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10 Mistakes Aboriginal Time Abundant Moms Make

pregnancyUpdated Baronial 31, 2021

by Nina Spears

The Babyish Chick®: Pregnancy, Bearing & Postpartum Expert


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So you’re assured your aboriginal array of joy, and you appetite to do aggregate perfectly during your pregnancy. Of course, you do! That’s alone normal. We all appetite to accomplish abiding that we booty acceptable affliction of our little bun in the oven. 🙂 But what if you’re accomplishing some things now that you may anticipate are mistakes later?

I started cerebration about all the altered things women do (and don’t do) during their abundance and began to admiration if veteran moms had any admonition for first-time prego mamas. I accomplished out to some accomplished moms and asked them if they did things during their first pregnancy that they regretted. Afterwards audition their responses, I knew I had to share.

Here are their top 10 mistakes (some) first-time abundant moms make:

1. “Only Cerebration About the Nursery and Babyish Registry.”

“Pretty abundant all I anticipation about during my aboriginal abundance was all the being that I bare for my daughter and how I had to make her nursery perfect afore she arrived. I never absolutely put a lot of anticipation into how I should prepare for labor and delivery. And I didn’t anticipate about what postpartum recovery would be like…or breastfeeding or accepting my baby to sleep. That didn’t aurora on me until after she was born. I was aloof bedeviled on accepting this stroller or that adviser or this mini chandelier in her room. Yes, that being is beautiful and fun, but it absolutely is asinine in the admirable arrangement of things. I should have spent added time cerebration about what was to appear and accept been more able for what to do back we brought her home.” – MH

2. “Not Accepting Any Blueprint Samples in the House.”

“For some reason, I anticipation that breastfeeding was activity to be easy. ‘It’s natural,’ I said. ‘Women accept been accomplishing it forever,’ I said. How adamantine could it be? Able-bodied apparently…Really. Freaking. Hard. At atomic it was for me. But I didn’t accumulate any of those blueprint samples that I was accustomed because I told myself I would not feed my babyish formula. Wellll…when your milk takes 5 canicule to appear in, and your babyish is agreeable at you the accomplished night, and your nipples are cracked, and you can’t go to the abundance until it opens the abutting day, you panic! Alike if you don’t plan on formula agriculture your baby, don’t bandy abroad the samples. Accumulate them aloof in case of emergencies. Because back your babyish is hungry, you accept to augment your baby. And breastfeeding can be harder than you think!” – AF

3. “Getting AGGREGATE on the Babyish Registry.”

You actively don’t need shoes for your newborn or 12 swaddles or 3 strollers, etc., etc. You may anticipate that you charge #allthethings, and the abundance agent that is helping you with your registry (of course) wants you to get the absolute store, but you don’t need it all. Several articles are unnecessary. You may still appetite them, and that’s okay. But if you are aggravating to save money or abate the babyish clutter, aloof register for the basics/necessities. I affiance that you and your babyish will survive. – Nina

4. “Cutting Out Caffeine Algid Turkey.”

Whoever told you that you could not accept caffeine during your abundance is wrong! (Unless your doctor talks to you about your specific bloom condition, again accept to your doctor.) But if you are a advantageous abundant person, you can accept caffeine. Yes, you should absolute your caffeine consumption, but you don’t accept to accord it up completely. That’s aloof nuts! Experts, including the American Academy of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), recommend befitting your circadian caffeine burning beneath 200 milligrams to be safe. That’s about the bulk of caffeine in one accepted cup of coffee. So cheers, mama! You don’t accept to say no to caffeine. 😉 – Nina

5. “Being Backstairs About My Abundance to My Family.”

“I anticipate a big affair I attending aback on and acquaint myself, ‘that was silly,’ is how I wasn’t telling bodies about my pregnancy. I was so backstairs around my ancestors afore I went to my first doctor’s appointment. I absolutely shouldn’t accept been so secretive. They are my ancestors that I see all the time! There’s annihilation amiss with them knowing. And if article does happen, you appetite to be able to angular on them during your time of need.” – KW

6. “Telling the Apple (Social Media) that I was Abundant Too Soon.”

“I anticipation to myself, ‘Oh, I’m 12 weeks. I’m in the clear!’ But in reality, you haven’t received any analysis after-effects aback from your doctor yet. If one of your analysis after-effects comes aback with adverse news, you accept to accede what you would acquaint the apple (aka amusing media) if you accept already announced your pregnancy to everyone. With my second pregnancy, I absitively to delay until I accustomed all of the analysis after-effects back, and aggregate was accept (or accept abundant that I acquainted adequate administration the account with the world). Again I put it on amusing media.

I waited because I saw a acquaintance acquaint her abundance account to the world, again her testing came aback at 14 weeks, and her babyish had Edwards syndrome and didn’t alive accomplished 20 weeks. It was such devastating news. She may accept still appear it and not accept afflicted a thing, but for me, I would not accept capital to explain to a actor ‘acquaintances’ what happened. So I acclaim cat-and-mouse to announce. But do what you feel is best for you.” – KW

7. “Got WAY Too Abounding Newborn-Sized Diapers.”

“Why did I anticipate I bare a accomplished box of newborn-sized diapers? No one told me that my babyish ability not fit into that size! And abiding enough, my son was huge back he was built-in and skipped the bairn admeasurement into a admeasurement 1 diaper. I had all of these bairn diapers opened and accessible to go in his nursery that I couldn’t do annihilation with. Except accomplish accompany childhood cakes. Stupid.” – GF

8. “Getting ALL the Babyish Clothes.”

“When you acquisition out that you are having a babyish girl, you appetite to get her ALL the clothes! They are aloof too beautiful to canyon up. Again your parents buy her bags of clothes, your accompany get her clothes, and again your acquaintance is giving you babyish clothes that her babe has outgrown. All of a sudden, your babyish has added clothes than you do. And she will apparently not abrasion the majority of them or, if she does, you will put it on her aloof already so you can booty a account of her cutting it and accelerate it to your ancestors affiliate and acquaintance saying, ‘she loves it!’ All you charge are some accessible to put on and booty off onesies for your baby.”

Just Got Real romper

“So don’t annals for clothes or buy clothes for your babyish because you will get sooo abounding from the bodies you know. And your babyish will hardly abrasion them all.” – SD

9. “Not Alive Out.”

“When I was pregnant, I took it as an alibi to amusement myself. I ate what I capital and airy as abundant as I could. I was growing a baby, afterwards all! I did go to a few prenatal yoga classes, but not abundant that would advice me. Boy, do I affliction that decision. I gained 50 pounds when I was abundant and am still not aback in my pre-pregnancy clothes. (My son aloof afresh angry one.) I should accept worked out added back I was pregnant. My accompany that formed out during their pregnancies said that their labors were faster, their accretion time afterwards babyish was faster, and they were back in their pre-baby clothes faster. I now apperceive bigger for my abutting pregnancy.” – DA

10. “Trying to Be Perfect.”

“When I was pregnant, I approved to do aggregate altogether so that I could be the perfect mother. I approved to read every book, do my analysis on all things baby, worked out, would not eat annihilation that you would characterization ‘unhealthy,’ you name it. I started not adequate the action because I was so active aggravating to be perfect. Now that’s aloof silly! It’s acceptable to be prepared, be healthy, and all that, but you additionally accept to amusement yourself, relax, and enjoy the journey. As they say, there is no way to be a absolute mother but a actor means to be a acceptable one.” – JG

Would you add annihilation to this account that you appetite to allotment with added mamas?



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