أخبار ساخنة

The French President continues his war on Muslims in France


The security authorities in France continue to storm mosques and abuse worshipers . These
provocations come from the French police ; In the context of the French
President’s war on Islam and Muslims in France

Weeks ago, he presented an action plan that he said would come as a solution to fight the Islamic currents ; France will stop religious missions ; The French authorities also closed many of the headquarters of Islamic societies and withdrew their recognition. Where the authorities began implementing them ; So far , it has closed more than 70 mosques and several shops for the Muslim community in France . According to what was stated by the French Interior Minister

"Macron" said in a previous context that Islam is facing a crisis across the world; Days after his statements, Take the last French hostage in the world ; Mrs . Sophie ; Or Maryam with her new name , as he left the meeting in anger when she told the media that she converted to Islam 4 years ago in Mali ; She said that people out there in Africa are good people, not terrorists

Thisfact increased Macron's anger. His racist statements opened the field of absolute freedom that is inconsistent with the principles of the French Republic . If a terrorist crime occurred as a militant action ; On the beheading of a history professor, as stated by the French security authorities ; This heinous crime comes as a response to the professor who asked his students to draw the Messenger of the Worlds Muhammad , may God bless him and grant him peace

Macron took advantage of this crime to speak to the French media and said that he would fight Islamic terrorism . The Muslim community is experiencing a wave of racism , as two days ago we stabbed two veiled women with a white weapon

In your opinion, who is responsible for the escalation of racist discourse in France?