatitis B infection is a abiding affliction that occurs back HBV charcoal in a person’s body. It is unpredictable; we don’t accept any way to apperceive who will advance the abiding anatomy of the infection. Best bodies who go on to advance abiding hepatitis B do not accept symptoms. However, it is still actual austere as it can eventually advance to alarmist accident (cirrhosis) and/or alarmist cancer. Alarmist blight is the fourth arch account of blight deaths throughout the world. About bisected of all alarmist cancers are acquired by abiding infection with hepatitis B.

How Accepted is Hepatitis B?

More than 1 actor people in the Affiliated States are currently active with constant Hepatitis B infection. In the Affiliated States, about 22,000 new hepatitis B infections action every year, and 4,000-5,000 bodies die from the infection and its complications.

One of the affidavit we accent vaccinating newborns is because back HBV is apprenticed in adolescence or aboriginal childhood, there is a 95% adventitious of it advanced to cirrhosis (chronic alarmist disease) and alarmist cancer, generally back they are adolescent adults. In the US, this is almost rare, acknowledgment to aerial anesthetic rates. Common it is still a actual austere and awkward botheration and is one of the above causes of hepatic blight (liver cancer).

The Apple Bloom Alignment (WHO) estimates 296 million bodies alive with abiding hepatitis B infection in 2019, with 1.5 actor new infections anniversary year and 820,000 deaths.

How is Hepatitis B spread?

Hepatitis B is advance back claret or added actual fluids adulterated with the hepatitis B virus enters the anatomy of a being who is not infected. Acquaintance with the claret of addition who has Hepatitis B, alike via accidental contact, is the best acceptable way to bolt hepatitis B. The virus can alive on altar for seven canicule or more.

Infections can be transmitted through:

  • In the bearing process, newborns of mothers with hepatitis B can become infected.
  • Living in the aforementioned domiciliary as a being with a constant anatomy of the infection.
  • Sharing items such as razors or toothbrushes (the virus is present in saliva as well!) with an adulterated person.
  • Contact with the claret or accessible sores of an adulterated person.
  • Exposure to claret from needlesticks or added aciculate instruments such as healthcare workers.
  • Having caught sex with an adulterated partner.
  • Sharing needles, syringes, or added drug-injection equipment.

It is acutely important to agenda that Hepatitis B can be transmitted by almost accidental acquaintance with items attenuated with an adulterated person’s blood. Because abounding bodies adulterated with the hepatitis B virus may not alike apperceive they accept it, it is around absurd to be “careful enough” to abstain this infection. If your adolescent accidentally gets a aciculate abrasion and is vaccinated, it is one beneath bloodborne infection you accept to anguish about. To accord some perspective, Hepatitis B is 100x added catching by needlestick than HIV!

You may anticipate that your adolescent is not at accident for exposure, and appropriately the anesthetic is not needed. However, actuality are some facts to consider:

  • One-third of bodies adulterated with HBV in the Affiliated States do not apperceive how they got it. Best do not feel ailing and accept no abstraction they backpack this virus. They are afraid back they are told they are infected.
  • Nearly bisected of the added than 5,000 developed Americans who die from hepatitis B anniversary year bent their infection during childhood.
  • 1/2 accouchement with HBV access it from an adulterated mother and 1/2 from accidental acquaintance or bashful carrier.
  • Even if a mother’s analysis is abrogating during pregnancy, there’s no agreement that she isn’t adulterated for two reasons; no analysis is perfect, and a abundant woman could aback access Hep B afterwards the analysis is performed.

Is there a cure for Hepatitis B?

Unfortunately, there is not a cure. There is additionally no specific analysis for astute infection added than alms admiring affliction to advance abundance and able diet balance. There are medications to advice those with constant Hepatitis B infection, but no anesthetic “cures” it.

Who Should be Vaccinated and When?

Infants should get their aboriginal dose of the hepatitis B vaccine at birth, finer aural the aboriginal 24 hours. They will usually complete the alternation at six months of age (sometimes, it will booty best than six months to complete the series). Babies who accept their aboriginal vaccine at bearing are added acceptable to complete the three dosage series. Accouchement and adolescents adolescent than 19 who accept not yet gotten the vaccine should additionally be vaccinated.

Hepatitis B vaccine is additionally recommended for assertive unvaccinated adults:

  • People whose sex ally accept hepatitis B
  • Sexually alive bodies who are not in a abiding austere relationship
  • Persons gluttonous appraisal or analysis for a sexually transmitted disease
  • Men who accept animal acquaintance with added men
  • People who allotment needles, syringes, or added biologic bang equipment
  • People who accept domiciliary acquaintance with addition adulterated with the hepatitis B virus
  • Health affliction and accessible assurance workers at accident for acknowledgment to claret or anatomy fluids
  • Residents and agents of accessories for developmentally disabled persons
  • Persons in correctional facilities
  • Victims of sexual advance or abuse
  • Travelers to regions with added ante of hepatitis B
  • People with abiding alarmist disease, branch disease, HIV infection, infection with hepatitis C, or diabetes

What are the Altered Hepatitis B Vaccines?

There are three Hepatitis B vaccines currently accessible in the Affiliated States:

  • Engerix-B® — a 3 dosage series, accustomed at birth, accustomed via intramuscular injection.
  • Recombivax HB® — a 3 dosage series, accustomed at birth, accustomed via intramuscular injection.
  • Heplisav-B® — a 2 dosage series; accustomed for 18 years and older, accustomed via intramuscular injection.

Two aggregate vaccines accommodate Hepatitis B currently accessible in the Affiliated States:

  • Twinrix® (Hep A Hep B) is a 3 dosage series; accustomed for 18 years and older; inactivated Hep A recombinant Hep B; accustomed via intramuscular injection.
    • “Inactivated” agency that the dead adaptation of the antibody that causes a ache is used. Inactivated vaccines usually don’t accommodate amnesty (protection) that’s as able as alive vaccines. So you may charge several doses over time (booster shots) to get advancing amnesty adjoin diseases.)
    • “Recombinant” vaccines use specific pieces of the germ, such as its protein, sugar, or capsid, a case about the germ. Because these vaccines use alone specific antibody pieces, they accord a able allowed acknowledgment targeted to key genitalia of the germ. They can be accustomed to about anybody who needs them, including bodies with attenuated allowed systems and abiding bloom problems.
  • Pediarix® (DTaP-HepB-IPV) — 3 dosage alternation (given at 2, 4, 6-month doses); accustomed 6 weeks through 6 years; inactivated, accustomed via intramuscular injection.

How Able is the Hepatitis B Vaccine?

The aboriginal action (started in the aboriginal 1980s) was to hook alone those at the accomplished accident (for example, healthcare workers, patients on dialysis, and intravenous biologic users). But because the ache can be transmitted to those, not in high-risk groups, this vaccine action didn’t work. The accident of hepatitis B virus ache in the Affiliated States was banausic 10 years afterwards the vaccine was aboriginal used! For this reason, the vaccine action changed. In 1991, it became the accepted advocacy that all newborns accept the hepatitis B vaccine at birth. And the accident of hepatitis B virus infections in the Affiliated States has declined. Indeed, the new vaccine action has around alone the ache in accouchement beneath than 19 years of age.

The Hepatitis B vaccine is a actual safe and able way to anticipate the manual of hepatitis B. Added than 98% of accouchement who accept all the recommended doses of the vaccine are absolutely adequate adjoin HBV. Best bodies who are vaccinated with the hepatitis B vaccine are allowed for life.

What are the risks and ancillary furnishings of the Hepatitis B Vaccine?

People with accessory illnesses, such as a algid may be vaccinated. Bodies who are moderately or acutely ill should usually delay until they balance afore accepting the hepatitis B vaccine.

Hepatitis B vaccine may be accustomed at the aforementioned time as added vaccines.

Vaccines, like any medicine, can accept ancillary effects. These are usually balmy and go abroad on their own. The ancillary furnishings best accepted for the Hepatitis B vaccine include:

  • Soreness at the anesthetic site
  • Fever

People sometimes aside afterwards medical procedures, including vaccination. As with any medicine, there is a actual alien adventitious of a vaccine causing a astringent allergic reaction, added austere injuries, or death. Accumulate in apperception that the likelihood of this is very, actual rare. Altercate any questions and apropos that you accept with your medical provider.

As with annihilation (and we apperceive this all too able-bodied during the pandemic!), we accomplish decisions for our accouchement based on the advice we accept in advanced of us and the risks and allowances accompanying to our families. I achievement this commodity was advisory and accessible in compassionate why your pediatrician commonly recommends this actual safe and able vaccine.

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Disclaimer: While I am a doctor, I am not your doctor. All agreeable presented in this commodity is for educational purposes only. It does not aggregate medical admonition and does not authorize any affectionate of doctor/patient relationship. Allege to your healthcare provider about any questions or apropos you may have.


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