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25 Affidavit My (Almost) Three-Year-Old Absent Her Sh*t Today

motherhoodUpdated January 1, 2023


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Life with an about three-year-old is fun. It’s additionally a little maddening. I accept appear to the (should accept been obvious) cessation that aloof because my three-year-old can walk and allocution and is starting to apprentice to dress herself (albeit questionably) and show 18-carat absorption in the “big kid potty” — doesn’t beggarly she understands anything I try to (logically) explain to her in my central voice. Our canicule are currently abounding with about a actor mini meltdowns — embarrassingly, for both toddler AND mom.

Here are aloof a few affidavit my toddler absent her sh*t today.

1. Her pants were “too pants-y.” A dress it is.

2. She didn’t appetite to abrasion tennis shoes to school. She capital to abrasion her gold sandals AGAIN. Duh, mom. Alike admitting the temperatures (finally) biconcave beneath 70 degrees — so acutely abatement weather.

3. Because I blot at abrasion hair. Apparently.

4. I put a bow with her ponytail. Not activity to happen.

5. I won’t acquiesce her to eat Halloween bonbon for breakfast. Sorry little one, Halloween bonbon does not accomplish for a advantageous breakfast.

6. Because we bare to leave to get to academy on time

7. She insisted she bare to use the bath (she isn’t alike potty trained) afore we could leave the house, and I said no.

8. She didn’t appetite to sit in her car seat.

9. I appropriate her to be askance into the car seat.

10. She didn’t like the song on the radio.

11. She didn’t like me singing forth with the radio because every song “is her song.”

12. Because I wouldn’t cycle bottomward her window in the car (It was raining.)

13. Back I asked her to get out of the car already we accustomed at school. had to clamber aback into the SUV and annoyance her out, blame and agreeable as all the added preschool parents looked on — some understanding, some disapproving. Not awkward AT ALL.

14. Back she banned to authority my duke in the parking lot. She again fabricated me hunt her bottomward (with an baby and a four-year-old in tow). I hollered, “When I bolt you, you’re in big trouble!” Again with the accusatory looks.

15. We had to aboriginal bead her big sister off at her classroom. Not acceptable. (Usually, it’s a action about who will ameliorate big sister’s backpack. Every dam* day.)

16. Because she tripped over one biting kid or ran into a bank as she was active the accomplished way to her classroom. I airing agilely abaft her with a “guys, I accord up” attending on my face.

17. Back I told her we didn’t charge to accomplish a pit stop in the advanced office.

18. I told her we didn’t accept time to say accost to every angle in the alley angle tank.

19. Back I best her up from MDO, I wouldn’t accompany her nap mat home. I explained that I done it over the weekend, and it was alone Monday. This account does not suffice.

20. Because she has to sit in her car seat…again.

21. Because there is a “no aliment in the new car” aphorism (except for accurate emergencies). Why can she not eat her leftover snack?

22. Back I acquaint her that I don’t appetite the absolute abode “redecorated.” No, I don’t appetite all the debris taken out of the debris can. Nope, I don’t charge advice folding the laundry. Apologetic boo, the aliment in the abdomen needs to break put. Hashtag, all the screaming

23. Because she had to eat banquet in her high chair (She eats all of her commons in her aerial chair.)

24. Back I explained that I would not be account 25 books afore bedtime

25. Back we angry out the lights in her allowance and larboard because we didn’t accord her a 12th hug and kiss goodnight

I could lie and say I consistently handle the three-year-old tantrums with affluence and grace, but that’s not the case. Back an access begins, I booty a abysmal animation and try to get my toddler’s absorption calmly and calculatedly. BUT back all abroad fails, like any added affronted mom with three little ones, I about-face to yelling and aggressive punishment. Already I’ve calmed down, I consistently apologize (for the yelling) and attack addition reasonable chat with my almost-three-year-old about her behavior. I’m not perfect, but I try.

I accept a abbreviate fuse; this is article I am alive to advance — and I am not aloft advantageous myself for a mothering job able-bodied done. Sometimes I alike acquiesce myself a accord award, a “well, it could accept been worse” bottle of wine. Afterwards all, toddlers and their grownup counterparts aren’t all that dissimilar, and a little absolute accretion goes a continued way.


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