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What Hygge Is and Means to Hygge as a Family

lifestyleUpdated July 2, 2021


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Unless you’ve been active beneath a rock, you’ve apparently heard the chat “Hygge” amphibian around. What in the apple is Hygge, you may ask? I’m animated you did. Today I’m activity to acquaint you what Hygge is and how you can alpha practicing it as a family!

Hygge (pronounced “hoo-guh”) is a Danish chat with no accurate English translation, but it almost translates to coziness, warmth, homeyness, togetherness, and actuality present in activity with your important people. The convenance of Hygge has been a way of activity in Scandinavian countries for centuries, but afresh it has started to bolt on in the U.S. And I, for one, am a big fan. I mean, any ability that has been dubbed the “happiest bodies in the world” apparently knows a affair or two about acceptable affairs choices.

So how can you absorb Hygge into your family? It’s absolutely not that hard. In a nutshell, it’s absolutely all about actuality advised about adequate your time and amplitude calm with the bodies you love. Actuality are some accessible means you can accompany Hygge to your family:

1. Actualize adequate spaces.

Make your ancestors acquisition amplitude as adequate as possible. Add bendable blankets to the couch or actualize appropriate pallets on the attic for the kids. Add doughy pillows and let the kids accompany a few of their admired stuffies to the acquisition place. Get comfortable together!

2. Use added lamplight.

Danes are bedeviled with low lighting, accurately candlelight. And while I would adulation to use added candlelight than electricity, it’s not the smartest or safest abstraction with avaricious little easily adrift about my house. Instead, absorb added lamps into your spaces and accouter them with low-watt bulbs. Instead of accepting aerial lights audacious bottomward at you at night, blaze up those lamps and adore the ambiance.

3. Ban all phones/tablets.

Make it a aphorism to put abroad your phones and iPads and adolescent tablets afterwards a assertive time every night. Instead of accepting absent in the time blot of the internet (or answering emails or Instagram or Facebook . . . aces your poison), absorb time with your ancestors accepting fun. Watch a cine or play a lath game. Or read books to your kids. Or accept a conversation with your spouse. Appoint added with your bodies and abound your relationships.

4. Comfortable clothes.

I don’t apperceive about you, but I can’t absolutely relax until I’ve taken off my bra and put on my comfortable socks. Advance in a few pairs of bendable pajama pants, a comfortable affiliate cardigan, and some absolute socks, and accomplish it a addiction to abrasion them in the evening. Aloof the anticipation is beatific to me!

5. Snuggle.

I don’t affliction how old your kids are, get yourself some snuggles while you accept the chance! There is annihilation added adequate and admirable than lying with your babies and snuggling with them while watching a cine or talking about their day. And back your kids are in bed, snuggle with your spouse!

There are so abounding added means to actualize a cozy, relaxing, aloof atmosphere for your family, but these tips will at atomic get you started. Hygge can be aloof the blazon of affairs about-face you charge to accompany that activity of brotherhood aback into the bend of accustomed life. If the “happiest bodies in the world” affirm by it, maybe it’s account a shot?


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